Tuesday, May 23, 2017

shortalls and about a couple of swede ladies in pop music

shortalls, cotton on. t, zara. boots, forever21. bag, vintage/old ninewest.

From last Saturday. The shortalls are proving to be an all-rounder...cozy something lately.

Tuesday. And it's really early in the morning. So I woke up today to checking 19-year-old Swede, Zara Larsson's music which, surprisingly, I ended up liking. This is all thanks to my aimless wandering towards lol_avex's twitter timeline where I found a tweet saying they attended Zara's live in collaboration with H&M around Tokyo. What I found out about Zara is that So Good is a solid pop/dance pop album so far. When it comes to the Swede musicians and the ladies at that, I'm really more of a Tove Lo fan (hint: we're the same age, she's just really more brilliant music making-wise...not that I ever tried or attempted putting out original music outside of the youtube thing I did way, way back and even then they were just covers...haha) where pop music making---songwriting, beats creating and all---is concerned but Zara is definitely getting there and just at 19, she's definitely promising. I think she has a lot of potential. She's not Tove Lo solid yet as a songwriter (Tove Lo is god-tier for me thanks to Queen of the Clouds which was utterly brilliant pop in my book although Lady Wood is just as good however...) but I can't wait to see how this girl, Zara grows up as an all-around pop musician like Tove Lo. I think she'll be a force to recon with in the near future. Anyway, three of what I currently like from So Good:
Zara's So Good record is definitely bop-able. *insert heart-eyes emojis here...*

Monday, May 22, 2017


dress, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora). cuff/bracelet, forever21. 

A pretty lazy cocoon-ish dress for a rainy Monday afternoon in while working on the ebay (or attempting to, I'll be updating it today with stuff at least...). This dress is actually two-tone that goes a lighter brown on the back, in reference to the darker brown in the front. Although two-tone is something I'm not so into, yet---I'll get around to it one day---this was just too cozy to let go of when I found it in a thrift store. I like some unshapely linen-like dresses from time to time. It's definitely lazy wear appropriate around the house and possibly even out---will just have to wear something rain proof should I go out in this today. It's still summer or should still be summer but I'm hearing that by the end of this month, the rainy season is starting. The latter seems coming in early this time of the year. Well...it's time to get the anti-rain gear ready...

Friday, May 19, 2017


t, h&m. skirt, a&f. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. purse/mobile phone case, coach.

White t and printed skirt combo for a friday that I spent watching the last two episodes of the police/crime kdrama, Signal on TVN. The thing about weekends is...it excites me even if I spend it at home and probably just catching up to the tv shows I watch on a regular basis or on movie marathons. I rarely really go out on weekends although I'm currently missing going to the eco/nature parks and beaches closest to the city. This is actually what makes living in this side of the world, this (still developing) city fun for me. I'm currently itching to go nature tripping. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


dress/top, vintage. belt, vintage chanel. leggings, forever21. wedges, CLN. bag, apt 9 (via Kohls). bangles/bracelets, vintage and forever21. choker, verano ph (via zalora). 

I'm weak to pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, and in the lightest colors. Such is the case of this dress...top thing. It's such an easy thing to dress up and dress down---I've worn it with just shorts at some point too and as a dress although definitely a short one (I'm not a stripper so I wouldn't attempt this when going out and prefer to wear a pair of shorts with this thing when doing so...). And I guess, easy to wash or take care of as it seems to be made of silk or a mix of it and a few other kinds of fabric. Note that I tend to handwash these things delicate more than use the washing machine. At home, we actually don't own one---a washing machine. It's hardly really needed in this side of the world unless one has a load of laundry to do every week or so. I actually like to re-wear some pieces day in and day out until I think they should be thrown into the laundry---I see nothing wrong in doing so. This works two ways for me: one, it ensures the longevity of clothes I own (frequent washing is known to easily wear down clothing) and two, it keeps me from having a load of laundry to do on a weekly or once in two weeks basis.

Also, I have this fantasy of owning little else in due time, in the style I like the most, that I am also the most comfortable with, and doing all sorts of creative things with that number of clothing (in the wardrobe) for every purpose in life: travel and other just everyday things. I don't know...I'm an aspiring minimalist with a very summery wardrobe, I guess. ....and such is the theme of this blog as I actually meant it to be since starting it. I'm sort of obsessed with the less is more idea although it may seem I hardly live it or put it to practice.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

3 things: a not so 80s/90s outfit, a 90s film classic and, an 80s music playlist

top, vintage ralph lauren. lace shorts, tally weijl. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora).  necklace/choker, forever21.

Something pretty summer high heat-friendly and cozy for today. I'm not usually a fan of lace but this pair of shorts work fine when cinched higher above the waist. My main problem with this has always been the low crotch area when it's hanging lower around the waist... Nothing high-waisted-wearing can't solve, however.
Tenderness by General Public has been stuck in my head for eons now since hearing it on Clueless a couple days ago, when I caught the latter's ending on HBO. Everything about Clueless from the wardrobe to the plot and/or story to the OST is 90s classic---the film was released in the early to mid-1990s but General Public's Tenderness has been out since around 1983-1985 based on my googling around on this matter...---and I lived that decade and continue to live it so...yep...Tenderness remains stuck in my head to this day. Now I have 80s tracks from  A-Ha, Wham!, Culture Club, Duran Duran, The Police, General Public and Starship playing via the Windows Media Player Classic. The 80s music mania has been going on for about a couple days now and seems to show no sign of stopping...yet. Anyway, I did, as a little child, catch the really late 80s thanks to the aunts (mum's sisters) going gaga over everything 80s back then: the movies, Ghost and Mannequin come to mind for this time period and their impeccable OSTs so let's just say, I'm pretty familiar with 80s rock and roll, classic rock and pop somehow. I'm currently just taking it unto myself now to reacquaint myself with the music of that era now that I'm older and while doing so, I find a lot of the music released then are pretty much...gold~ I'm more of a 90s person on the whole but 80s music, especially the pop kind, has a special place in my heart thanks to my digging around for good stuff from that said decade. Oh and how cute is the music video for Tenderness, exactly? Yep.

I'll work around building a good 80s pop, pop-rock playlist somehow...until then, this music/songlist will have to suffice. By the by, I'm currently enjoying Kate Bush after looking her music up on Youtube. This is so beautiful pop for me!
I just realized I spent a good chunk of this post to discuss music...I guess it's how much I love it? I don't know anything either, really...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

back to the white

tank, bench ph. skirt, vintage suede. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora ph). bag, gifted by aunt. arm bangles/bracelets, vintage and souvenir shop.

I suppose it's time to break out this tunic skirt...thing and I think...I have quite the thing for button-front skirts as of late. Little details make what is a boring army-green-ish bottom look all the more better in photos. I actually like little details. The belt is inseparable to the skirt so it's a fully equipped little thing I'll probably be obsessed with for a while right after the vintage light brown skirt I also keep wearing when in a hurry to go out for stuff. Anyway, I think I'm going back to the skirts+shorts and tops formula. It's a tried and tested one that guarantees me minimal melting in the summer heat whether it's late afternoons or mid-afternoons or really sunny mid-mornings.

Sort of a new skin care/beauty obsession now that I've run out of the Coast to Coast serum is this arbutin thing. It's my second day using it and though I'm not really seeing any effects yet, I might as well keep using it with the lady housemate until it runs out. I do like me some Japanese skin care products right next to French, some American and the local organic ones from my favorite, HumanHeartNature. I'm the kind who's usually more into skincare than make-up though I do have my go-tos for the latter from time to time.

South Korean beauty products are the ones easily accessible from here/in this side of the world considering we have Etude House and the Face Shop among others but something about this just doesn't seem to sit right with me so I stick to the ones I'm more familiar and am more at ease with (American, French, local (Philippines-made), Japanese). I think the fact that a lot of them use some extract from snails scare me away and put me off them quite indefinitely. Plant-based things are just more my thing, I guess---however much a struggling vegetarian (currently succeeding as a pescetarian at the moment) I am. This doesn't mean I'm writing off South Korean skin care+beauty products however. I think SKII for one is good and worth it using or trying. Consider me out of the loop on beauty/skin care trends but I'll stay away from these skin care products for now, thank you. But outside of this, I kind of do want to try the precise liquid eye liner from Etude house...and, well...one day I will. Well, you can say I don't really frequent those shops in the city's malls and online a lot. And in relation to South Korean beauty and skin-care matters...I think Get It Beauty in TVN is getting too tiring for me to follow as of late, I've been skipping it lots when on a TV binge. I'm crossing it off of my regular watch list on local cable tv subscription list...
On the music fandom front...I've been listening non-stop to Tove Lo today. Lady Wood is such a good, good album but Queen of the Clouds will always have a special place in my heart for me, after all. I am this insane slash mad for everything Tove Lo's songwriting and music/beats making. From Lady Wood, Cool Girl and Imaginary Friend are the two tracks that speak the most to me. Meanwhile, Queen of the Clouds is just love all around from The Sex (Intro) to Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix). Love Ballad, from there is especially the most special to me. So...in line with that, here's the track I love so much:

Monday, May 15, 2017

cozy for a rainy summer's day

dress/tunic, h&m. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora). purse, coach. arm bangles, vintage and souvenir shop. 

Monday, today, started pretty weird for me. I'm not entirely sure what's with this day but things just came pretty...off. But anyway, something pretty comfortable in something close to gray and icy, dusty blue today. I think this H&M number is more of a tunic than a dress as it's too short on the front but I like wearing it as a dress somehow. Especially when it's just so, so humid sans this late-ish afternoon's rain.  I've worn this out to an anniversary dinner of some family friend, I think. I can't really recall anymore but this was something dad brought over from Taiwan or Hongkong. Even that, I cannot really remember anymore. He doesn't really shop for women's clothing...I think that's more me and my mum's department but he tends to have others get these things for him when he's out on business trips and he's out in one now so I kind of hope I get something from Paris? (Their plan is to go Prague then Paris then Germany so...) I wish...haha.

Last week, I felt pretty off so there was no blog entry at all. I was attempting a few I guess but nothing came up nicely as this one. My brain was in a sort of stump that all I accomplished was hardsubbing the english subs on the kdrama, Tomorrow with You and rewatching season 3 of 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village (Deukryang...? I don't really know much about South Korea and the islands there...much). I'm not usually a fan of anything South Korean but these two...I liked so far. I'm avoiding Goblin and am not too invested on Legend of the Blue Sea that are both currently airing in the local/national channel dubbed in the national language so it's just Tomorrow with You for me on the South Korean drama side and the remake of Kimi wa Petto (Shison Jun~ Yes~) and Code Name Mirage (Kiriyama Renn *insert all the hearts here for this guy, because I just really love him*) for the Japanese dorama side. I'm slowly getting back into the jdorama swing although I'm still being really, really picky where that's concerned. I never really cared for kpop music-wise (I still can't bring myself to care...haha) so I'm back to the lol, SOLIDEMO, Da-iCE, Vimclip, AAA, and FlowBack listening train. SOLIDEMO's Further mini-album is pretty solid and outside, of like, two tracks on there, I'm pretty attached to Happiness and Sail Away...but mostly, Happiness, I guess. I don't think I'll ever get out of the jpop music loving rut I've stuck myself on since I was in...around early college. It's been years after that and I'm still forever into Jpop. lol.

Anyway, today's music (recc)? Because I miss Vimclip (in my deepest depths of the heart, they haven't disbanded and I still love Eiki so much so...)  and I just love this track so much, too. It's giving me so much life sans the rain outside and the gloomy feel this late afternoon is exuding...haha.