Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 and stuff on my mind today...


2017 is starting out cold for even us that are a few meters or so from the equator. We've had a succession of two low pressure areas at the beginning of the new year hence these things from Emoda, Murua and Dazzlin---a.k.a. some Japanese clothing brands I'm really liking much---being on my mind as of this time. I have something similar to the fuzzy things on here that's vintage I have been wearing alternately with another old fuzzy knit in and out of the home as of late. I'll see about documenting them soon as I am back to regular blog post programming after a mighty long vacation of just lazying around...somehow. 

What I would give to be in Japan on off-season clothing sale right now that Runway-Webstore is having among others... I can only wish...for now. Well, there is always the option of just gawking on the items they have there occasionally, though.

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