Friday, November 30, 2012


(my photos)

This week was one for walking along the boulevard, trying to capture the waves in photos as they hit the wall prompting passersby to stay away from the ledge. Moon-, star-, sky-gazing was also in the nightly agenda with the penumbral eclipse that occured not so long ago. The night before yesternight, I suppose? And of course, decking myself in blue and black and rediscovering my love for this pair of denim shorts I can apparently shorten and of course, the Primadonna pointy toe heels I fell in love with back home. Note that I rarely ware pumps and am considering getting a few for the wardrobe. Uhmn...but I'd really rather stick to ankle boots. 

Yesternight was supposed to be devotion at the dorm but it didn't come through *insert sigh of relief here*. I always am disturbed by those however wonderful spiritual (and perhaps emotional)respite might be as they offer it. I already feel like a hypocrite enough when I go to church on some Sundays. (This is me being truthful here which is a very rare occurrence.) I know Da-iCE made me happy when three of them: Yudai, Toru and Hayate had that ustream session with AAA's Urata Naoya as guest, though. Yesternight was fun. 

Today, it's listening to Miura Daichi, staying in and reading Modern Feminist Thought by Imelda Whelehan for literary research and trying to finish it so I could read the other book and figure out exactly what my research on Saiormoon and other such manga of the same vein and some classic literature form would be. I know, very pop culture. And it's a long weekend. So kudos.

(random button up shirt from a nearby boutique, thrifted shorts, primadonna pointy heel pumps)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the olsen twins inspiration post

(photos from olsens anonymous, compilation by me)
It's mostly MK, I think with a bit of Ashley's simple, chic and clean styling as is that of their line, The Row. I'm coming to terms with being a big fan of a combination of both their styling. I'm not sure whether I lean more towards MK's homeless looks---sorely tempting, comfortable and shabby but still great-looking---or towards the chic, clean-lined casual that Ashley seems so fond of. Needless to say I like the twins and their styling whichever way it takes them to look like.
I've been busy with school this past week and haven't gotten around to taking everyday outfit shots and my dorm mate aka personal photographer is going home this week for a board meeting she has to attend in their school so I'll see about taking some everyday outfit photos just to catch up soon. I have research this semester so I am trying desperately to catch up with a ton of school work. After this, I'll be free enough to work on some things I should be working on...erm, namely maintaining this blog and getting started on that plan on the magazine with some people that think very much like me. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

personal style influences

Rumi Neely, Photos from: Fashiontoast, collage by me

 Elin Kling, photos from: Style By Kling, collage by me

This post was due yesterday but because people kidnapped me to dinner dates and walks along the infamous, already over-blogged Rizal Boulevard, I am only able to update with this today. Hmn...bloggers certainly aren't absolved of the sin of late blogging on some days.
Anyway, these two giants in the fashion blogging industry among other things are heavy inspiration for me in terms of casual dressing and other things. My heart goes soft for anything minimally chic and my mouth goes into a grimace when I see people dress in a very-non-minimal, color-filled way and this is a frequency in the local personal style scene so much so that I get bored by what I see in the local streets and out of it. I don't go to other local fashion bloggers' blogs either because of the prevalent trend I am not amused of most of the time which is just my opinion. So go flame or whatever.
 Oh and because I want to turn the local fashion scene around about a hundred eighty degrees from where it is now, there's a bit of something my friend and I are working on. This has sparked interest to some of the people I've shared my thoughts and plans to and this might be a good reference for many random people I meet in reality that ask me where I get stuff I wear on a daily basis. Need a hint? Here's one: Magazine. Drop a comment if you're just as excited as I am about the project or if you are appalled by the idea or whatever.

Friday, November 16, 2012

minimalism at mango winter 2012

(Photos from fashiongonerogue)

Massive fan of anything that can translate to real life wear here and this lookbook with Karlie Kloss from Mango is just one treasure trove of everything wearable. I was casually browsing through fashiongonerogue yesternight and stumbled upon this then and fell in love with it right off the bat. I wander around the Mango Outlet store at the local Lim Ketkai Mall once in a while and right next to What A Girl Wants, it is my favorite source for anything...wearable and palatable to the casually, lazy, fashionable eye. Mango is also opening a branch at the pristine newly opened Ayala Centrio in my local Cagayan de Oro along with an Aldo branch I am obviously ecstatic about sometime this year or the next so might as well check them out when they do open...hmn...maybe this Christmas? A lot of the stuff they offer are out of reach of my budget as a struggling literary studies student but I'm pretty sure I acquired a favorite Mango white shirt basic a long time ago while working part time as a freelance writer that I later lost due to my ex-dorm mate's washlady's blunder. She kept mixing things up between the people she washes clothes for. I always loved Mango for having a lot of things in them that dress you up in a way that you don't look like a clown. Definitely one of my favorite labels around despite it being way above my preferred price range. I definitely love Karlie Kloss in this lookbook. One of my favorites thus far.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

devoid of accessories

Things can get really bland when I decide to tone down on accessories. And when I say tone down, I mean not wear anything at all aside from the watch which is a constant and the thrifted belt I've abused so much since acquiring it years ago. If there's anything I'd like to be good at when it comes to styling, it should be completing the looks with random accessories. Too bad my stash hasn't been updated since forever ago.

There has got to be a rule about wearing everything vintage or everything designer or new but it's one I'm bound to break that every now and again. My reason being most of the things I own are vintage somehow.

I'm alone in walking around Centrio today it seems. Sad, I know. I should see it before I go back to Dumaguete tonight. I'm also going to look for somewhere to sit in and read as well. Malls aren't normally my thing unless I'm there to just hang out with pals or check on What a Girl Wants and a few other shops I'm pretty much fond of.

Vintage/secondhand everything; bag, Ninewest


Tights and over the knee socks, and a great variety of them: yay or nay? This one came to me after my mother affirmed we resided in a place where it's colder than the rest of the Philippines. I'm not talking about Baguio. Let's just say, it's one of the coldest around the island of Mindanao. I'm a strong proponent of the denim shorts + tights and have a decent few from SM department store and elsewhere else in my closet whose stash somehow needs to be updated. This will be my next F21 haul, I suppose. Most of the time, it's really hot in my locality so I'll see about wearing them at the right time like these days when rain clouds loom over the city most days of the week.

Crime increasing everywhere in the Philippines. It's not good news but have you seen what TV Patrol reports about recently? Utterly disappointing. I continue to ponder over question why such people with no remorse over what they do to harm others exist. I'll never get an answer, I suppose.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

after dark

Some after dark documentation after a late afternoon trip to the dentist. Finally. Yes.
I'll be leaving for Dumaguete City again tomorrow yet I have to pass a few things before I can enroll. Well, kudos to me for second semester. It's my second to the last semester and I already have a couple things in mind for my tentative research proposals. I need as much options as I can find so I could be sure to have at least one of them approved. It's going to be a busy semester again.
I've decided white shirts and denim shorts are going to be the regular uniform for school and all. I find that they are the best thing to play with among other things. 

Shirt, Black Sheep (c/o Robinsons Department Store); shorts, mossimo and co.; vintage laced up ankle boots; vintage sunglasses; necklace from random local store (Aizilim); vintage bag

Monday, November 12, 2012

catch up post

Going back to this in a few days.

About the only place I visited when I was passing through Cebu City a week ago to board a flight home. I still find this place beautiful among other things in the city.

 First day Ayala Centrio opens and it's chaotic. JM and I ended up hanging out in Chowking, Gaisano Mall right across it then I decided to roam around, get lost in Lim Ketkai Mall for the nth time. I never tire of the place.

 Something I've been meaning to finish and write a report on for school. I already finished the other one so this is the only one pending at the moment. About to devour it today and tomorrow before the trip back to Dumaguete on Wednesday.

Some of the few things on the plate today. Never got around documenting daily outfits because I normally stay home and don't get to hang out much when I'm at home. Domesticated, homebody, boring person, I know. I missed out on a best friend's birthday party Sunday last week due to a couple days of trying to recover from RCT (root canal treatment) which I most positively abhor and plan to never undergo again. Health purposes in mind and all. I just don't think it's a safe dental procedure but really, not all medical and dental procedures are a hundred percent safe. Had an early start this Monday morning which is pretty rare but worthy enough to lounge around in this. Oh, how. I. Wish. I'll look for something similar locally made some time.

All photos taken by me by phone. :) That's erm...a rarity as well.

Definitely a better post than last time's. Pretty sure I'm not sorry about the most recent post. Ha.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

random fandom stuff

Missed out on a ton of things due to a puffed-up left cheek from RCT (root canal treatment)---horrible, horrible experience I wouldn't like repeated again, ever. I also long to someday take off this toxic tooth if it decides to bother me with mercury poisoning. I've read enough RCT horror stories online I'm convinced this isn't a very healthy dental procedure at all. Y'know, being a health buff and all. I've been in bed two days to this week due to on-and-off fevers, too, prompting me to miss a bff's birthday. Yes, I'm devastated. But plans are underway, I guess? Alternative ones, yes? It's the first time this year I'm under antibiotics again. 

Seeing as I am unable to get outfit pictures at this time, I'm going to go the other way instead...fandom. Yes, fandom. I might've only been collecting useful clothing recently but really, silently, on twitter...I've been fangirling...a lot on...tokusatsu, yes. Toku or what's known separately as Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) and Sentai rangers (Power Rangers). At the mention of Power Rangers, I'm reminded of my childhood spent in my grandparents' home in Jasaan, 30 minutes from the city I currently reside in, with my cousin every weekend when we'd often watch that (Power Rangers), Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baywatch and even Beverly Hills 90210. Uhmn, it was tradition on weekends to spend a ton of them in the couch, being a couch potato and fantasizing what it would be like to be in high school like those in 90210 or something along that line between me and the cousin. And now I'm missing her. Ah, childhood. Exposure to Kamen Rider Black and Jetman through another local channel came much, much later. I only got intrigued but never really followed through until Kamen Rider Blade through Cartoon Network and Kamen Rider Den-O through fangirling over Sato Takeru. I know, weird. 

That was long and pointless. 

Anyway, Kamen Rider Fourze. Yes. I spent about a few days watching and re-watching Sakuta Ryusei's bits on this series just because, hello, ikemen~ Yoshizawa Ryo~ (and my Amuse-boys fangirliness. I have a bias, yes, and sadly, it isn't the overly popular Johnny's Entertainment.) Who's Yoshizawa Ryo? Who's KR Meteor/Sakuta Ryusei?

(screencap taken from shinigamigirl at tumblr...because I'm too lazy to cap stuff on my own at the moment)

/Points to picture above. Yes, him. Meet Ryusei. I already met one of his many adorkable alter-ego from the Amuse play, Black Pearl and another in Pinocchio...virtually, so let's leave it at that. It makes me want to re-watch those plays again and I think, even Mystic Topaz whose DVD I currently have but haven't watched since a few months ago when I received it in the mail. 

And yep, this is turning out to be a pointless KR fangirling post. Sorry. Antibiotics must be getting to me along with music from Chemistry and Daichi Miura.

  (again from movielosophy on tumblr because I have not re-learned how to make epic gifs until this time, probably never will. ;;)
Angry Ryusei will always be epic, he's short tempered, after all. XD Kamen Rider Fourze, despite being a 48-episode(d) tokusatsu worth watching? Answer: Yes. Some seem to have been disappointed by the end of it but I think it was rather a fine series. Tons better than Kamen Rider Decade, anyway, for fans of toku like me who've seen KR Decade and the fine mess it was from series to its movies. Ryusei is basically a rip-off of KR Accel from W, they have basically the same entry and pathway/development and differ only in their reasons for doing what they do, but pretty much bearable in the whole series. But it's probably just my Amubias speaking. 

Ah, finally blogged about fandom. I've been itching to blog about one once although, erm, this one's pointless. Pretty much pointless. I didn't even seem to dare inform readers about the premise under this series. Whatever. Fans of Toku should understand what I'm blabbering about. ha. Consider this a filler post or something. It's been awhile since I had a Jmovie to peruse and review like I normally did for a time in my old blog. If you did follow me on LJ like last time, you'd know I sporadically posted stuff on fandom. This is of many to come. Ah, there goes my

Back to Miura Daichi-listening. Will head to bed in a few minutes. Trip to the dentist again tomorrow before he goes to Camiguin island. Doubly jealous of people I've come to know, including my parents are on work-vacation mode. I just hope my mum would bring me some fresh strawberries from Baguio after her and my dad's trip there for dad's convention. ;; Heaven knows how much I want to be a beach bum somewhere nearby or in Camiguin Island.

And in the spirit of being random: I did once think about gaming then realized it wasn't for me. Yes, I am no gamer. Simply someone who likes watching Jstuff that are quite...well, intriguing.  

I'll try to come up with a better fangirly-post somehow. One that merits this pristine random-themed blog. Hmn...once I'm out of RCT and all anyway. When will I ever be? ;;