Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Downtown Bo's

A poorly documented night at the nearby Bo's cafe. I never went in there even from the time they opened it after the Robinson's alfresco branch hit it big. No one came out inebriated from yesternight's excursion but noisily chatting and randomly singing while walking around the boulevard like any normal (day/) night in town, anyone would think our sugar high is equal to a drunken stroll to and fro the place. Not one drop of alcohol was sipped, promise!

Companion, who's birthday was celebrated therein, commented the boots were so me. Uhmn...probably not so much on the color but it's the only kick ass one I've got in my very limited Dumaguete city wardrobe. I wear it a ton when I'm traveling from here to home, though.

vintage shirt(dress), shopwagw faux leather shorts, secondhand necklace-turned-bracelet, shoecrazeee@multiply boots

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

when summer inches closer, I think of...

F21, Aldo, UO, American Apparel, shopwagw

Summer has come but when has it ever not come for the tropical region? Hmn...k. Currently considering breaking out that unworn pair of swimwear from the eternally favorite locals boutique, WAGW, left in the closet back home and hunting up a locally-sold decent pair of beach- and pool-appropriate flipflops and flat sandals for incoming beach trips in the locale I forecast for this summer. On a separate note, I'm considering updating the wardrobe's color palette with predominantly pink having thoughts around the hot pink shade and something brighter. By the end of this season, I'll probably be Rainbow Brite incarnate...or is it Hello Kitty?

Sunglasses = essential, no? I've already about destroyed two---one vintage, another from somewhere nearby the university---I bought about a year or two ago from randomly smushing them around bags. I probably need a huge collection of it, vintage or not so replacements would not have to be bought on a whim. But knowing me...most of them don't really last that long in my careless hands.

As for the lack of outfit posts...I'll leave that to be blamed on having no free time from thinking of ways to lengthen a research proposal, hastened studying for a drama class finals exam and contemplating the final paper for said class that gave the only exam for the semester. Busy, busy finals week.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


photo from: fashiongonerogue

After reading about an article on Daria Werbowy at UK's The Telegraph, I think I may officially be in love...perhaps girl-crushing. It happens once in a while. She's just too cool to go sailing around the world with the family and despite how many in the fashion industry (and perhaps out of it) may say that she's lacking in personality, I actually like that she's pretty much normal outside of the modelling world. The photos she's been taking for the Maiyet clothing line with Cass Bird is raw enough not to like I don't really know what others are into when they say they're too dull for their tastes---not too high fashion enough, perhaps?

Memorable line from the article quoted from Daria herself, "I can't analyse my appeal. If I did I'd be in a straightjacket."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

day in, day out: polyvore sets

Day to Night

Mango dress, Givenchy sandals, Opi nailpolish, Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag, H&M faux leather jacket

The perfect pieces to wear for coffee or tea, small talk and random shop browsing on a sunny Saturday.
Untitled #24

Untitled #24 by crysta17 featuring a bike backpack

Roberto Cavalli dress, Zara military coat, Ninewest backpack, Freepeople tights, Charlotte Russe beret, Aquazzura shoes, Norma Kamali sunglasses

Now, if I could just move to where climate gets a tad colder where jackets, coats and such are a must on some days...

A large part of the quiet Tuesday night, instead of being spent on thesis/research crafting, has been devoted entirely on creating these dreamy sets on Polyvore while the room mate is out on a dinner date and young'uns outside were excitedly talking plans (and, in my imagination, executing such plans) of their own version of the harlem shake---whatever that is, I've had enough of getting introduced to it by another friend through random images in the internet and just as quickly decided it's one of those things people are into that I'd rather much avoid despite the hype. Energy spent on the harlem shake and all things similar is useless energy spent, I'd like to think. As a friend so puts it eloquently on the internet---tumblr, twitter, I forget where---it's the most useless meme around. Am I, along with a few friends, a minority in thinking so?

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Note to self, new footwear needed. I'm still in the process of acquiring a few of them. At the moment, my Dumaguete/Silliman University wardrobe is pretty limited. 

tshirt hanes, skirt ebay, boots and bracelets/bangles forever21, bag vintage,