Sunday, February 5, 2017

style inspiration from Mary Kate

 (ph from olsens anonymous)

Still stuck on my mind: MK in a long vintage t dress and moccasins. This is so summer appropriate and thereby the apt inspiration for the incoming summer season so please go away now, low pressure areas-bringing rains and random storms and the moccasins look really comfortable. Like, more comfortable than regular flats, I suppose? Comfortable flats are pretty difficult to find and I can't really get into ballet flats either somehow so the moccasins might be a better option. They do look lighter, too. As for the t-dress...I have a few for the reason they're the easiest to grab and wear when in a hurry to go out and look slightly messily but still put together. Same goes for the oversized shirts. I'd kill to have oversized Da-iCE shirts as I lack some band ts...I don't think the vintage band t variety would be me as I don't really have favorite bands or artists from the '80s having been born in the later part of it and consequently growing up in the 90s. Just add a jacket or a vest on them and you're good to go...that is if you find just being in the t-dress or oversized shirts too dull. Fortunately for my case, they're classic but never boring even on their own. Accessories, of course, will always complete a get-up like this plus they save me, especially, from having to constantly upgrade the wardrobe you can tell I'm not really into anything fancy and frilly and girly so yeah with pieces of clothing from the latest season/s.

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