Friday, April 29, 2016

ribbed, black and bleached + denim

bleached bettina (tank/racerback) t-dress, secondhand/vintage denim shirt, gifted yellow bead necklace as bracelet, vintage, f21 and dumaguete city souvenir shop bangles/bracelets, aizilim and gifted necklaces, (not so clear in the photos but) multiply silver cross earrings

I may have gotten hold of some bleach and experimented with this ribbed, tank t-shirt dress from the local boutique (at Limketkai Center/Mall), Bettina. Speaking of's been awhile since I went browsing in Bettina, both SM's branch and Lim Ketkai's. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

minimal, cozy and black

Zalora romper, forever21 ankle boots/heels, vintage bangle/bracelet, necklaces from aizilim and mum, aizilim ring (not obvious in the picture), dad's sunglasses

Minimal, black, cozy sans the garterized waist. This is one piece to have from Zalora's flagship label, Zalora, in various colors. Totally summer, lounging around the house appropriate. Also, even when randomly going out appropriate. I'd probably even use it for sleeping. 

This doesn't come in white but getting it in navy blue and black is good enough as it is.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

float love

(photos from float)

Ideal swim gear for the summer, the Alana in black and/or red. I do vaguely recall them carrying this in the more beautiful nude and blush color but that was probably when I was browsing the site a month or two ago. Technically, eons ago.

If I were to invest on quality and well-designed swim wear in the locality, I'd go for float, no doubt. But 1900 php for either of these or even both is something I wouldn't dream of spending for myself just yet---that aside, I really, really do like these and I see myself living in this by the beach anywhere on an island I may find myself in, say, next month or so.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

airport wear no. 2

secondhand ribbed, buttoned tank and skirt, shoes from footstep (Dumaguete City), souvenir shop and vintage bangles/bracelets, Ninewest clutch/wristlet, forever21 leaf long necklace, gifted k and Aizilim crystal pendant necklaces, (not pictured) forever21 cat-ears and Aizilim nail rings

I meant to take outfit photos at yesterday's event/s and frolicking around Cebu City but I only had a day to spend there and then slept throughout the night upon getting back to the hotel so there wasn't much outfit photo-taking time squeezed in. Flight going back home was so early we all had to catch the taxis at 3 in the morning to not get late for it. Not entirely sure, however, why I didn't bother to wander around the Mactan airport's shops in the domestic flights section. They already have one of my favorite local brands, Bench Philippines, open a huge-ish shop there. Maybe...on the next trip to and from Cebu City although I can't be sure yet when this will be.

But, on the other hand, this was more or less airport wear number two for me on the way home from Cebu City really early in the morning yesterday. 

Browsing around Zalora today, I found these---they're perfect for lounging around in everywhere (summer staples, indeed)---that I can't seem to get over with somehow:
Should these still be on my mind on Monday next week, I'm most probably getting them. I'm still on the fence somehow because I'm thinking of something else I need to buy entirely. But they are tempting, really tempting because Zalora has a sale going on right here *points down* 

I'll think it over. Until Monday or Tuesday at least. I'm not even going to lie, Zalora's in-house brand basics have been a weakness (of mine) since they first had the said line named 'Zalora Basics' back in the day (or perhaps until middle of last year). Basics and non-basics from the in-house brand now is just...Zalora.

Meanwhile, this has been on constant repeat lately...that is, if I'm not listening to my deep house and the Chainsmokers stash:
When it comes to Jpop, I can't help but notice I'm such a sucker for anything r&b, urban or even rap (Kreva comes to mind). There was a time, when I was around the last few years of grade school and entering high school when I used to dislike those three, especially the urban genre. Thanks to jpop music, I ended up liking all three---my entry to Japanese r&b music was Chemistry back in the early 2000s and late 1990s, for Japanese urban it's MihimaruGT (they're on indefinite hiatus now so, /cries) and for rap, it's no doubt, Kreva from the Issai Gassai single/track onwards. With MihimaruGT on indefinite hiatus, White Jam and Cream has ended up being my go-to for anything Japanese urban/pop lately. Both are such good, really good groups for this kind of music. And this is probably why I can't even go kpop.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

undone, but not really

thrifted/vinage striped silk shirt, gtw (by sm department store) pants/leggings, primadonna wedges from many seasons ago, victoria's secret makeup pouch, aizilim (local store) bracelet and necklace, gifted 'k' necklace

Spent almost a half day at the hospital accompanying the grandmum and her sister for the former's check-up on this get-up minus the wedges. This shirt might just be the coziest I own yet. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

sailor shorts

forever21 shorts and bangles/bracelets, not pictured: makeshift gold chain ring (I just found it around the house, haha), secondhand faded glory t in army green/olive/dark green, flats/sandals from a Dumaguete City boutique whose name I forgot...    

Yesterday was around the 37s in celsius. I'm pretty sure today is, too. The day before yesterday was the hottest day of this Philippines summer, by the way. 

CNN breaking news was on updates on the devastation brought upon by the 6.2 magnitude then later, the 7.0 magnitude earthquakes on Kyushu. Kumamoto castle is in shambles with rubles everywhere. The sight of it I'd seen in snaps on Twitter reminds me of what had happened to the old churches in Bohol and the church I used to frequent in Cebu City: Sto. Nino church after a quake of about almost the same magnitude as this one in the Kyushu island. That Visayas quake was about two years ago, if my memory has not yet failed me. I'm only relieved I've been to Bohol right before that happened but I wouldn't mind going back there for a vacation. Bohol is just beautiful...well, as much as the smaller islands around Cebu among others. I'm definitely on summer mode here since it's almost May. And then there's a quick trip to Cebu City next week for a foster older brother's graduation at a med school there (he's Japanese). I'm psyched for it even if it's just a one-day thing.  

As much as I'd've loved to wear the ankle boots with this ensemble, my wound on one foot was still hurting. I couldn't push it in on one boot /sad. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

a hint of pink

hanes t, gap cut-off shorts, flats from a boutique in dumaguete (i forgot its name, haha), headband from robinsons department store, Dumaguete City tourist and thrift shop black bracelets/bangles

That one time I went around in this with the headband and all, around Dumaguete City, someone complimented my style and called me a 'fashionista'. Yeah. Okay. It did warm me up some back then. 

Yep, still injured from last night and Ride On by SOLIDEMO is still on loop on my itunes as of the moment. I'll take to jumping, dancing around to the said track that's seemingly on eternal loop in a bit.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

dinner out and a walking hazard

inner black lace-silk cami and dark brown skirt (f101),, vintage/secondhand blazer, k silver necklace (not pictured) from mum and another silver necklace from aizilim (local store in the market)

Went out to a family dinner with some acquaintances in this ensemble of cami and skirt that could singlehandedly form one whole mini-dress and topped the said cami with a vintage white blazer. It's appropriate for the hot night out granted everything has been hot from day to night around here lately. The month of May will hopefully bring about some rain to cool down the nights.

I'm totally accident prone, a walking hazard. And yes, that's a mark of betadine/antiseptic on my knee right there. My trusty BDG flats, a gift from an aunt in the US, had me slip on a pavement and hit my knee and a part of my foot against it a bit hard resulting to some gashes on both parts. Nothing major, I'll live but it'll be long before they can heal completely and leave almost no marks on myself. The gashes, however, most likely won't stop me from wearing everything short in this succession of hot weather-ed days.

On the next shoot and post, I'll see about bandaging the gashes up so the damaged leg looks less gross than what it looks like here.

Meanwhile, this has been repeat on my itunes since yesterday...the full track of it anyway. 3:43 full minutes of really beautiful singing by my SOLIDEMO (from boys coupled with danceable (is that a word? Okay, it's a word now...haha), bop-able (completely made-up but it'd work, I guess, given how so into pop culture I am even my choice of words reflect it) backing EDM sound goodness:


I'm replacing CREAM's Wonderland that I've been dancing around to at home, in the room with this one. Yep. So y'all know how this was released yesterday, right? Via the Landscape single whose a-side, Landscape is an ED theme to the anime, Fairytail Zero at this time---its 22nd ED theme if I'm not mistaken. Side note: I don't really watch Fairytail nor do I read its manga. I...uh...the only things I really am into when it comes to animanga are Sailor Moon and Hunter x Hunter (anything Togashi, that is). I read way more light novels that have been translated to english than I do manga these days and the only anime I've been keeping tabs on or have been watching is Kindaichi Returns so far. Anyway, it, the Landscape single from SOLIDEMO being released yesterday had me jumping around like mad especially when I found the full length track for Ride On (technically Landscape's b-side). This snippet does justice to the full track but the latter is just really, really good it's on loop on my itunes now.

First, Da-iCE's 空, and now SOLIDEMO's Ride On. I'm not entirely sure how both of my favorite Avex (Japan) boybands/groups managed to release singles with b-sides 100000...x miles better than their a-sides. They're from the same agency/talent management company but I don't think they connived to do this to me---to give me and every one of their fans beautiful b-sides to what seems to be already over-played a-sides. They have really different concepts as male groups from Avex so they couldn't've met up and decided then and there to do this to their fans. Haha. And they released their singles 7-8 days apart...only: Da-iCE on April 6 and SOLIDEMO yesterday, April 13 (Asian continent general time).
And before I forget completely, fans can click below for discounts on anything Mango on their site. Mango items are up to 50% off until the 17th of this month!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

one part fairy

top/dress/tunic, secondhand; denim shorts (not pictured, underneath the dress/tunic), target; heels, primadonna; bangle/bracelet, secondhand; cross earrings, from multiply years and years ago; necklaces, a gift (from mum) and from a local accessories and etc store

It's really, really hot outside with temperatures still reaching 30s here in the southern part of the Philippines. I'm currently surviving with tons of water, green smoothies in the early morning, lunch and/or dinner and lots of sunscreen/sunblock---Human Heart Nature's is god-sent. 
It's Wednesday and I'm all about feeling like a fairy, almost playing the part in this dress, tunic, whatever this is that I've thrifted a year or two ago from Dumaguete City's many thrift shops. It's only appropriate for this kind of extreme heat. 
On the other hand, my favorite Jpop all-male group of five, Da-iCE has just released their 8th single, Watch Out, today. Their b-side to the single, 空, has been on loop on my itunes for a while now. I'm still confused as to how their cover of Aladdin's theme, A Whole New World, was included in the single but it's there. Haha. I still have zero ideas as to how that kanji reads like. I'm the worst at kanji. /cries.