Tuesday, March 19, 2013

when summer inches closer, I think of...

F21, Aldo, UO, American Apparel, shopwagw

Summer has come but when has it ever not come for the tropical region? Hmn...k. Currently considering breaking out that unworn pair of swimwear from the eternally favorite locals boutique, WAGW, left in the closet back home and hunting up a locally-sold decent pair of beach- and pool-appropriate flipflops and flat sandals for incoming beach trips in the locale I forecast for this summer. On a separate note, I'm considering updating the wardrobe's color palette with predominantly pink stuff...now having thoughts around the hot pink shade and something brighter. By the end of this season, I'll probably be Rainbow Brite incarnate...or is it Hello Kitty?

Sunglasses = essential, no? I've already about destroyed two---one vintage, another from somewhere nearby the university---I bought about a year or two ago from randomly smushing them around bags. I probably need a huge collection of it, vintage or not so replacements would not have to be bought on a whim. But knowing me...most of them don't really last that long in my careless hands.

As for the lack of outfit posts...I'll leave that to be blamed on having no free time from thinking of ways to lengthen a research proposal, hastened studying for a drama class finals exam and contemplating the final paper for said class that gave the only exam for the semester. Busy, busy finals week.

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