Tuesday, March 5, 2013

day in, day out: polyvore sets

Day to Night

Mango dress, Givenchy sandals, Opi nailpolish, Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag, H&M faux leather jacket

The perfect pieces to wear for coffee or tea, small talk and random shop browsing on a sunny Saturday.
Untitled #24

Untitled #24 by crysta17 featuring a bike backpack

Roberto Cavalli dress, Zara military coat, Ninewest backpack, Freepeople tights, Charlotte Russe beret, Aquazzura shoes, Norma Kamali sunglasses

Now, if I could just move to where climate gets a tad colder where jackets, coats and such are a must on some days...

A large part of the quiet Tuesday night, instead of being spent on thesis/research crafting, has been devoted entirely on creating these dreamy sets on Polyvore while the room mate is out on a dinner date and young'uns outside were excitedly talking plans (and, in my imagination, executing such plans) of their own version of the harlem shake---whatever that is, I've had enough of getting introduced to it by another friend through random images in the internet and just as quickly decided it's one of those things people are into that I'd rather much avoid despite the hype. Energy spent on the harlem shake and all things similar is useless energy spent, I'd like to think. As a friend so puts it eloquently on the internet---tumblr, twitter, I forget where---it's the most useless meme around. Am I, along with a few friends, a minority in thinking so?


  1. that green dress dang.
    gotta love the beret ;w;
    cool shoes but i don't fancy thin heels so..haha

    - shiki ;)

  2. inkandpapers: I'll try to get used to fancy thin heels. LOL. Dreamy green dress is dreamy with the right colored tights and coat to complement it. :D