Saturday, May 7, 2016

95% white

second hand ralph lauren t, gap cut offs, vintage ankle boots, beaded bracelet from aizilim, vintage bangle/bracelet, Maica wrap choker in pink from c/o zalora, dad's sunglasses

Monday, May 9 is Presidential elections for us here in the Philippines. The race to the Malacanang is just as hot as the days' 30-35 degree celsius (we go by celsius here in reading daily temperatures) ...not forget, chaotic. I bet it's going to be in the 30s again tomorrow. other than that, I haven't really decided who I like as President. Ha. (Don't follow my example.)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

effortless and timeless: Jane Birkin

Her style, beauty, everything is just...timeless.

(collage by me, photos from the Fashion Spot (tFS))

I'm not done and still lurking on the her thread. Haha. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

dainty pink ribbon choker

Bench ph tank, forever21 shorts (they really do resemble hotpants now that I see it here but it looks longer than those...? yep, this should be noted here), c/o zaloraph Maica wrap choker, Primadonna ph wedges, ninewest bag

The Maica wrap choker, daintily tri-strand, baby pink or close to blush in color and beribboned by zalora third party seller, Verano (they are on instagram, it seems, here: to me yesterday and thus how I ended up building today's outfit to wear with it as base. Experiment done and done, I found that it would work better with anything minimal such as this pair of shorts found on the sales bin on a Forever21 shop...I don't remember which south california mall it was between Long Beach and Los Angeles, however...and the favorite tank from Bench. Heeled gladiators would probably look better but alas, my last pair in white from the favorite local store, What a Girl Wants, that shut down around late last year or middle of it had broken down eons ago. I need a new pair somehow or some 100 and more of them because they're great in messing up any minimalist outfit for any occasion. It's either that or more ankle boots.

Ugh. It looks like the Ally dress my eyes went to when browsing their page on Zalora are out in my size. Hopefully they make more of it or something resembling it in that black color---but then again, admittedly, I already have a ton of black dresses in the wardrobe almost rivaling the fairy-ish white ones---and white. Bonus points if said dress also turns up in blush. This is so something to wear on weekend night outs and the beach. 

The package from zalora, by the way came with their cute tag/card that ended up making me miss cavorting in the beach... 

And this is how it looks like up close

Now I feel more like the typical someone who grew up in the 90s because honestly, I decade of my life anyway.