Thursday, January 18, 2018

all things new to start 2018 with

1. I predict I will have a ton of fun with these skin care products. A lot of which are christmas presents from the best girl friends that came to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with me here in Cagayan de Oro City. Well, the Beauty Fix Peel Off mask is an old favorite from the local Watsons' pharmacy/drugstore but the rest are mostly South Korean skin care products. You'll have identified the Innisfree ones as that and the facial wash from the Face Shop as the other that is also South Korean. I'm mostly excited about trying out the facial masks...
Skin care products tend to make me more excited than the makeup ones although I'm a huge fan of eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lip pencils (I don't use the lip creams much except for some isolated occasions and I'm not much a fan of lipsticks so...) and lip balms.

2. These came in from Zalora's Something Borrowed just this afternoon. I'm thrilled to have something to alternate the Rubi by Cotton on heeled ankle boots with now that these have come to me. It'll take a while to get used to though. It's usually always that way when there new boots are newly acquired like this pair. They were on sale so I snapped them up after much deliberation between this and another pair also on sale. 
You can check out ZALORA Exclusive up to 60% off and heels under 1500 on Zalora (for Philippines based buyers) and use code HELLO2018 to take 13% off a minimum amount of 1750 spent there.
Well, I didn't really use the code when I purchased this and another piece from Susto the Label I'm waiting on but a lot or on sale on said site so it's worth checking out/window browsing on, still.  

Friday, January 12, 2018

january 5-11 luzvimin roadtrip photo diary

luzon leg: manaoag church's view from down the main street, a fiesta city mall in luzon (somewhere between Pangasinan and the NCR), Mayon volcano from a random road towards or in Legazpi City (Albay, Bicol), and the views around Cagsaua Ruins. 

visayas leg: molopolo beach by brgy. tabugon, lilo-an, southern leyte.

I felt short on the time spent in the mother's mother (maternal grandmother)'s place in Southern Leyte, Baranggay Tabugon in Lilo-an. Should've stayed there longer because the beaches there are really pretty, very beautiful and picturesque they remind me of the ones in Siquijor Island and Mantigue Island in Camiguin Island. Too bad the time we went to the beach after lighting candles at the ancestors' graves, it was getting dark, the waves were getting larger and stronger and the tide was getting higher. It would have been worth staying there the whole afternoon had we arrived in Tabugon earlier. We made it there around 4 in the afternoon just enough for a really late lunch and some catching up with the family members staying there. This is the ultimate highlight of the land trip for me. Not even Mayon Volcano, Cagsaua Ruins and the site of the Manaoag Church (I'm not that religious anymore, to be honest---an apatheist and humanist sectarian here...) can compare. I say this as a professional or about to be professional beach bum. Haha.

I packed enough for this trip but the Zalora romper, mixed berry skater skirt and secondhand Lowry's farm shorts ended up with the most use along with the zalora birkenstock-like men's slippers. I think this will be the clothes packing formula for me where beach trips for professional beach bumming are concerned. I'm definitely planning another trip to Leyte soon-ish. 

The t in the last photo is secondhand/vintage/thrifted with a pepsi can and coca cola can duking it out on the print. LOL. It reminded me of Da-iCE Hanamura Sota's obsession with colas so I had to get it. I didn't even try to resist grabbing it when I got hold of it while browsing through one of many thrift stores in Dumaguete City way back when. This might be about 2 years old or so now.

Friday, January 5, 2018

looking back on 2017

I'm so behind on year-end recap posts among others. Reason being, the real life has been busy with stuff. The drill is I don't really tell on this...much. 

Anyway, 2017 looked really experimental especially towards the end where dressing up/personal style is concerned. That year, I found myself wearing things like the lace shorts from Tally Weijl and the What a Girl Wants collared lace dress, that were out of my comfort zone. I miss What a Girl Wants already. I'm still sad this one closed down as they were having difficulty trying to keep up with the competition in the local fashion and style market. Local to Cagayan de Oro City brands like Bettina and Mags really just can't compare to the peak of WAGW when it celebrated style by the younger people, mostly females. I don't really wear that much clothing that are bedecked with lace everywhere. Favorites remained favorites, however, and were worn on repeat. This includes the numerous white ts I own (I don't think I can ever live without these...yes...), the slip dresses, the blazers and favorite corduroy jacket (because I gave away my denim jacket, this replaced that one...), the newly acquired (just in the middle of the year, during the short trip to Dumaguete City) secondhand black Lowry's Farm cut-offs/shorts,  the white dresses (of course!), the silk shirts or button downs and the Zalora belted heels and Rubi by Cotton on boots. Other emerging favorites: striped everything and plaid button ups/flannel shirts. I like that the printed shirts, for instance, were scarce this year though I do wear them out on days when I feel like my plain-ness is well...too blah or boring. 

In 2017, I was able to use up the items in the clothes rack/s and some new ones I'd received on the way to 2018 pretty well. 
A lot of them survived the lot of wear they received. So they're alright to wear and/or use, still, this year on. The white ts seem to be the only things looking overly worn although for the hanes ts, I don't really mind them looking that way. It helps when I want a disheveled very casual look on for some errands running to name a few. I don't think I'll be buying new clothes this year except for one or two pieces here and there, when I can. This year, I think I'd rather focus on the ankle boots acquisition and collection.

2017 also saw me travelling with people to local places I've been to before like Camiguin Island (my favorite place to be in! so un-stressful is this one), Tagaytay and Dumaguete City. There was also the swimming session with the best girl friend, of course. Although this one was only within the confines of their village/subdivision's clubhouse. It is a popular destination for some locals and visitors, though. There were a lot more people than I'd thought there'd be in the clubhouse's pool later in the day when we were there.

Now, what am I looking forward to for this pristine, new year that is 2018? More travels for one, I suppose. Like tonight, I and the family are going to the vast city up north, Metro Manila, to fetch a newly purchased vehicle and go on a random road trip on it on the way home after. I'm also looking forward to moving to somewhere on my own for work and just to start anew somehow. My target being: Japan. But before that, there is another travel, swim and hang out planned with the best girl friend which I'm beyond thrilled about.

On fashion and/or personal style, I don't expect it to move to the more extreme shifts because I think it'll remain as minimal as I can keep it in. 2017's documentation of daily outfits, although inconsistent, told me I'm someone who sticks to uniforms and what is the most comfortable to me even if it means lounging around in vintage slip dresses and bits of lingerie here and there. I definitely like the minimal in black, white, gray...neutrals and with subtle edginess to them in the tiniest, cutest details. Also, this year: more ankle boots. I'm getting tired of the ones I own so I suppose it's time to add more and in some colors different from the usual but still neutral enough to fit with the daily outfits. And of course, more heels because this is frequently what I'm all about. 

On fandom, since this is a fangirl blog second after being a fashion and personal style blog, it'd still be the same updates on jpop and kpop and trickles of local and western pop---I have a preference on indie acts and less known mainstream acts on the latter so, yeah, there'll be that. I think it'll be the usual Avex jpop groups I like and Highlight, some Infinite and Golden Child in the end anyway. In the future, I do hope to be able to attend these groups' concerts. My main priority are Japan's Da-iCE and South Korea's Highlight since I'm a huge fan of both as this year's posts on fandom indicate. I'm not really a huge fan of film, kdrama (although I am currently waiting on Highlight's Yoon Doojoon's Radio Romance airing end of January this year) and I've ceased being much of a jdrama fan lately along with a few others outside of jpop music. My current addiction has been south korean variety shows from 3 Meals a Day Fishing Village and Sea Ranch to anything with Infinite's Kim Sunggyu and currently, Nest Escape season 2 because I like Samuel in it and his interactions with the other kids participating in it.   

Right, before I forget. A happy, happy, HAPPY birthday to my favorite, Highlight's Yang Yoseob! I don't think I ever greet Da-iCE's Hanamura Sota this way here last year's August 15. Mental note to self that's easily readable here: greet HanaSou baby too when his day comes~

I feel like this new year, 2018, will be quite full where real life among others are concerned...hmn...we'll survive it somehow like we did the previous year despite the dreary year-end holidays.

And on that note, I need to pack for tonight's trip and get things ready. I meant to do a double post but I'll postpone the second one I have planned for when I get back from the trip next week.