Friday, February 24, 2017

another sailor-like piece

t, h&m. skirt, secondhand zara. wedges, CLN, sunglasses, dad's.

with BDG flats

Focal point of this post is the skirt. The skirt actually has a couple of pockets at the back like those of jeans and faux pockets in front with button flaps. In pretty navy that makes it easy to be integrated with any plain navy, black or even olive or army-ish green tops, it reminds me of a rather sailor-themed piece. The skirt works best high-waisted but rather than have the top/s tucked in to emphasize the whole skirt, I like the way it looks with the shirt un-tucked.

The BDG flats are a blessing should I need to go out quickly and still remain sartorially put together with easy basics like this top and skirt. They're also practical to use when doing long walks and a lot of standing but with me being me, it's one of the least used stuff among my footwear. I still like using impractical high heeled like sky-high heeled shoes more than the flats on most days. I'm...weird like that...I think.

This is how the skirt looks like with the top tucked in. Umn...I'd avoid this way of wearing the skirt on most days for some reason as it's not so me? Plus, I don't seem to like the way it looks this way.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

alexander wang f/w 2017

 collage, mine; photos from fashiongonerogue

So, so behind a lot of things runway fashion but it's most probably because I haven't really been checking in with the going-ons of various fashion weeks lately. I'm more intrigued by the way fashion personalities translate runway and other forms of fashion inspiration into the real life anyway. I did watch the Grammy's red carpet and funnily, only Heidi Klum's silver slip-like dress and footwear ensemble got my attention. Other than that, glamorous designer gowns worn to these events aren't really something I'm too interested in. I do love it when someone dons a simple shiny with sleek details and textures to these events though and twerks it up with fun footwear. Also, I don't really see myself checking into the Oscars' red carpet or main event.

But speaking of real life fashion, Alexander Wang is pretty much known for that on runways and out. Given the on-off sun we're having around here, I'd sport any of these and as I am a huge proponent of the tights and dress, skirt and shorts formula. The first snap of the first row especially makes me want to hunt for a basic black tube bodycon dress at the moment to recreate the whole look with a boyfriend blazer. The secondhand grey one I procured from the thrift store years ago might just be the thing to complete my version of this look I am devising in my head. Well...until I can find the perfect tube bodycon then.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

cali life

 souvenir t, levis cutoffs, zalora boots, random headband (I don't really remember where I got it from so...), gifted (by an aunt) bag, dumaguete city souvenir shop and vintage bangles, aizilim rings and necklaces

One of the rare times I like graphic ts...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

i'm from l.a. part two

 vintage dress, zara shirt, zalora boots, ninewest bag, forever21 necklace, aizilim rings, vintage and souvenir shop bangles

It's been raining the whole day today...since, well, about midnight last night so surely downtown is flooded at this time. I should probably be bundled with some coat to ward off the cold but this cold temp is coming off pretty tolerable.

Random anecdote from yesterday's late afternoon twitter direct messages conversation with a good friend:

me: You'd think the rich people would know how to dress themselves on television and out but they don't. It's the effing horrendous opposite -.- (pertaining to the wardrobe characters of a local drama that airs around 3 in the afternoon that I've taken a liking to thanks to the good plot and pacing and another that airs sometime around 5:30 in the afternoon here.)
good friend: Lmao that's true. They (the staff of the production responsible for wardrobe) should know how rich people dress.

This is basically the scenario often seen in Filipino/Pinoy/Philippine drama outside of anything Jadaone makes (because, and I keep saying this often, Antoinette Jadaone is pretty brilliant, I am a stan. haha!). On the Wings of Love and Til I Met You are the two Philippine dramas that, to me, have their characters' fashion on point (hallelujah!) while for the rest...they have, like, female characters likely in their late 20s to 30s dressed like...I don't know...err...they're in their 50s to 60s, I guess?  The worst wardrobes are probably from those telenovelas that give off the feel that they're a south american production or something to that effect...people there are dressed like they live way, way back in the 20s or 30s or so...Philippines tacky, really old...ancient fashioned style (no offense to the Filipiniana costume as I have nothing against it but there should be a time and place for these things...). Well, for the latter, in their defense these dramas are often very south american-spanish in feel so I suppose I can't blame them. Plus their plots are also quite well...not so current so there's that, too. But yeah...I still just can't get things like these on local tv. To me, they often set things way, way back decades and decades ago when we should probably be more focused on the now. This might be the reason why I hardly watch anything local outside of one or two whose plots and such I like. Generally-speaking, this is pretty much how fashion is so off the radar here. Or it may be that the Philippines is off the radar of fashion...either works, I think.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

valentines day look and a bit of the 59th Grammys

 vintage dress, mags shorts, forever21 arm cuff/bracelet and heels, jessica simpson straw fedora, aizilim bracelet/cuff and heart necklace, LC Lauren Conrad bracelet, smashbox (in Ayala Centrio) choker

Valentines day outfit. So what do y'guys plan to do on this day? I've been meaning to watch about three or four episodes of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (Casefiles of Young Kindaichi)'s valentines day case...I'll probably do this tonight. I'll try to locate it on a streaming site for animes or I'm pretty sure I have them somewhere in my local hard drive/disk storage. 

Music talk: Yesterday was the Grammy's. How really good was that Prince tribute from The Time and Bruno Mars?! One huge highlight for the show yesterday, that one was for me. Adele's tribute to George Michael was pretty disappointing---the Grammy's really should have prepared something more for this as GM is pretty iconic to me as a pop music enthusiast and sometimes critic. I really like Lukas Graham but they should've been given a different segment to Kelsea Bellarini as I haven't been a fan of country music in forever outside of maybe Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood so they could show their own shine because, seriously, 7 Years isn't the only magnificent song from this band...there are a few others I like from them on their youtube channel. Twenty One Pilots winning the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Stressed Out had me over the moon granted this one was such a surprise win. I love about 3 to 4 tracks from their record, Blurryface so I had been so pumped for them and Lukas Graham being nominated in a number of categories. Katy Perry going political was also a thing for me however subtle that one was. Hmn...what else am I missing? I guess that's pretty much it. I'm not a huge fan of either Beyonce or Adele seeing as I hardly listen to mainstream pop. Criticisms on the Grammys yesterday: they really need to fix the sound problems they have which is present on a yearly basis---it messed up Adele's GM tribute and the Metallica and Lady Gaga performance among others; and hmn...I think it's high time the governing body behind the awards show let someone of a different skin color or race win, by this I mean Beyonce. The Beyhive has been thirsting/hungering for her to win some of the most coveted Grammy's awards like Album of the Year, Song of the Year and more, anyway. I think it would also be nice if they moved more of the pre-telecast awarding to the main show so there's a decent ratio of the performances and the awards. I'm sure I have a few others in mind but these two are the most I can name for now. Will I be watching the Grammy's next year? I'm not all that sure yet if technicalities like this continue but to be honest, the Grammy's is really the only awards show I watch year in and year out as I'm not that fond of film and tv show awards for some reason...this includes the Oscars that's happening in two weeks from the Grammy's. I watch a mixture of indie films and mainstream films so I don't really see the point of keeping tabs on awards shows. I should say the same for music as I listen to a mixture too but yeah...I still probably would not let things like the Grammy's pass seeing as I don't really follow the AMAs (American Music Awards) and more.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

striped t-dress

  dress from TJMaxx (if I remember it right, that is...), gifted bag (from aunt), Old Navy denim vest, LC Lauren Conrad bracelet, Forever21 and aizilim necklaces and rings, Zalora (Cotton On's Rubi) boots

....debuting this dress I can't seem to stop wearing whatever way I can on the blog. I've had this since late 2015---a couple years' ago---and I still bring this out occasionally when I need to be out in a flash. Yep, this is that t-dress I've been going on and on about...yapping about how they're the easiest things to grab and wear on a trip, errand, whatever out somewhere in a flash. 

Last night, an earthquake with the magnitude of 6.7 hit this southern Philippine island. It's left its epicenter, Surigao City, in a state of chaotic devastation. For one, there's still no electricity in the more affected parts of the city and it follows, there is no water in those areas, too. Two and three respectively, the 'quake left the city with 6 dead and their airport's runways a mess so flights in and out of the city had to be cancelled until further notice (or at least until everything there gets fixed). I only felt an echo of the 'quake here at home last night but ours was more of a trickle down thing with a smaller magnitude that's somewhere between 3-4. It didn't stop from having some things at home shaking and moving however...which, for the whole duration of the 'quake, scared me a bit. I was the only one in the second floor of the house so I guess, well, you get the idea. It'll be a while before Surigao City and others close to it gets back to its regular daily living but it shouldn't be a couple weeks' long at least. The country's president had the good sense to call for people to work together so that's well and good. That aside, we rarely get earthquakes here that are that strong. We're by the pacific ring of fire but we don't really get the same amount of earthquake in a year's time as Japan does. It might be because we have other South East Asian nations surrounding us to share the agony of numerous 'quakes in a year's time with us. Still...this 'quake was pretty scary at 6.7 magnitude.

Friday, February 10, 2017

less than a dollar outfit

 vintage/secondhand thermal, jeans and bag; zalora heels; forever21 and aizilim necklaces and rings; smashbox choker; dad's sunglasses

Neutral everything and I do wear jeans...sometimes. Even if it's the ripped variety. Also, this might be the cheapest get-up I have to date. The top is one of two purchased at only 15 Php and the jeans is 10 Php...the total to those two would equal to even less than an American dollar when converted from the Philippine peso/currency. Only the shoes are, like, around almost a thousand Philippine pesos but that's another thing altogether.

It's been so cold and cloudy the whole day today I just had to go with anything long-sleeved but still cozy enough should there still be some humidity---and well, Philippine climate here in the southern part of it doesn't did get humid. And here I was thinking it'd be a bit more summery but it's still not... I miss the sun now. Like, the scorching heat type of sun I can live or survive on that most people I know here and everywhere else hate.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

the low-slung belt

 dress from multiply (old), vintage belt, zalora boots, coach purse/wristlet, dad's sunglasses, aizilim rings and necklace, gifted necklace (from aunt) as bracelet

Sometimes a low-slung belt---never mind that this trend expired way back in the early-ish 2000s after Sienna Miller had it trend back then---can manage a shapeless dress to make it look more like an organized but still hapless mess. I really hardly wear this necklace and the others that came with it, as necklaces...they end up being converted to makeshift bracelets most of the time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

button-front skirt day

 random cut-up t (from Lee Plaza's men's section in Dumaguete City); vintage buttoned-front skirt; zalora boots; SR Squared by Sondra Roberts bag; aizilim, gifted (from aunt) and vintage bracelets/bangles; forever21 arrow necklace; aizilim necklaces; dad's sunnies

Some days of the month, I don't trust myself to wear denim shorts...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

last Friday 2.0

photos by Candice Calonia

vintage blazer and bag, Bench tank, forever21 skirt and arrow necklace, zalora heels, aizilm rings and necklaces, LC Lauren Conrad bracelet 

The rest of the shoot from last Friday with the best girl friend since the last year of high school

style inspiration from Mary Kate

 (ph from olsens anonymous)

Still stuck on my mind: MK in a long vintage t dress and moccasins. This is so summer appropriate and thereby the apt inspiration for the incoming summer season so please go away now, low pressure areas-bringing rains and random storms and the moccasins look really comfortable. Like, more comfortable than regular flats, I suppose? Comfortable flats are pretty difficult to find and I can't really get into ballet flats either somehow so the moccasins might be a better option. They do look lighter, too. As for the t-dress...I have a few for the reason they're the easiest to grab and wear when in a hurry to go out and look slightly messily but still put together. Same goes for the oversized shirts. I'd kill to have oversized Da-iCE shirts as I lack some band ts...I don't think the vintage band t variety would be me as I don't really have favorite bands or artists from the '80s having been born in the later part of it and consequently growing up in the 90s. Just add a jacket or a vest on them and you're good to go...that is if you find just being in the t-dress or oversized shirts too dull. Fortunately for my case, they're classic but never boring even on their own. Accessories, of course, will always complete a get-up like this plus they save me, especially, from having to constantly upgrade the wardrobe you can tell I'm not really into anything fancy and frilly and girly so yeah with pieces of clothing from the latest season/s.

Friday, February 3, 2017

friday weekend

(photos by Candice Calonia, collages by me)

Me thinks you'll have to click on the photos to enlarge. Outfit details are already on the first collage.

Today was afternoon chai tea latte with the best girl friend; frolicking around SM...well, outside of it, anyway, and tonight is for just chilling to music.

Music talk here (this corner might've been missed...lots...well, I miss it anyway): Has anyone listened to the new record from Jpop boygroup/boyband/dance and vocal group, Da-iCE? Next Phase is a really solid album, by the by...I could say it was even better than their previous two. Paradive, Bond and Two as One have become my favorites off of it and news is (as told to me just now by a good friend on twitter), the full music videos for the latter two are out on their Universal Music Japan channel. Inner me just went 'yay!' I'll check those two out in a bit. I've been bopping to those three, especially the former two (and Fantasy) for the past few days now. Here's Bond's full version to bop to, tonight:

....and I am probably off to watch an anime or two tonight. I have yet to finish a Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo movie/episode special based on a light novel (Opera house murder case 3, if I'm not mistaken). It's that or I'll binge watch any anime of the horror genre I can find on a streaming site tonight. It is Friday. I've been...uh...reconnecting with my inner aniota (anime otaku) recently that I've kept at bay for eons now. I'm still really picky on animes to watch lately and often times, I just keep away from it because, like in the case of Kindaichi, it doesn't really follow the manga to the t anyway. I usually only watch classics though, except Sailor Moon's because I can't stand its 90s anime---I am of the opinion that Sailor Moon Crystal trumps the 90s anime because it follows the manga closer than the 90s anime ever did and I'm a known humongous fangirl of the manga...effectively owning a copy of its first volume bought from Barnes & Noble around late 2015 to early 2016. As for the newer manga serializations and hmn...animes...I'm only interested in Twin Star Exorcists...but more the manga than the anime. I'll get to reading this shounen series when it gets closer to its end. I don't think the manga artist and writer has started with its climax/last arc anyway. It seems to already be midway however. But for the record, I don't really consider myself an aniota. I just watch these things casually: just when something interesting of this sort comes into my radar. I don't cosplay---halloween costuming-up, I'd do, however---nor attend anime expos either.

If all else fails and nothing of the anime variety ends up piquing my interest tonight other than the Kindaichi special/film...I'm going to get into one or two indie or indie-ish movies I've been keeping on storage for a while now. This is to rectify the failure of the bff and my plans to watch a movie in the cinemas this weekend. We wanted to watch Asa Butterfield's The Space Between Us but only one cinema is airing this and what's even more disappointing is, it's sharing the same theater with Jackie Chan's Kung Fu Yoga which I have no interest in watching. ....not really a huge Jackie Chan fan here. Also, The Space Between Us, only airs twice, from 5 p.m. until almost 8 in the evening and around 9 until 12 midnight. We really can't be bothered to stay so late to catch this one. Maybe next time...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

plain and simple

 t - secondhand, bag and belt - vintage, denim cutoff - Gap, boots - rubi/cotton on via zalora, sunglasses - dad's, necklaces - aizilim, rings - aizilim, bracelets - vintage from gandmum and LC Lauren Conrad

....and there are times I prefer to simplify. Currently thinking about cutting this shirt to a better length as it's really huge, rather it's really long that it has to be tucked in when worn with shorts or a skirt all the time. I'll work on modifying this thing one day later...maybe the weekend.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

sail away, striped sailor

tally weijl tank; forever21 shorts; zalora boots; forever21 etched bangles/bracelets and chunky chain necklace; aizilim necklaces and rings

A departure from the usual minimal styling--and to be honest, I don't really ascribe to the nautical trend...except maybe sometimes because: Sailor Moon (I am eternal stan of the original manga from Takeuchi Naoko-sensei, yes...) for one---although being inspired by this Kate Moss shoot from the July 2013 Australian Vogue wherein she dons a 12 AUD H&M striped top might have brought this on... was an a-ok attempt, I guess. I'll go back to my usual messy minimal personal styling in the next few days, rather, posts here... I have no issues with this one whatsoever except it just hardly feels me at all. Deep down, I feel it must be the tank top because colored striped tank tops are new to me...and that I feel like this tank goes better with a pair of dark colored denim cut-offs for some reason...