Saturday, June 16, 2018

sid and aya

reversible top, emoda (Japan). hoodie, slipdress and bag, all vintage. ankle boots, something borrowed via zalora (similar). ribbon choker, verano via zalora.

What I wore to today's movie date with the cousin who's starting college now in the home city. We watched the local film, Sid and Aya with Anne Curtis-Smith and it was uh...mazing. I mean, it was amazing. It speaks to me a lot, especially Anne's character, Aya. If you have yet to see it, go and do see it! The local SM cinema we went to has subtitles for it in English for those who cannot understand films in the local Filipino language. Sid and Aya has been nominated in the New York Asian Film Festival along with another movie from Anne that's about to drop later as well so it's worth the watch. This was a 390 Php well-spent for me since I treated my cousin to it (195 Php a movie ticket per person).

Dropping by the newly opened Chingkeetea---Kagay-anons' favorite hang out for milk tea everything---branch in Gaerlan-Velez Sts. was also mandatory. The place was crowded when we got there but we got seated somewhere cool so it was okay. The white background where we were allowed us to do selfies and the likes which was the funnest way to end the day...well...night as reason being we got home around 7 in the evening just in time for a quick dinner. Apart from the awesome movie I got to see, I discovered a new favorite milk tea drink from Chinkeetea: Classic Thai. I usually prefer their classic milk tea with 50% sweetness but Classic Thai, pictured here, is just another kind of awesome I'm elevating to addiction status. Will definitely go back there and hang out more with the cousin and a few other people.

In case y'guys are wondering what I have been up to lately because of the lack of's mostly work. I've just started one and well, I won't divulge much details about it because it's just a daily boring kind of work in line with my original profession. Well, it is a tad bit fun for me, though. At times, anyway. Also, I seriously need a new laptop or computer (as well as a better quality camera...err...yes...), too, hence this job is something that might help me with that. 

Highlight's Plz. Don't Be Sad and Can Be Better are currently helping me get through everyday at work so I'm all far. Also, a lot of Pentagon's music. Yep, I'm settled...I think. I'll continue to post here as much as possible however...yes. I'll try my best to keep this one alive somehow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

chilling poolside on a sunday

top, ebay. bottom, something borrowed via zalora PH (similar).

This was 3 sundays ago, in Stargate Resort that's just close to home and with the best girl friend and another friend of hers. 11 out 10, I'd go back there in a heartbeat. For one, it's close to home. Two, it has a really good view of the city from where it is situation (uphill, yes...). Three, it's not too crowded, I guess, like the other resort close to it, Ultrawinds. Fourth and last, the entrance fee is just 50 Php and the swimming fee or pool use fee is 150 Php. It's quite affordable, really and especially if you're just there for a quick dip to ward away the summer heat. Believe me, it is super, super hot...indian summer hot this time of the year that beach trips and pool dips are a regular must. It would be good to go swimming once every week when this heat.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

white in the summer heat

dress, zalora (similar). boots, something borrowed via zalora.

There's something dreamy and utterly comfortable hanging around the grandparents' or any other rooftop for that matter, in this dress and I'm coming to like the boots so far though I have my eye on others now from Zalora I'm planning to get next time. As to when that next time is, I'm not sure. Well, this dress...I'm aware it's deadly hot outside and even inside nowadays here in the Philippines because it's summer but the fabric this is made of is pretty light though it looks heavy here so it's ideal to wear even then. Or you know, sometime when the sun is about to set and when it has. It might be cooler in this by then. I think this is just perfect for dinner dates for one.

1 week spent at the grandparents outside of the city of Cagayan de Oro felt too short for me. I should spend more time there somehow some other time. There's so much to do there, especially help around the house as they have yet to find their own house help plus there are also other places there to frequent like the park/plaza in the upper part of said town, Jasaan. Other than that, I'd really like to go to a beach or two from there even if it means just having to commute. The island of Camiguin is very accessible from there as the port of Balingoan is just so, so close. So much to be had there, I suppose. The town, Jasaan, is just never boring though it's been such a long while since I get to go home there and spend so much more than a weekend there. I'd also like to re-visit Southern Leyte where most of my grandmother's family are. The beaches there are majestic and I say this in a non-kidding way. I guess these places marked me as a beach lover since young as these are where I grew around in other than this city I'm currently in that's so close to the sea, too. 

Anyway, yes. Next time.

It's Saturday night tonight so here's one of many I'm currently listening to and unwinding with, tonight:
Yet, another version or performance of Shine from Pentagon bbies. I mean babies but I find spelling the word as bbies just more convenient plus I usually call "my" 'baes' as bs anyway for convenience's sake and because I never liked following anything, especially fandom trends on how to call these men I fangirl/stan on a daily basis. Yeah, I call them biases but I only use this one fangirling term/vocab once in a while or so, so... Anyway, back to this one from KCon Japan earlier this week which was held in Chiba Prefecture's Makuhari Messe...what matters here is the fanchant. THE FANCHANT! They're big in Japan apparently but I'd like say it's not because they frequently are there, they're not. They reportedly have high physical CD sales there with them topping Tower Records' chart and the Oricon daily (or is it the weekly? I'm not could be both...). 

I just cannot deal with people on youtube saying their popularity is because they go there every month or so when the reality and thing is, they do not. Their primary target is still their own South Korea considering 8/10th of the members are born and raised South Koreans. The 6 SK mini-album releases are proof enough their focus is SK much more than Japan (although I wish they would focus a bit on Japan as well because my Pentagon bias is Yuto...and I'm known for loving Japan unconditionally somehow...I can just wish though...). Anyway, so those 6 mini-albums come with showcases before their records' dates of official release and they've held more concerts in South Korea than they've ever done so in Japan (and anywhere else for that matter). People who say their Japan popularity is because they are there every month is...quite farcical I can't with idiots claiming this one to be fact. They're being extra stans. Pentagon's 'underrated-ness' in South Korea can be attributed to a lot of things but primarily because the SK pop music scene as of this time is overly saturated with girl groups and pop groups that release good pop music on a monthly basis or so. It's easy to overlook a group like Pentagon there that offers so much more than what meets the eye when there's SM Ent's NCT, Woollim Ent's Golden Child, and others like KNK, Astro, SF9 etc. I even admit to liking Golden Child/Golcha aside from Pentagon. Thing is, I like the way Pentagon starts at the bottom and casually, steadily rises to the top at their own slow and sure way. I think their rise to the top will be faster than BtoB's when this one released Missing You on their 6/7th year of being an active male idol group. I'm hoping it'll be as fast as Beast, now Highlight's meteoric rise to the top during Fiction and Fact (Fiction era) but I'm not all too sure either considering there's too much competition (Astro seems to be that one group that debuted the same year Pentagon and SF9 did that is reaching the top faster than the others...) yet. But all I can do is monitor every promotion they do anyway. I'm sure they'll be quite popular in SK in time to time. 

Some fangirls/fanboys are just so extra sometimes, making them difficult to deal with and especially get along with. Ah well, fandom life...rather, life of a fangirl and music enthusiast.

Also, I just read on twitter that Avicii just recently passed away, at 28 years old too young. May he rest in peace. I enjoyed his 2013 full album release, True, and it still remains my favorite work of his to date. Wake Me Up is still a work of art for me until now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

rooftop hangs

t, secondhand/thrifted. shorts/cut-offs, gap. boots, something borrowed via zalora. bag, giani bernini via macy's.

I should hang around the grandparents' roof top/deck more. It's such a good place to be in when hermiting? And yes, that's a solar panel you see there...they have those in the grandparent's home to help keep from overspending on electricity. The view is good here, anyway, especially around the time the sun rises and sets.

T and shorts was the uniform the whole week I'd stayed at the grandparents'. If it's not the trusty ts then it's the tank/s.

Monday, April 16, 2018

catching up and with a good music recommendation to boot!

t, sm savemore. shorts, secondhand lowry's farm. boots, something borrowed via zalora. bracelet, lc by lauren conrad.

Lot's of catching up to do on here. I just came from a week stay at a small town my grandparents' home is in and it was relaxing in some way. I was there with the cousin and playing house hermit most of the week, from Sunday until just last Saturday. Other than hermit-ing, I also had a couple of halo-halos, the second one being from a well-known restaurant in the area, Carloise Restaurant. Everything there, in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, is walking distance so it was a welcome change of pace and environment being there. It has definitely been a good rest from the city that is, Cagayan de Oro that's just 30-45 minutes away by car/vehicle or public transport. I love being there and would spend another week with cousins and the grandparents again soon.

Yes, more outfit and random photos post coming from this point on granted I also had a pool trip with the best girl friend yesterday to somewhere nearby and cool. Yay~ As to said pool trip...I'd go back there in a heartbeat. Yes!

And here's what my currently listening to mood says:
It's a recent release from this group, Pentagon that's been active since October 2016. I got into them thanks to clips of Pentagon Maker on youtube. Before, I had been thinking I'd slowly get myself more to know Woollim Entertainment's Golden Child since I enjoyed their 2 mini albums so much and would put some of the tracks on repeat on my mobile phone's music player but then I came across a Pentagon Maker clip---probably of Yuto's since Yuto is my main Pentagon bias---and the rest, as people say, was history. Plus, I checked out all of Pentagon's music releases and yes, I drowned some more into their music and now I'm an official Pentagon fangirl. Part-timing Universe seeing as I'm also a part time-light and a full-time a-i for Da-iCE. I know, I fawn over more South Korean and Japanese boygroups now, right? Yes. My fangirl twitter account is testament to that and it's now quite a mess in there. Haha. Well, it's just full of Pentagon, Highlight and Da-iCE retweets with a bit of AAA, SOLIDEMO, lol and Flowback in between as well as some E-girls here and there since I love my LDH girls too especially when they release really good bops.

I haven't updated on a lot of house music and some western indie and some non-indie pop music yet since kpop especially is keeping me busier these days. And yes, if anyone is asking, every Pentagon mini-album release, since their debut in October 2016 are worth having including the newest one from them, Positive, released just this month. 

Anyway, Monday. I have a few things to do. Pentagon music has been great help for me keeping my head above the gutter...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

slightly cropped and suede on a wednesday

top, forever21. skirt, vintage. boots, something borrowed via zalora ph. bag, giani bernini via macy's. 

What I reached for today and also my "I want to go out and get ice cream" look. I've been craving for ice cream for a while now, since after Yuzuru and Shoma took first and second in the Winter Olympics Men's Figure Skating event or maybe it's been so since before. I'll likely get one tomorrow or something.

The skirt is definitely going up favorite staples status. I like how convenient this is to wear without anything and just the ankle boots or heeled sandals or with tights. It looks good wither way. The color is also versatile, olive green, enough to fit with anything to pair with on top.

Anyway, I have been busy reviving my ebay among other things today. The auctions will go live around Friday, hopefully. I've also put up an instagram shop, treasurechestvintage17, however it has yet to carry stuff for sale...something I'm working on the rest of this week as well. Yes, plenty of things to look forward to for my fellow local Philippine denizens/countrywomen. Other than that, I'll be working on other real life stuff this week on wards so it is quite a busy two weeks for me and hopefully it'll go on for a while. 

Hmn...I haven't even checked out Yang Yoseob's new release. The lead track's MV is already out too. I'll do this some time soon, I guess. Not much on the fangirling front either...yet anyway. Just the same old, same old Da-iCE and Highlight stanning. Haha.

Monday, February 19, 2018

tropical layering

top, emoda. cami and skirt, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph (similar non-heeled). clutch, from a bag from aunt (possibly kohl's). bracelets/bangles, forever21.

Who says you can't layer in the tropics? When done right, like how I did here with a vintage cami and a reversible, flowy, dreamy works fine. Yes. Yay! I'm finally learning how to layer? Yeah, I'm not so sure either. I still have a very long ways to go and a whole lot of things to learn where this goes.

For layering and everything else, a reversible top is always useful to have in the wardrobe such as this one from Emoda in Japan. It's a relatively old purchase but a goodie classic. It goes so well with a lot of those I own I also consider classics such as these ankle boots. The clutch back is currently showing a bit of wear here and there after I'd used it so much since around early 2016, I acquired it Christmas of 2015, and I like it that things like this get a lot of use before they have to be disposed in time to come.

....and the next two weeks will be busy for me. Well, just real life stuff I have to deal with. I probably won't be online a lot outside of browsing twitter at times through the fangirling twitter here an some instagramming here and there (yes, it's a verb now that we're in the era of everything sns/social networking sites...) so in short, I'm on very rare mushroom/pokemon mode from this point on. 

Anyway, yes! Hanyu Yuzuru and Uno Shoma placed first and second respectively at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics' figure skating individual men's event! I am so, so happy for them especially Shoma as I'm a huge fan and he deserves this. Yuzuru, too, since this is his first skate after being out of figure skating for about 3 months thanks to injury he had to and still has to recover from. Well, did you keep tabs of the Winter Olympics this year too? Are you still following it and how is it for you?

I' music some other time. Just not now. I can't think of a good one...yet. Although Highlight's Yang Yoseob's new record just came out today and he's been busy promoting it everywhere in South Korea since. I admit I haven't checked it out yet nor do I feel like doing so. It might be because I'm still high on Winter Olympics 2018 figure skating men's euphoria...or I'm just feeling lazy or I'm not really just up for anything ballad-y...I don't really know. I'll likely post about this one next time.