Tuesday, January 31, 2017

carine roitfeld for uniqlo 2016

(photos from all over the net via google)

A little background on the one responsible for this immaculately good collection in collaboration with Uniqlo before anything else: Carine Roitfeld. Carine, for about a decade from 2001-2011, was Vogue Paris' editor-in-chief. Upon Carine's resignation being put into effect in 2011, the equally timelessly stylish Emanuelle Alt has since succeeded her. Carine's reason for retiring from her post from the iconic French fashion magazine---some of its older issues I'm currently coveting because...I don't know...I think I'm perpetually stuck in its 2007-2009 aesthetic era much like I am stuck perpetually on everything about the 90s---was to focus on her personal projects. Since her retirement from the French Vogue, she has released a book, Irreverent; launched her own fashion and style inspiration magazine, CR Fashion Book; and then this collection with fast fashion establishment, Uniqlo. I'm sure there are a few others she's done since I've missed but I haven't really looked into that, that much. I'm still learning and discovering more of the past, recent past and even the present things we can aptly tag 'iconic' on everything French (and American and Japanese---because my aesthetics revolve around those three in reality and as what is being painted on this blog as time passes) fashion day by day

This collection was released last year. Since the nearest Uniqlo branch in this part of South East Asia is an overnight's worth of trip on a ship in Cebu City from Cagayan de Oro City, it explains how I missed it. Cagayan de Oro City is perpetually late on everything fashion granted we just got our H&M tail-end of last year.

Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo, from the campaign photos alone, exudes everything Carine from the model representing it on print media and the physical presentation itself. The model for its print media promotion for one looks to me like a very young Carine who was herself, at the time, a model, from the hair to the smoky eye make-up and of course the styling. This collaboration between the French fashionista and Uniqlo is one of those that reminds me of the gaping holes (missing pieces) from my own wardrobe that I ended up looking into pieces from it on ebay and promptly fell in love with the leather/moto jacket that showed up on my search. It really doesn't help that I've been searching high and low for the right leopard print scarf to brighten up, rather glamourize a pretty monotonic look I'm known for putting up on numerous posts on this space of the blogosphere. Notable things that I really like from this collection are the patterned tights, of course the leather (or it may have been faux leather...I'm not sure) jacket, the well structured coats and blazers (all black, yuum! and one coat in faux fur to boot!), the white t with a caricature of Carine in it, and the leopard print faux fur coat. Now can Uniqlo please, like, open up here soon...?! And thanks! 

I did go to a Uniqlo in Metro Manila last year with people (dad and a couple of aunts, the family friends kind) but I don't really recall this collection being displayed way back when. Maybe it was just being put together back then, being prepared for the worldwide launch. Hmn...

....and here's Carine herself modeling her t-shirt for this Uniqlo collection and styling its presentation...

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