Wednesday, February 10, 2016

blush for Valentines

What I'm currently envisioning for date nights and single night outs on Valentines' because...why not? That day and night isn't just for the ones who have significant others. It's for the...seemingly eternally single ones like me.

I've been meaning to get something of this color with clean lines and enough fairy-ness to it. I can't, at this time so I can only wish? Haha. Anyway this dreamy-ish summer, fairy dressing makes a lot of sense for the day of hearts in this crazy humid, really hot during the day, a bit cooler at night part of the world. Just add a little edge to it in minute amounts and your good to go.

To set the Hearts' Day's mood, I've been meaning to share this playlist. I'm currently on a deep---mostly, tropical---house phase at this time and I find the genre perfect for nights and days in the tropical region. The genre of electro-/dance music is just so melt-in-your-head so, SO GOOD I've probably been raving so much on it on the flailing twitter account for eons since stumbling upon them. To those who might be looking for the tracks in CD or mp3 formal, it seems that most of them are found in Youtube---some might be found in Spotify, so they're not all that difficult to locate. Hopefully they'll make your few nights until Valentines' and even the day and after that mighty relaxing and dance-able at the same time:

I'll ponder putting up a playlist for the summer, appropriate for tropical-lifestyle living next time. Most likely, around summer...which is, around March to May here annually.

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