Thursday, February 18, 2016

one piece worn in two ways

ezra collection cami via, gap cut-offs, primadonna wedges, dad's sunglasses, bag from kohl's (gifted), black bangles from a souvenir shop in Dumaguete City and a vintage/secondhand hammered silver bangle

same cami worn with secondhand/thrifted skirt and clutch, gifted slip-ons, gifted (cousin's intensive cuts, a barber shop in Long Beach, merch) snapback

One cami worn in two different ways. The second one is how I often wear it out whether when hanging out with friends or some other casual thing. The cami has a bit of lace on it so it's not all that dull-looking and still versatile at the same time. I'm an advocate of anything minimal and versatile on anything, obviously including this cami from Zalora's Ezra Collection.  Mixing and matching then, when it comes to styling/using separate pieces becomes even more fun. Other than the fact that it can save anyone (mostly me) from spending so much on clothes and the likes.

The messy high-ish ponytail is a just might become an obsession. In due time, I'll be back to my old, natural hair color. It's already starting to grow out. Still contemplating bleaching+coloring/dyeing once again. Maybe next time.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

flared skirt

American Sports hat/fedora & sunglasses, dad's; f101 skirt via; bench ph tank; bag from kohls (a gift); vintage, local bangles; shoes from Mags

Easy basics for a lazy Wednesday. Zalora stuff is becoming a constant lately. I don't really shop a ton in real time unless maybe it's an uncrowded mall or something similar so rarely am I seen frolicking in malls which now includes coffee shops. Hermit-ing in at this time, yes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I'm From LA...sort of...

text t, Zara (gift from a cousin <3); pink shorts and white blazer, thrifted/second hand; heels, primadonna ph; sunglasses, from a stall in dumaguete somewhere; bangles, vintage/second hand and forever21; not pictured: rings from a local store here :)

Sort of late valentines' day in the right colors post though I didn't really go out on the day nor the night. Should I have, it would have been a dreamy, fairy-ish dress I wore out and about everywhere.

I'm turning out into quite the t-shirt and shorts girl once again although that's old news. And quite literally, I did come from L.A. though that was more near L.A., around the So Cal region and also, that was pretty late last year (December 2015-early January 2016) so...ha.

Normally, I don't wear anything with prints because I'm blah like that but I guess I just had to take this out some time and actually wear it around. Printed shirts actually work pretty well with blazers, or at least I like the look of printed ts with them.

Anyone watched the 58th Grammy's today? How good were Carrie Underwood + Sam Hunt and Andra Day + Ellie Goulding's performances? Right? I didn't stay tuned in for long enough even to try and catch Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie in it. Short attention span, I guess. Also, there was the lack of Rihanna I wasn't so fond of. Bieber sort of made up for it considering I do like his recent album, Purpose. It is pretty well-made. Still not really a fan of both Diplo and Skrillex but they'll do at times, I suppose.

As to TV...Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (The File of Young Kindaichi) at 1:30 p.m. eventually won out. Haha. Yes, Animax. Typical asian in the continent's south east region thing, I guess. It is the only anime I watch at this time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

blush for Valentines

What I'm currently envisioning for date nights and single night outs on Valentines' because...why not? That day and night isn't just for the ones who have significant others. It's for the...seemingly eternally single ones like me.

I've been meaning to get something of this color with clean lines and enough fairy-ness to it. I can't, at this time so I can only wish? Haha. Anyway this dreamy-ish summer, fairy dressing makes a lot of sense for the day of hearts in this crazy humid, really hot during the day, a bit cooler at night part of the world. Just add a little edge to it in minute amounts and your good to go.

To set the Hearts' Day's mood, I've been meaning to share this playlist. I'm currently on a deep---mostly, tropical---house phase at this time and I find the genre perfect for nights and days in the tropical region. The genre of electro-/dance music is just so melt-in-your-head so, SO GOOD I've probably been raving so much on it on the flailing twitter account for eons since stumbling upon them. To those who might be looking for the tracks in CD or mp3 formal, it seems that most of them are found in Youtube---some might be found in Spotify, so they're not all that difficult to locate. Hopefully they'll make your few nights until Valentines' and even the day and after that mighty relaxing and dance-able at the same time:

I'll ponder putting up a playlist for the summer, appropriate for tropical-lifestyle living next time. Most likely, around summer...which is, around March to May here annually.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10-peso destroyed denims

destroyed skinny jeans and blazer, thrifted; tank, Bench PH; ankle boots, forever21 (from seasons past); bag, Ninewest (gifted, old)
Given the hot weather in this part of the world---it often ranges from 25-28 and sometimes even goes from 30-32 in farenheit---I'm not really that keen on wearing pants, denims. This pair, along with a black one with the zippers around the ankles are the only things I wear on rotation especially when everything and everyone else here is onto conservative dressing. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what the point of wearing pants is in this region of the world where heat is often in the extremes. 

This pair is somewhere between the jeggings and the plain old jeans and the best thing about it? I scored this from a local thrift place, a section of the local market, ages ago and got it for just 10 Php. If you think in USD, that would probably be just a quarter or so of a dollar. Dirt cheap but it's great for lazy day, casual wear. 

In this kind of climate we have here, it's often more trousers and skirts for me...or better yet, shorts.   

It's a bit overkill to wear the blazer around the tank but it works. This is basically airport wear for me I've been touting for eons since I always seem to fail posting about that one here. Just switch the heels with a pair of flat sandals or classic black flats and you're (I'm) good to go.

And yes, I'm trying my best to post more this year. I guess this white-colored gate will be a constant view in this blog until then. I'll try to vary it from time to time. We'll see where this goes.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

an attempt at luxe and the 90s

vintage slipdress, forever21 top, primadonna shoes

I most likely wasn't kidding when I mentioned awhile ago I have a fixation on comfy slip dresses although this is a bit on the really tight side on me. I have a few others of this in blood red and a pretty pale yellow with a few laces here and there. Possibly the most romantic, lazy things in my closet as of this time. That, along with a few other things.

Yep, I'm definitely going minimal nowadays. It's pretty...liberating. 

 Lighting isn't so good today as it is about to rain or threatening to. Typical life in the asia-pacific region.