Saturday, January 14, 2017

fuzzy white

 vintage fuzzy sweater dress/one piece, Robinsons department store tights, zalora ankle boots, aizilim rings, verano via zalora tri-strand ribbon choker in pink

I'm quite positive I'm the exception to the rule of asian people being dressed quite colorfully on a daily basis. The vibrant cities of Asia are colorful...true. Unfortunately, when it comes to wardrobe color schemes, I don't really contribute to that multitude of color in the streets. I'm mostly monotonic when it comes to dressing up on a daily basis and thrive mostly on comfort and textures despite often being seen in black, white, navy, and gray. I guess I'm more attuned to the simple western style of dressing than the frivolous typical asian girl daily dressing.

....and this is totally that vintage dress I was talking about in the previous post being the one of about two fuzzy, furry things I own.  

These are couple of things that get me through the colder days and nights in the tropics. That Humanheartnature's citronella oil-based bug shield is available in oil form is a blessing as I can use it in two ways: with the clay tea-light essential oil diffuser and as a regular body oil insect repellant. Rainy season does mean more mosquitoes and the likes so one might as well stock on this one...oil or lotion form.

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