Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Downtown Bo's

A poorly documented night at the nearby Bo's cafe. I never went in there even from the time they opened it after the Robinson's alfresco branch hit it big. No one came out inebriated from yesternight's excursion but noisily chatting and randomly singing while walking around the boulevard like any normal (day/) night in town, anyone would think our sugar high is equal to a drunken stroll to and fro the place. Not one drop of alcohol was sipped, promise!

Companion, who's birthday was celebrated therein, commented the boots were so me. Uhmn...probably not so much on the color but it's the only kick ass one I've got in my very limited Dumaguete city wardrobe. I wear it a ton when I'm traveling from here to home, though.

vintage shirt(dress), shopwagw faux leather shorts, secondhand necklace-turned-bracelet, shoecrazeee@multiply boots

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