Sunday, November 25, 2012

the olsen twins inspiration post

(photos from olsens anonymous, compilation by me)
It's mostly MK, I think with a bit of Ashley's simple, chic and clean styling as is that of their line, The Row. I'm coming to terms with being a big fan of a combination of both their styling. I'm not sure whether I lean more towards MK's homeless looks---sorely tempting, comfortable and shabby but still great-looking---or towards the chic, clean-lined casual that Ashley seems so fond of. Needless to say I like the twins and their styling whichever way it takes them to look like.
I've been busy with school this past week and haven't gotten around to taking everyday outfit shots and my dorm mate aka personal photographer is going home this week for a board meeting she has to attend in their school so I'll see about taking some everyday outfit photos just to catch up soon. I have research this semester so I am trying desperately to catch up with a ton of school work. After this, I'll be free enough to work on some things I should be working on...erm, namely maintaining this blog and getting started on that plan on the magazine with some people that think very much like me. 

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