Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10-peso destroyed denims

destroyed skinny jeans and blazer, thrifted; tank, Bench PH; ankle boots, forever21 (from seasons past); bag, Ninewest (gifted, old)
Given the hot weather in this part of the world---it often ranges from 25-28 and sometimes even goes from 30-32 in farenheit---I'm not really that keen on wearing pants, denims. This pair, along with a black one with the zippers around the ankles are the only things I wear on rotation especially when everything and everyone else here is onto conservative dressing. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what the point of wearing pants is in this region of the world where heat is often in the extremes. 

This pair is somewhere between the jeggings and the plain old jeans and the best thing about it? I scored this from a local thrift place, a section of the local market, ages ago and got it for just 10 Php. If you think in USD, that would probably be just a quarter or so of a dollar. Dirt cheap but it's great for lazy day, casual wear. 

In this kind of climate we have here, it's often more trousers and skirts for me...or better yet, shorts.   

It's a bit overkill to wear the blazer around the tank but it works. This is basically airport wear for me I've been touting for eons since I always seem to fail posting about that one here. Just switch the heels with a pair of flat sandals or classic black flats and you're (I'm) good to go.

And yes, I'm trying my best to post more this year. I guess this white-colored gate will be a constant view in this blog until then. I'll try to vary it from time to time. We'll see where this goes.  

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