Tuesday, January 17, 2017

rained in on a monday

 What A Girl Wants altered/shortened dress, forever21 top, zalora (by rubi) ankle boots, aizilim rings and necklace, smashbox choker

 with vintage/secondhand parka

What I was sporting early afternoon yesterday for warmth. I swapped it later for a cozier oversized sweater to sleep in. I'd've worn the parka over this ensemble to go out if I had to yesterday but...heavy rain was had at around 2 or so in the afternoon that lasted until around 8 in the evening. Going out around that time to do whatever was thrown out the window...well, not that I really had any plans to or needed to. Everyone else around the city was rained in too and opted to stay where they are, especially if they were around schools, universities, hospitals and other business establishment buildings to keep warm and safe. Streets were flooded in the aftermath. It felt like it rained a week's worth of precipitation much like the tragedy due to storm/typhoon Sendong a few years ago. Luckily, this one happened in the middle of the afternoon so likely, there isn't much mortality rate recorded. This is likely my way of saying 'Cagayan de Oro City is still fine, everyone!' because, well, it is and we managed to weather through whatever yesterday brought in. It's still cloudy today but there's rays of sunshine so hopefully there won't be any rain later as it might worsen the flooding that's still likely upon us in some low-lying areas of the city. I'll keep watch over whatever the local meteorological group, PAGASA, has to say on twitter re: predicting today's weather (whether there'll be rains or what) just to be aware and ready of anything should something worse come along. Hopefully there won't be any however as a lot of places in and out of the city are still trying to recover from some flashfloods and flooding.

....and if you notice that the top is also something I have in the cream/white version here...it's really because I got it in both colors. 9.something USD for each was something I didn't want to pass off of when I'd seen something as versatile as this piece. I was studying it online beforehand and decided to pounce when I spotted it on the racks of Forever21's branch on Fashion Island in SoCal about a year or two ago.   

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