Sunday, April 23, 2017

ribbed coziness

top, forever21. cutoffs, secondhand rue21. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. belt, vintage. choker, verano ph via zalora.

This was meant to be yesterday, Saturday's post until I slept on posting it at all last night... Then it became a sunday really early morning post. Yesterday happened to be a bit of a busy blur for reasons so I wasn't able to make any post.

Really upped a notch on the personal, pretty innate weirdness last night...well, basically, I walked in these boots to the nearest 7-11. Catcallers need to die somehow then again, I don't really pay them any mind or something to that extent at all... Experiment done and done, apparently the boots are ok for walking fast and a tad bit long, or rather far. The morning before that...I answered the door to a second package from the grandmum in California in this. Ribbed stuff apparently are pretty cozy I'm beginning to get so used to them, I might end up too dependent on them considering the moment I spotted this in a rack in Fashion Island's Forever21 way, way back later of 2016 (two years ago, basically), I then and there decided to get this in its two colors: white (here) and black. Well, I can now say it was a good decision to. I suppose some things are just meant to be bought in multiples and in every color. This is one, the other is the Bench tank I have in both white and grey...

I'm thinking of getting into the fitted sometimes cropped bandwagon. Loose, slightly oversized and drapey is more my thing most days, however.

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