Monday, August 26, 2013

highs and more highs and that one particular socio-political issue

(photos by JM Dumlao)

Fun was had today, mostly talking about everything from socio-political issues to the most random personal issues with the girls, JM and Candice. I love days like these. It's the National Heroes' Day and holiday hence the free time spent at the Pancake House in the local Lim Ketkai Mall.

After that quick, refreshing time with the girls was the rally that called for the abolition of the Pork Barrel or the Priority Development Assistance Fund. If you have been following this national sociopolitical mess on TV and the newspapers and even the radio, you'd probably know what I mean. Throw in the name Napoles and yep, I am pretty sure you know that all that did was give the Philippines a bad name and throw it right up to the top of the list of countries with the most cases of corruption. As if we already need enough things to destroy the country's image with all the sociopolitical scandals we've had in the past. Here are images from the rally I've gathered and taken earlier this afternoon. It'd probably help to click on the collage and enlarge it. That aside, this was held in Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City and not where more than 80,000 people gathered in Metro Manila's Luneta Park. It's a small rally against PDAF attended mostly by middle class families, NGOs (non-government organizations), religious groups, university organizations and others. This is about 1/4th or worse, 1/10th of the people that attended the event at the Luneta Park in the country's capital.

 I might have missed the CDO for Peace Rally/Walk for Peace (in CDO) after the bombing incident at Rosario Arcade, but I was present to witness this one. Who knew listening to talks and fun, improvised production numbers between the talks But in no way am I an activist---let's set the record straight here. Most of the time, I hate politics but if it runs across innocent masses of people, that's the time I'd join in whatever sociopolitical cause the majority rally upon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

you've seen this all before

1. and 2.  that tired levi's DIY cutoff shorts and white shirt with a favorite vintage belt.
3. today's lot of paraphernalia. And the sticker on my iPad's cover does say: "We're so fairytale it makes people sick."

Most of my belts are thrifted and vintage and I couldn't be happier because I find it difficult to look for proper, vintage-tinged ones in the stores. I'm only mildly disappinted the brown one does not circle my waist properly and to think I'm already small enough, waist-wise. And the dogs, they were just there.

So while Manila is being flooded like crazy by typhoon Maring (take care out there, guys!), Mindanao is basically cloudless and has not had rain today. I love it. 

hanes t, old levis DIY cutoffs, vintage belt and boots, random sunglasses, f21 stacked bangles, gifted bracelet and others

Monday, August 19, 2013

vintage, white, but not borrowed

I had ample time to procrastinate after lunch. Finding no one downstairs to help me with the documentation (or indulge me in a not-so-regular random shoot), I had to make do with mounting the camera on a ledge (I do not have a camera stand though I would love to have one). 

I don't think I ever posted about this dress here but it's vintage, very sailor-like and white and grossly overused. Wore it with the parents on the regular Sunday outing yesterday and accessorized here with a pair of striped tights from Forever21 picked up in SM Cebu a couple trips ago. It's the easiest dress to put on when I'm in a hurry for any "social gathering" or casual day out since I am often the stay-in, work/freelance-write type.

dress, vintage. shoes and tights, forever21. necklaces, gifted. bangles/bracelets, vintage and f21.

because I'll probably never be able to afford that See by Chloe bag anyway

If there was one thing my mother got right from yesterday's 'small talk,' it's that I really do love clothes. And I really do because for one, they're drama-free. It's one of the reasons why I think I'll always feel uneasy in offices where power-dressing is a must. I only have a couple things or less for office wear and I'm fine without most of them unless I have to at least teach for a year or two and in which, I am now contemplating some trousers from Zara. But I'm not saying I am ruling out office wear because by the looks of it, I'm heading there post-grad graduation---if/when the thesis passes---unless I decide to go for another round of school (fashion-related this time as that is what I have in mind at the moment) or a paid/unpaid internship in the industry.

What a Girl Wants dress and bag, Minnetonka boots

F21 dress and tights, Freepeople knit toggle coat, See by Chloe bag, Victoria's Secret peeptoe Oxfords

And it will be eons before I can afford anything designer anyway.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

new additions

Hmn...can't wait for these to come in the mail though it may take two weeks or so. Emoda = wispy basics heaven.

Next stop: this. But that is if I'd have enough to spare for it by the end of this month or the 15th of next month...unless it's put on sale...again, like these two.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

another of those leggings-ankle boots-white t combination

Dog-friendly photo #2. She was just there, posing, when this was taken.
Currently waiting for a ton of things to come to the mail while working hard on minor freelance writing gigs and doing some studying. Comprehensive exams are coming up but I managed to snag some time off to go get classic milk tea (favorite!) from Chinkeetea---so happy they have a satellite branch now near the abode---and some groceries which include a loaf of whole wheat bread, a diet staple. As for the newly opened Chinkeetea nearby, at least I don't have to pay the fare to go to Pabayo-Hayes Sts when all I do in their place there is ogle all the colorful stuff they have including the hanging chair and creepy dolls, antiques here and there. The place is too colorful, it gets overwhelming most of the time.
It has been a month but life has been somewhat boring recently with ample time for random shoots. Mostly, just at home, reading and working. I probably now need a ton of comfortable lounge clothes, I'm currently working on acquiring these.

Tracy Anderson exercises (cardio + Perfect Design 1) are now part of the regular, daily program. So is dancing in the room randomly to Da-iCE's Stand; Miura Daichi's Go For It, Twinkle Shiny Star and Right Now; and AAA's Love is In the Air and Party it Up. Random personal dancing parties in the room, o/ except they're all done to relieve the self of stress.
All I want to do now is go to a random cafe and read and catch-up on my studies but it seems I'm not into that kind, really.
In other news: Kagay-an Festival/Fiesta is right around the corner and I am contemplating signing up for the 5K Kagay-an Festival Marathon. It's been eons since I was last home for the fiesta.

f21 t and leggings, payless boots, random tote and bracelet (from grandma <3)