Wednesday, February 1, 2017

sail away, striped sailor

tally weijl tank; forever21 shorts; zalora boots; forever21 etched bangles/bracelets and chunky chain necklace; aizilim necklaces and rings

A departure from the usual minimal styling--and to be honest, I don't really ascribe to the nautical trend...except maybe sometimes because: Sailor Moon (I am eternal stan of the original manga from Takeuchi Naoko-sensei, yes...) for one---although being inspired by this Kate Moss shoot from the July 2013 Australian Vogue wherein she dons a 12 AUD H&M striped top might have brought this on... was an a-ok attempt, I guess. I'll go back to my usual messy minimal personal styling in the next few days, rather, posts here... I have no issues with this one whatsoever except it just hardly feels me at all. Deep down, I feel it must be the tank top because colored striped tank tops are new to me...and that I feel like this tank goes better with a pair of dark colored denim cut-offs for some reason...

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