Friday, January 27, 2017

not really office friendly but close

 blazer, bag and shoes - all vintage; dress from hongkong ( brand); rings and necklaces - aizlim and forever21; bracelet, LC Lauren Conrad

Office wear styling is not really a strong forte of mine given I like to mess up what seems to be one with vintage combat, laced-up ankle boots or some similar toughie footwear.  

I'm pretty sure you've seen this dress floating around on this blog numerous times but probably not this clearly. A little backstory on this piece, though: mum and I procured it at the brand's warehouse store during the city tour of Hongkong at half the price...? I don't really remember anymore. But it was pretty affordable. I guess the better approximation of how it cost back when we got it was that it was at warehouse sale/bulk price. I was then only in 5th grade, if memory serves me right. More than a decade or so later, this remains one of the most versatile things in my wardrobe as I haven't taken this thing out regularly...for whatever occasion. I'm currently making up for it at this time. 

The blazer is going to the ebay shop in a bit. The pretty gold leaf print/embossing on the mostly black buttons is why I've actually bought it from a local thrift shop eons ago. 

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