Sunday, April 23, 2017

ribbed coziness

top, forever21. cutoffs, secondhand rue21. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. belt, vintage. choker, verano ph via zalora.

This was meant to be yesterday, Saturday's post until I slept on posting it at all last night... Then it became a sunday really early morning post. Yesterday happened to be a bit of a busy blur for reasons so I wasn't able to make any post.

Really upped a notch on the personal, pretty innate weirdness last night...well, basically, I walked in these boots to the nearest 7-11. Catcallers need to die somehow then again, I don't really pay them any mind or something to that extent at all... Experiment done and done, apparently the boots are ok for walking fast and a tad bit long, or rather far. The morning before that...I answered the door to a second package from the grandmum in California in this. Ribbed stuff apparently are pretty cozy I'm beginning to get so used to them, I might end up too dependent on them considering the moment I spotted this in a rack in Fashion Island's Forever21 way, way back later of 2016 (two years ago, basically), I then and there decided to get this in its two colors: white (here) and black. Well, I can now say it was a good decision to. I suppose some things are just meant to be bought in multiples and in every color. This is one, the other is the Bench tank I have in both white and grey...

I'm thinking of getting into the fitted sometimes cropped bandwagon. Loose, slightly oversized and drapey is more my thing most days, however.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

max laziest

slip, vintage. clutch, gifted by aunt. boots, zalora. long necklace, forever21. arm bangles, dumaguete city souvenir shop and vintage.

In my max laziest outfit, as in the one type of dress I'd pull on when spending a day at home or coming home from school or work... It's also something I would go out in just with the added blazer like the one in here:
I think it's safe to say that slipdresses can make appropriate roaming-around-outside-during-the-day or -night dresses when done right. The bit of slipdresses I own are getting more use as of late---doesn't matter if it's just for staying home or going out to get stuff at the convenience store close by or some other...

And music for the day...something pretty relaxing and empowering (-ish) in the most introspective way at the same time---somehow I have this song on repeat on my windows media player on some pretty lull, chill days:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

white t and ripped jeans

shirt, h&m. jeans, secondhand. heels, zalora. 

I was this close to getting ice cream by the closest 7-11 in this get-up this afternoon. Thankfully, there's avocado in the fridge... I should probably attempt the former next time.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

white tinkerbell-like

vintage slip as cami top. skirt, secondhand. belt, vintage chanel. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. clutch, gifted bag by aunt turned clutch.

Most summer days, it's therapeutic to dress like Tinkerbell in a slidress turned cami (it's too short on me now so wearing it on its own is pretty iffy...good thing there's that black one from UO to replace this vintage number with...) and dreamy secondhand/vintage skirt and of course, the ankle boots. Who can't forget the last one? It's pretty criminal to...

Monday, April 17, 2017

that old white dress from multiply days

dress, from multiply (I think...I don't remember anymore, haha). boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. leaf necklace, forever21.

Other times, a dreamy white dress and a pair of ankle boots would suffice. It's an alright look as long as there's a pop of rosegold somewhere, say on a wrist, and silverware around the neck as well.
It's so, so humid today but otherwise, still a lovely day all around. I enjoy heat like this, thank you very much.

Today's mood music? SOLIDEMO's Happiness because one has got to feel happy no matter what, I think.
So my favorite Jpop band, Da-iCE, is close to releasing a new single now. The World Team Trophy for figure skating (I'm likely only watching the individual/singles men division, as usual...both SP and FS/LP) is in about three much things to look forward to so far. I am ecstatic over everything! I think I've actually forgotten I was following a police procedural kdrama on TVN every Monday or Friday. I have other things to do other than that however so I guess that can wait. I haven't even caught up to new episodes of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I already have them, I just haven't really sat down to watch them...yet. I'll do that...maybe later this week. I'm not sure yet. 

Friday, April 14, 2017


thermal/long-sleeved top, secondhand. skirt, ebayed laundry by shelli segal. heels, zalora. 

Long-sleeved tops and dresses are doable for the humid summer (and perpetually humid days in the tropics 365 days a year) as long as it's balanced with a mini skirt or denim shorts/cut-offs and actually pretty thinly cozy. Nothing thick for days like these, really. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

bathing in morning light

dress, button-up (worn as jacket/overcoat) and laced-up ankle boots are all vintage.

I did say this summer was going to go all light in terms of dressing up.This is probably the most consistent I'll be almost all summer long. We'll see in the coming few weeks if I'll stick to this color palette...most likely, I will, one way or another. 

This is probably the third time I've worn this dress and posted of it on this blog. The other two times in the past I did, I'd covered it with a loose t (the Zara 'I'm from LA' graphic/text one) and the other, with a dreamy Emoda top, two of which I own from seasons ago, shipped from Japan thanks to FromJapan. There're really no direct shipping around Asia for things from other countries so proxy shopping sites are the way to go when one wants to get stuff from other Asian countries. I guess it's alright, though. Proxy shopping sites aren't that bad until you end up with sky-high bills due to shipping and handling fees among others. I guess the way around something like this would be to shop wisely. Something I've been doing for the a couple of years or so now.

The dress is perfect for hot sunny days of working from home, a couple of hours or so before leaving to do life stuff...oh and for lounging around when you get home. I feel as cozy in it as I did yesterday's get-up. This just proves when you're in a crazy hot country, less, really light clothing works wonders around the insane high heat temperatures. As for the latter, it's never really reached dessert in the middle east hot but it's come close. Hopefully the heat doesn't get any higher.

Anyway, wearing all vintage shouldn't be a crime, right? Right. Although mixing brands with vintage frequently is more preferable to the fashion- or style-conscious, something so religiously sworn by many fashionistas/fashion experts.  

So apparently, I have a new-old clutch. This bag was never really meant to contain heavy items inside it but I stuff my rose water spray/face refresher on it a lot along with other things including lipbalm, tissues and pens and carry it around when I go out... Well, the end result of heavy items being in the bag numerous times? One strap of it broke. I could've easily got to a shop that repairs bags to fix the damage but I thought it would be faster to use the scissors and snipe off the other end of the long strap so the bag could still be useful as a clutch. I do have very few spacey clutch bags for...well...stuff. I wouldn't mind getting a new-old one like this I could continue to stuff heavy and light things on inside them. Plus, I don't have to actually go out looking for a spacey, larger than usual (oversized) clutch this way. The bag isn't that oversized to begin with, unlike a couple of those messenger ones I own. It's just...I guess, perfect for random errand running here and there.

Here, below is how the bag looked like with one strap off, right before I used the scissors (also captured in said photo) to snipe off its other end
I haven't actually decided what the strap can be used for... I'll think about it...