Wednesday, January 25, 2017

back to the white t

 h&m t; levis cutoffs; vintage belt; gifted bag (it used to be gold colored, now it's rusty-ish close to black); rubi/cotton on via zalora boots (phs 1-2); zalora birkenstock-like flats (ph3); aizilim necklaces and rings; forever21, souvenir shop, kristine's in limketkai center/mall bangles/bracelets; dad's sunglasses

It's been hot and then a bit colder with cloudy skies in the late afternoon recently. Spring-like weather slash temperatures from nations nearest the equator, I guess? ....and this is why I am officially back to the white t and denim shorts, short skirts/dresses train again...I guess. It certainly hasn't been raining much. Ugh. Finally.'ll probably be seeing a lot of variations of this more often now...on the way to my favorite season that's summer.

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