Saturday, February 23, 2013

a pop of orange

Blogger-life has just been made easier with blogger's ipad/mobile application I managed to grab for free today. My internet has been nada for two to three days now so pardon the scarce uploads recently.

This somewhat quilted leather skirt might be the best to come out with me from a thrift shop yet. I got it last week for less than a little more than a dollar---technically, 50 Php (currency in the locality)---and as they say...ka-ching! No one bothered getting this in the nearby thrift shop which makes me...well...lucky enough to find it. This is basically what happens when I try to limit my spending in thrift shops to just one item. I was only there to search for a decent knit jacket or hoodie for the unpredictable rainy days but I found this and couldn't just let this go. I totally did not mean to spend so much on clothes this week though 100 Php (nearly a couple of bucks) isn't much, or is it?

Monday is the anniversary of the EDSA revolution and the teacher for Drama/European Literature class won't be around on Wednesday therefore I have four days of catch-up reading for thesis to do and actual thesis-writing. Yep, it shall be a full week before hell-week next week. Time to get started.

tee, robinsons department store (blacksheep label); leather skirt, thrifted; bag, secondhand Aldo; boots, bracelets, necklace, forever21

Sunday, February 17, 2013

super heroes, lazy days and crazy, fun nights

(photos by Kristel Ann Punu)

The only thing I've succeeded today in doing is watching the whole of Super Hero Taisen and arriving at the conclusion that the whole tokusatsu movie fiasco that brought all kamen/masked riders and sentai/power rangers together is all a front to the Kaitou Daiki x Kado Tsukasa romance. I'm kidding and highly exaggerating of course. Oh and anyone who is into tokusatsu from Japan, it's a kids' show normally, would know what I am jabbering about here. But really, the ending for the movie was all friendship between super sentai and kamen rider and all that sap. I ended up watching the film after having decided it was too late for me to go out to comply with a Sunday obligation/practice and do some poking around thrift shops afterwards. I slept in until at least past 8:30 in the morning, not that I'm not that conscious of the time.

Yesternight was Japanese cuisine night courtesy of the room mate (thank you!)...with coffee jelly ice cream or something like that. Then it was followed by Watsons-raiding for a few things we needed and a long walk from the only Robinsons Mall around to the Rizal Boulevard and eventually around the school complete with me in the Mags flatforms. High heels. Considering they were flatforms, I somehow survived the walk with one or two minor mishaps along the way. And then there was a moment of stargazing by the field in front of the library and walking along unknown terrain in heels. I think I accomplished a ton of balancing feats last night I'm officially thinking I'm too cool for doing so. I'm probably not anything but crazy for doing all that walking.

 Oh and equipment for last night's insanity. The clutch held everything important in it's wee size that I didn't bring anything else but that and the digital camera. It's a gift from my grandmother as is all the other things from that part of the family I own, namely most of my jewellery stash back home. I use the clutch when I'm too tired to lug around the bigger, spacier bags I normally like on most days of the week.

And I'm off to either read or contemplate my next move this seemingly bright Apart from the planned snacking on some fruit pies from nearby fastfood joints since I'm undecided on what to feed my picky self with, the rest of the day's plans are currently non-existent.

vintage tee, What a Girl Wants shorts, sandals from Mags, gifted clutch and watch, random rings and necklace (not highly visible) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prabal Gurung x Target


Some highly covet-able pieces from the recent designer to get a collaboration line for Target. I need a pair of that black gladiators. That dress, with minimal ruffles since I'm not much about ruffles, is perfect for a day out for tea or something equally fun under-the-sun-playing session.

If only up-to-date Target department stores existed in the Philippines particularly around the Vis-Min areas. I'd be hitting the store to get any of these. All I can do at the moment is stare at them in lust and contemplate whether or not I can get them some time. Now if those gladiator heels are still available next month, definitely, definitely, I might have to forgo my planned oversized white shirts order for that one.

And oh, how sweet and simple are those crystal drops earrings and that crystal necklace? 

I'm getting the hang of making collages in Photoshop now. Just now. Up until this time, I do collages on MS Paint---the friendlier version for MS Windows in place of Photoshop.

Friday, February 15, 2013

of caving in

After a month or so of debating things...a month or so of no shopping whatsoever except for that shirt from Ateneo de Manila University I had my room mate get for me when she was in Manila late last month, I had to cave in. I'd been eying these for weeks now and needless to say, I caved in. I just had to. I justified getting this by reasoning with yours truly that the two bodycon skirts in black I direly needed from the same store needed company somehow. (I have a shortage of skirts of this kind, don't even ask. The ebay-ed one is getting lonely.) This would be perfect for walks out to beaches and stuff, I suppose sans the not-so-high heels. I needed a pair of thong sandals too but I decided to put off buying it for later. I'll probably just look around here for a substitute. The last gladiator flats I had for beaches was something I procured from the local SM department store brand, Parisian that later fell apart after a year of productive over-usage. I used it running around the university back home a lot. It's destruction was sad and yet inevitable.

Oh and because the following day---today, a pair of ankle cowboy-like boots I lusted over which was on sale (yes, on sale---I'm still moping over losing it) disappeared really quickly. 

There are a few other trivial things I have plans of obtaining from Forever21 in mind, namely a suede-like moto jacket or faux leather jacket (contemplating white and red/burgundy but I'll settle with black first), but I'll probably reserve that for another day. At least not until I get my daily uniform in of white shirts, denim shorts, really basic formfitting (bodycon)- and mini-skirts and everything boring and basic. This basically sums up my existence in this world.

In other news, I have no class today because teachers are in a meeting until around 5 or 8 p.m. tonight. I shall be working in on academic papers (research) as per usual. Yesterday's date with myself to the local staging of the Vagina Monologues and the launch of One Billion Rising was anything but eventful, I ended up dancing (even when I really am timid around that act and can only dance sparingly, not at all like someone so lose and limb-y and all) with the cast along with others in the Luce Auditorium towards the night's conclusion. Yep, fun~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

boredom begets random posts part 1


Something about the description, "The Girl with Green Eyes", although deceptively overused that I read on fashiongonerogue on this fresh face in the modelling world is just as intriguing as the shape of her eyes and her round-ish face. I hardly linger in the fresh face section of fashiongonerogue but when I saw this post on Sara, I just had to click on it and see how this French beauty is just that...typically French.

 (somewhere around google, I'm not sure where)

Flimsy, whimsical white mini-dress: check. Black gladiators: check. Minimal accessories and a pop of red in the form of a headband: check and check. Inspiration c/o Zoe Kravitz. I love her casual style the most but her style during the big events have their moments as well.

I'm going back to reading a ton of things in a few. It's bad enough to be cooped up in the room for a day, procrastinating around the interweb just because I don't feel like doing anything yet but at least I do get to go out later tonight. The Vagina Monologues is on at the Luce Theater. It's my first time watching it even when I have had a friend and colleague at a student publication who was cast in it back in undergraduate college on a local staging of it back home. So...should I be excited about the contemporary stage play? It's not really a requirement for class given I have Drama/European Literature this semester but I'd rather watch it than do nothing other than read for research, no?

I'll try to document something like an outfit to the event tonight. I don't think I can manage anything beyond casual, something that leans towards the semi-formal side of things. It's just...not me.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 for 1

(photos by me, Kristel Ann Punu and Julius Canja)

If early yesterday afternoon was a disappointment having had missed the chance to grab a copy of Pasumbingay---an anthology of Sugbu-anon (Cebuano/Bisaya) balaks (literal meaning: poems)---at the Tabuan by the hotel by the Rizal Boulevard, Bethel, today was an early morning traipsing around with a dorm mate around the Freedom Park while the room mate participated in the 5-kilometer run organized by Red Cross, Dumaguete City chapter. Yesterday's failure to secure the copy of the much coveted book with poems in the local language was eclipsed by the fun that followed around the university and the only mall around later toward the Saturday evening. Hmn...this must sound so boring...but then again, I'm basically boring---my life is basically boring in it's utter normality and my self-imposed domesticity on most times of the week. At least it's not the usual dull weekend this time around.

I always found these pair of shorts from the local boutique, Mags, quite funny since acquiring it last year. It's basic, flowy and skirt-like. Does it seriously qualify as 'shorts'? I must've also lost a ton of weight because apparently, the vintage Chanel belt I thrifted years ago could now cinch shorts and stuff pretty well with just enough comfortable tightness around the waist. I never got around to wearing it out until today. Side-eye to someone who said I was too dressed up this early morning. What's wrong with dressing up on random parts of the day? Though I'll never probably be too dressed up on most days.

wearing: photo 1: straw fedora picked up in Vietnam, Target (xhilaration) romper, Nike sneakers, thrifted/vintage bag, most likely faux Rayban wayfarers; photo 2 onwards: secondhand baseball cap, thrifted/vintage backpack, belt and denim shirt, Mags shorts, Forever21 ankle boots, Forever21 stacked bangles, random bracelets   

Saturday, February 9, 2013

thinking about...

....whimsical dresses in black, white and a lighter color like very light pink/blush for Valentine's Date sans being without a date---I could always use it for the Vagina Monologues we're watching that night---all the while listening to whimsical indie-pop music from Diana Vickers. 

I actually found the perfect Valentine's Day dress at a nearby store, I don't seem to have enough budget to get it---poor graduate student is poor. Might as well get it after that day to wear for next time. It's hard to get it off my head at the moment so hopefully it would still be available next week or something or it'd go on sale.

On the more fangirly side, I've been rereading the last few chapter of Ouran High School Host Club manga for the past few days. The chapter 69 onwards is quite mindblowing plus I do have a love-hate relationship with Tamaki Suoh and would do as the twins and Haruhi do---insult/tease him to the best I can. LOL. If I ever met someone like him, that is.

And with this being my favorite Diana Vickers chorus of a song...I leave you. Can you guess which it is? 

"Dancing in the dark with the boy I met in Paris
Sitting in the front row of my radio show
Underneath the stars, stole my heart with this rhythm
We were dancing in the dark, dancing in the dark..."

Friday, February 1, 2013

pop of colors

A li'l pop of orange and yellow to liven up the outfit of the night on a random night out in a cafe with dorm mates after dinner at a fastfood joint. Spices thing up a bit, eh? Needless to say, it was a fun night of intermittent reading, nonsensical and very random chatter and laughter until 10:30 came and we had to go home. I'm definitely back to crafting that thesis this early morning.