Thursday, January 31, 2013

those that seek to inspire

(photos 1,4 and 5 from fashiontoast; 2 from olsensanonymous; 3 from fashiongonerogue)

A bunch of daisies (a personal favorite), amazing wedges and oversized cozy stuff including a hoodie I've been searching for and failing to find on Mary Kate (love!), Natalie Cottee, Natasha Poly and more dasies and lace.

Oh and, currently reading: Fire with Fire by Naomi Wolf.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


(Photos by Kristel Punu)

I've been living in ponytails, flats, shorts and everything plain pale pink and white these days and yes, it's been that lazy. I do occasionally break out the heels when I want to. I love them too much to miss out on them. I need to work double time on the dissertation or research paper this weekend so that has been pretty much life this past weeks. 

Sun shines very infrequently these days and days and nights are as cold as they are in the winter season in western countries. I live in the tropics therefore it makes me question what the heck is going on in my country. Global warming, I suppose.

Speaking of summer and beach trips, I'm thinking I'll need something like this and some irrational walking and biking ankle boots complete with heels to traipse around small islands with akin to this in black from Forever21. The first would be my first comfy (or is it? It's a theory that needs testing) drabby slash clean and simple beach foot wear to date---note that I don't own any of the typical Havaianas that most people have in this side of the world---and the classic black pair of ankle boots would be my nth pair somehow. I'm eying the ones I found in Primadonna. Oh and they just opened a branch in Robinsons Dumaguete so yay! Other than that, I think Tribu is a brand of beach footwear I'd wear to death...sort of like how Birkenstocks seem to be staple for the Olsen twins and my favorite fashionblogger. Definitely staple footwear for when I'm with family and/or friends in random beaches, islands and resorts once its comfort and style flexibility has been proven true.

Off to grab an apple or two and then to the library. Yep, the life of a bumbling literature graduate student. It's stressing me out, to be honest.
PS I'm too lazy to tag whatever the heck I'm wearing. Feel free to do whatever if your curious. Formspring, tweet, e-mail, whichever works.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello 2013, bye bye 2012

Late happy new year greetings!

 (my photos)

After a failed attempt at infiltrating Sinulog 2013 with friends slash dorm mates owing to a lot of budget hotels nearby hot spots being fully booked, I'm currently looking forward to a ton of this in the coming summer, aren't you, too? Excuse me while I go dreaming of bicycling around the small island of Bantayan by Cebu and being the normal comfy beach bum that I aim to be...sort of. I miss beach trips and stuff.