Saturday, February 9, 2013

thinking about...

....whimsical dresses in black, white and a lighter color like very light pink/blush for Valentine's Date sans being without a date---I could always use it for the Vagina Monologues we're watching that night---all the while listening to whimsical indie-pop music from Diana Vickers. 

I actually found the perfect Valentine's Day dress at a nearby store, I don't seem to have enough budget to get it---poor graduate student is poor. Might as well get it after that day to wear for next time. It's hard to get it off my head at the moment so hopefully it would still be available next week or something or it'd go on sale.

On the more fangirly side, I've been rereading the last few chapter of Ouran High School Host Club manga for the past few days. The chapter 69 onwards is quite mindblowing plus I do have a love-hate relationship with Tamaki Suoh and would do as the twins and Haruhi do---insult/tease him to the best I can. LOL. If I ever met someone like him, that is.

And with this being my favorite Diana Vickers chorus of a song...I leave you. Can you guess which it is? 

"Dancing in the dark with the boy I met in Paris
Sitting in the front row of my radio show
Underneath the stars, stole my heart with this rhythm
We were dancing in the dark, dancing in the dark..."

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