Sunday, January 22, 2017

saturday nights are for chilling and getting down to deep house/tropical house music

 secondhand hot topic t, zalora sporty skirt (phs 1, 2), zara super skinny jeans, vintage belt (not pictured but used in ph 3), forever21 ankle boots (phs 1, 2), CLN wedges (ph3), bag is a gift from an aunt (random, unknown brand), mix of forever21 vintage and souvenir shop shell (from Dumaguete City) bangles/bracelets, aizilim rings

Chilling to and getting down to deep house/tropical house tonight. It's Saturday here, so... Back on topic: CREAM's Summer Mix 2014 is the record to put on loop with a ton of gems from STAY to Wonderland to Whatever feat. WISE & Tarantula (Spontania) [Unedited Version] to Forever Young to #nofilter. There are a few other tracks I deliberately avoided mentioning back there but these are what make this record for me. I love a sampler or especially full record that you can actually dance the night away in, in your room or in a deserted beach strip. This is something difficult to find along with records that makes the listener (me) feel. Ah yes, more chill dance music to make me miss the summer even more and wish it to come on here and hurry up quick. 

....and something totally random: to give you an idea of what a playlist for most nights and some days to me looks like, I was looking around youtube earlier tonight to new music from the Chainsmokers (is it just me or are they seriously transitioning to a more Filous-y, Kygo-y style of music with Paris from the edgy, dark-ish drops-heavy debut track, Roses? I'd like it if they stayed experimental house/edm, though. The Chainsmokers are pretty good at experimenting with everything edm. If you can't follow my train of thought here, try their older EP, Bouquet and then get back at me to convince me otherwise...), old stuff from Shura, Tove Lo, Da-iCE, FEMM, FAMM'IN and a few others more. And now I'm listening to the 'deep, tropical house' playlist---comprising of about 30 to 40 highly varied house tracks (stuff from Filous, Alex Schulz, Ben Phipps, Instant Karma, Lost Frequencies and more) found from all over youtube---I have on windows media player. This playlist grows by the by as I go to my favorite youtube channel source for feel good music like the playlist's contents at least once every 2 weeks or so. I listen to a healthy mix of indie and mainstream pop stuff, actually. I like variety in the different kinds of music I listen to since mood dictates what music I listen to as much as it does how I dress/clothe myself. But, as of late, I've been more on deep house/tropical house than regular pop and my usual dose of alternative (pop-)rock (usually the euro/brit kind). This is the kind of music I can even sleep to...who says EDM has to be all techno, heavy, loud music that's highly distracting? Chill ambient deep house and/or tropical house is where it's at, yo. It's so mind-numbingly good it's great for trying to shake away the stresses and strains that life brings on a daily basis. It's highly effective in blanking my mind to the state of near-meditation. If you get what I mean as I am rambling more here now... Anyway, since I went this way middle of last year in music preference direction...I haven't the heart to come back to real world pop music except maybe to check if my other favorite pop and pop-rock musicians have released new stuff from time to time. And to conclude this pretty long, somewhat incoherent? rambling, let me just reveal that: to this day, I'm still dreaming of owning a CD/record collection so varied but mostly pop, mainstream and indie that transcends language barriers, culture divides and more...that and possibly dj-ing (and possibly music producing) since I'm so into house music nowadays. I'm currently trying to scheme ways to actually learn how to dj, remix tracks (edm/house remixing/mixing is becoming an obsession for me somehow) and fix a good, pretty original pop tune...and practice it. That's the dream anyway.

At some point in their lives, I think that people who have been classically trained (from late grade school to college, I've been dabbling in guitar - self-taught and classical singing and piano [via known, local reputable music school with an amazing teacher to boot...RIP since she's passed away eons ago, I miss her /sad]) in music who also dabble a bit on pop music would end up getting drawn hopelessly to the magic that is house music or edm (techno-altered music). I went there and am here, a house music obsessed someone... I mean, we do have people like Zedd and Kygo among a few others and to my knowledge, Zedd did classical piano before moving to and staying put indefinitely with techno edm/house Well...I could go on and on discussing house music/edm and pop music and then bore y'readers...if you find pop and house music/edm talk boring (as I don''s pretty interesting a subject to let go of...sort of---confusing, I know, I usually am a bumbling overthinking mess...usually...) so I'll end this one here and save the rest for later. Much, much later. I just felt like laying a lot of this on here so much tonight somehow...and yeah...I don't really know much why I'm like this tonight either...

Music talk came first before outfit talk...hmn... This is a first. Life came down to photos 1-2 today on my way to the local Humanheartnature branch only to find that they've postponed the magalogue turnover and moved it to the 28th. Swapped the skirt for these zara jeans I'd bought two seasons or so ago with a few others still tagged, for a quick trip out later in the early evening. I think I mentioned this eons ago before but I have the habit of waiting for the right occasion to wear things from certain purchases. Well, it's pretty old news from my end.  

Life is coming down to sleeping to the deep house, tropical house wmp playlist in 3...2...

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