Thursday, November 9, 2017

americana...sort of

top and belt, vintage. shorts, aeropostale cutoff. boots, rubi by cotton on. wristlet/purse, coach. bangles/bracelets, forever21.

This is the third day this week I've worn this top. Some loved up thrifted finds are just comfortable for almost everyday wear, I guess. Also, plaids seem to be taking over my daily wardrobe. That, stripes and some select flowery dresses seem to be the only patterns I wear on a daily basis. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

lace on lace

lace t, from mum (some Korean brand...tag says Savage?). skirt, secondhand/vintage. wedges, primadonna ph. purse/wristlet, coach.

Lace on lace today. Well, not the skirt but the bralette and t. The t feels like a bodysuit as it molds to the body well. I'm not particularly fond of lace ts like this but it could work, too, I suppose.

Here is something I'm pretty excited about:
It's coming out next month, if I read the release date on their staff's twitter account right. It's such a happy, happy, HAPPY song for the winter season (in Japan, not here in the Philippines because, y''s eternally summer here).

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I tried to be Buffy Summers for a day...if you count that on here, I'm using a pencil as a stake. I couldn't find one in the house nor could I get one made out of the many pieces of wood I can find here. Note to self: get it ready for the next years' worth of Halloween costumes.  Anyway, Buffy Summers was the original Halloween costume plan to get me in the mood for the occasion last week. In which case, it's something I didn't do and therefore even the plan to watch the Halloween episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine's currently airing season, season 5. ....and that's something I plan to do today since I'm not too interested in what's airing on tv at this time.

Anyway, Buffy Summers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the television series. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of it. I've missed a few episodes from seasons 1 through 7 but I'm still such a huge fan...especially of the titular character, Buffy. I'm also a Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze fan so there's that too. This is why I find this Halloween get-up timely. SMG has better Halloween costume ideas than I do, though. I feel like all of mine are half-*ssed, really easy to do Halloween costume ideas for the lazy. I don't think I'll be trying harder next year's Halloween either. Hmn...we'll see.

Other than that, one really random fact about me: I Buffy-speak. A lot. I think this one's easy to get from the entries posted on here. It's easy to find Buffy-speak in the previous posts... You'll probably know if you were into the franchise/tv series, too. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

lunch and movies date

top, something borrowed via zalora (similar). jeans and bag, secondhand/thrifted. heels, zalora (really similar). 

Mixing and matching the new-ish (online store-bought, brand new) oldie favorites and vintage/thrifted pieces was the game plan for yesterday's lunch and movie date with the birthday girl best friend.

The halloween costume/outfit...I'll post on it sometime this week. I wasn't able to follow through a lot of things I had planned for it including that which was to watch the Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloveen episode for season 5. 

As for yesterday's trip to the cinemas' news: Ghost Bride, a local Filipino horror flick, was good. There were not-so-good things about it as well like the low-budget CGs but Philippine horror films don't really disappoint me as frequently as the western ones out lately do so I won't go further into that than this anymore.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

saturday, let's play

dress & blazer, vintage. bag, giani bernini (via macy's). heels, zalora (similar). socks, marshall's (I think...? I don't remember anymore...)

Feeling playful on a Saturday because it is a Saturday. Except it's gloomy-ish with cloudy weather but it's alright. It's perfect beach weather...sadly, I'm not in one though they are close, like, just a drive or so away, when here. 

Today's music mood, Faky - Sugar Sweet:
I am not entirely sure why the preview shows up and not the full video when Avex on youtube uploaded it eons ago... If this music teaser/preview makes you want to see the music video and listen to the music in full, you can just look Faky's Suga Sweet up on the site.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


tank, bench ph. shorts, secondhand lowry's. bag, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on. bangles and cat ears ring, forever21.

It's been one week after another of intermittent all day rain and just all around gloomy, cloudy days thanks to typhoon Lan that hovered close to the Philippines' area of responsibility. It's course was different and soon moved away to Japan so there wasn't much damage (flooding, etc) much to all of our (here in the Ph islands) collective sighs of relief. Still, it's the wet season in this area so I'm expecting more typhoons coming our way. Hopefully, they just don't become as scarily devastating and damaging as category 5 ones similar to typhoon Haiyan way back in 2013.
Anyway, yes, sun! I miss this kind of cheery sunny day that makes me want to go to the beach and just be a bum or something else there... 
I've currently taken to starting my day with streaming Highlight's Can Be Better MV from their official youtube channel. The 1theK upload is getting more attention but the official Highlight youtube channel one, I feel, needs more of the attention from us fans. Hmn...I don't even stream Da-iCE stuff much and this one has a Vevo account on youtube... Either way, both are fandoms I discretely belong to so that explains this portion of this post. Haha. Can Be Better by Highlight just is such a relaxing and fun song that it's great to start the day with it and with their Pls. Don't Be Sad, as well. Both just are now my happy pills and they tend to set the tone of the day for me nowadays. I'm falling deeper into the Highlight fandom, I suppose. Mostly, it's because of their music which is a 360 from their regular dark, all-about-heartbreak-and-everything-grim ones back when they were under Cube Entertainment as Beast. I like this 360 degree turn they took in the direction of their music and all. Like, I really, really like it to the point I'm in love with it. This is the same feeling I had when Da-iCE came out with their debut album as then-indie artists way back in 2011. Beast debuted earlier than Da-iCE, though...around 2009.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

black and everything random on a tuesday

t dress, shopwagw (what a girl wants). tights, random store/s. heels, forever21. clutch, gifted by an aunt.

The vacillating rain and non-rain this really, really gloomy day had me springing for something comfortably warm, thus the all black with bits of gold, silver and a beige-ish shade outfit. This day has succeeded in making me even more depressed than I already am. It's only thanks to Highlight's new release, their music video for Can Be Better that I've survived today and continue to do so tonight. Seasonal depression can be such a bitch bleep to deal with. Depression and anxiety in tandem being all the more harder to deal with. If there's anything I learned in this lifetime, it is to never fx@# with it and seek help when needed. Never disregard mental health's wellness as it goes hand in hand with physical fitness/wellness, both being integral in the making of a healthy human being. (Wasn't it World Mental Health Day a couple of days ago? Yes? This post is quite timely, then. *insert smiley face/emoticon here*)

Anyway, yes, Highlight:
It's my feel good song today and for the rest of the night. The music video is such a happy pill, too, with all the randomness in it and of course, the 5 members lovely members (I am pretty biased on main vocal Yang Yoseob but I love all of them equally, to be honest...kind of like how I love all members of my favorite jpop boygroup, Da-iCE). Everything: the song and the music video is sunshine and happiness that it's worth playing over and over. RIP the play button on their official youtube channel's upload of this...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

something versatile, something handmade and a bit on vispop

top, something borrowed via zalora (similar here). shorts, tally weijl. bag, gift from aunt. heels, zalora. black braided headband, diy-ed/handmade.
A versatile top makes for many fun outfits and is well worth the price. Although I admittedly got it on sale then along with another top of the lace detailed kind, in the same solid black color. I got this two years ago or so, maybe three and still I've yet to exhaust its uses. Many a blog post on here like this one which is the most recent and this from last year, I think (?), where this has been good to use so far so that proves this piece's versatility. 

As for the headband, I made this with others of its kind to give away for Christmas to people as gifts. I like how the black stands out with the bleached and color creamed hair to the point that I don't mind keeping this color of the hair despite the massive damage it has brought to it. Apparently, there's no saving my hair at the moment...but the moisturizing shampoos and conditioners I use seem to liven it up a very tiny bit so there's that, at least.

And, I have been chilling to this today:
I'm not really a huge fan of regular Filipino/Tagalog OPM. Although, say, I grew up listening to Eraserheads and Rivermaya, aunts and uncles were fans in their hay days, OPM never really stuck to me growing up. Instead of OPM in the 90s for instance, I wallowed in western boyband music courtesy of groups like the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Westlife, Boyzone and more. But since having attended a music festival that's a regular annual event in Dumaguete City, I've become a fan of really local, as in regional pop music here in the Bisaya region. The only problem stanning this kind of music is that it never reaches national levels of popularity and instead, they are found in spotify (maybe, I'm not sure since I don't use this...weirdly, I might be the only one not using spotify...yet), youtube and well, in just the locale. In CD form, they're definitely not easily found in the music and video chain stores. Good thing I was able to score a CD compilation of songs featured on the music festival I attended with a friend, then. It was 200 Php well-spent as I still have the CD in the bedroom. The event is called the "Belltower Project," and I am pretty sure it is still going on once a year since it's launching. There is not much known on the music of this kind and it's really only heard of in this region but I'm finding really good music here and I hope the genre or type of music gets known nationally in the long run. There is still such a long way to go before that happens.
Vispop is pretty inventive. This one is giving me really chill deep house vibes for instance. Just the kind of music I like to chill to during the weekends.

Friday, October 13, 2017

because it's the 13th

top and choker/necklace, forever21. shorts, secondhand lowry's. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. bag, giani bernini via macy's. 

Some things are meant to be had in twos...or in every color it is available in. Such is the case of the top here from f21 I got in black and white.

Meanwhile, something pretty exciting to look out for:
The snippets they released on this clip tells me the mini album is going to be good. It would be awesome if they chart high this year. They're the only kpop group I really follow nowadays anyway... Most of the time, I'm still more into jpop, western pop, and occasionally the really local, regional (Bisaya/Cebuano) pop. 

And therefore follows that music of the day is:
Highlight of lol's recently released first full length album titled 'lolol' is this song, Hanauta (english translation: 'Flower Song' though it really gives more of a springtime vibe when the rest of the album screams 'summer!!!'). The music video for this is just so good. I've been hoping for the song to be released in a single or some other but it got released in a full length album so this one really made my year complete since. I still maintain then that lolol is still the summer (rather, lifetime?) album to have this year. Ah, why is it that summer jpop releases are frequently the best ever? I don't really know the answer to that either...haha. It's been the case since Da-iCE Paradive was released a year or two ago...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


dress, zara. boots, rubi by cotton on. bangles, from souvenir shop in dumaguete city and vintage. bag, kohl's (? I'm not sure...)

This Zara dress hasn't seen the light of day since I acquired it from the year end/season end sale around late 2015 to early 2016. This was basically two or three seasons ago. I've only taken it out of its hanger, from the rack with the most pieces I get most wear from on a daily basis, today. And I've just removed it's tag today as well. I know, really weird, right? I have the habit of keeping some pieces I get that I find I really like still tagged and left hanging on a rack in the bedroom until the mood and the occasion calls for me to get them out and finally wear them out with. I'm pretty sure I was able to get something else from that particular sale apart from this one but I forget what that was...hmn...

And in fandom news: there's only 5 days left until Highlight (the only male quintet kpop group I really stan where that part of pop is concerned...) releases Celebrate. Needless to say, I am pumped! I can't wait to listen to what this is going to be like. Highlight, since their period as Beast, has been delivering really well on the music front since time immemorial. Also, for the Jpop side of things, I've been obsessing with Da-iCE's 君色 (romaji: Kimi Iro) single/EP since last night. I love, love, loooove the b-side that is Fly Higher as much as I do the title track, 君色 (Kimi Iro). One is as good as the other. Yudai and Sota's solos are really, really good too. I rarely do get disappointed by any Da-iCE release. I'm finding lately that I rarely get disappointed by lol's releases as well. I suppose this is me getting used to anything Avex Japan, which is the main Japanese entertainment management agency I'm really into.

And so, until the next post, I leave you with this pretty, pretty (I'm not at all sure if I've attached this one to a previous post last's taking me long nowadays to update this space with things for personal life/issues reasons...):

Thursday, September 28, 2017

keeping the heat and humidity away sans the intermittent rains

tank, bench ph (similar). lace shorts, tally weijl. denim vest, old navy. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. bag, kohl's.

A white tank or t is default wear when I'm at a loss as to how to style highly detailed bottoms. I'm currently thinking of stocking up on more basics from Bench...sometime soon, I guess.

Here in the Philippines, there are two giant clothing companies that are competing: Penshoppe and Bench. It's easy to spot chains of these two in malls and in small, quaint city centers. They are just everywhere here. When I was younger, say, around late grade school to early high school and with not much knowledge of fashion and styling I used to prefer Penshoppe. I noticed more people I came to know preferred Bench then so I'd go the other way and choose the one people don't pay much attention to which was Penshoppe. There's just so much fun in going the opposite way from what most people go to or for. But having grown older now and at the same time, growing to love basics more than the frivolous non-basics, I've grown to appreciate Bench more. Nowadays, Penshoppe does seem to get more of the notable faces in the fashion industry, however. I saw on instagram in passing last night that they were able to get Kaia Gerber---yes, that Cindy Crawford's daughter---to endorse them. This is when they've had Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and even Cara Delevigne among a few others as their pretty recent past faces or endorsers. I'm notorious for sticking with brands that aren't overly endorsed by such well-known people so as of the moment, I'm enjoying all the basics that Bench offers. I might be the only one though...I don't know. It doesn't matter. It's more fun this way.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

for the unpredictable days

top, something borrowed via zalora (similar). suede skirt, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. clutch, ninewest.

Daily weather has become unpredictable. One can never know when it'll rain and when it'll keep being sunny when here nowadays. Regardless of how cloudy it is almost everyday this latter half of the year, it's still pretty humid. It's still quite acceptable to dress up in mini skirts and sleeveless tops. And if the cold is too much to bear---in which case, it frequently isn't here in the tropical islands---then out come the sweaters and tights. I wore this skirt with light, see through black tights on my way to pick up a new-old cat a new-ish girl friend left me as she is in Spain right now. Those 24 Php tights sure are handy these days. I'll try to stock up on those more again. I might be almost out of those and I can never tell when I really need them anyway.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

faux one-piece

slipdress, vintage. top, emoda. wedges, primadonna ph. bag, ninewest.

However way it looks---whether a dreamy, layered one-piece or a two-piece---this is actually a two-piece dress ensemble masquerading as a one piece dress. The slipdress is the favorite palest of yellow vintage piece with lace details. It's established fact that I'm a notorious serial repeater when it comes to wardrobe favorites. The reversible, or it looks like it is that reversible anyway, top is from Emoda (my default favorite Japanese brand for their love of functional basics, this is always integral in me deciding which brands to love or patronize or whatsoever). When both are put together, the result is something fantastically hazy, Lula magazine pages-worthy faux one-piece floaty dress.

Speaking of fashion magazines, it's devastating to find out recently that Nylon (US) magazine is halting production of their monthly printed versions. Nylon US is reportedly going to focus on their digital content from now on. There's always the Japanese and probably even the Singaporean and Korean Nylon but nothing beats Nylon US which I have a good collection of from the local Booksale (secondhand books and magazines, etc.) and from the US airports/magazine stands whenever I find myself there which is really rarely. am I going to find American indie music, indie and good mainstream film, and miscellaneous but good books suggestions from now on? Nylon used to be my fix for those...apart from fashion news, that is. Also, some weird, really random story, I follow Nylon on twitter, right? The one running the account during the Emmy's was cheering loudly for Big Little Lies early this was imperative I retweeted said BLL cheering tweets as I was as much a Big Little Lies fan as that one was or is.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

dusty pink, maroon and the emmy's

vest top, what a girl wants ph. slip dress, vintage. heels, zalora. bangles, vintage and souvenir shop.

This is what I wore to dinner out to a pretty affordable vegetarian cafe and/or restaurant with the best girl friend last Saturday. In the previous posts, the top is a sort of asymmetrical vest but I was able to make it work as a tied-top this way last Saturday and today so it's all good. It's really good to have versatile pieces in the wardrobe so outfits are kept fresh even without having to shop constantly for all things new.

The cafe we went to is the one in Centerpoint Arcade and that which is owned by a lady who has been vegan for 15 years. It's name? Pili-an Cafe. Vegetarian/vegan restaurants are frequently expensive btu this one is not. It's most likely because a lot of the ingredients of the things they serve there are locally sourced. The friend and I shared the PIKA plate which consisted of vegetarian meat barbecue, a tofu burger/sandwich sliced times four, sweet potato (camote/kamote in our local language) fries and vegetarian chicharon (cracklings) priced at 280 Php. If you're a duo or trio of small eaters, this should be enough to fill you when in said cafe. It was enough for us and there were just a couple of us there for the dinner date. 280 Php is basically 5-6 USD when converted so yes, the things on the menu are indeed accessible price-wise. A lot of the things on their menu are interesting to me as a struggling vegetarian/vegan (I'm mostly pescetarian...) so I'm definitely going back there pretty soon. Other than food prepared in their kitchen and served in the cafe, they also have other things for sale like cookies at 65 Php a bag. The cookies are really good, they're pretty addicting. Other vegetarian/vegan cookies usually cost 300+ Php. They also have locally made basket woven bags, baskets and others. There's also virgin coconut oil at 180 Php a bottle I've been thinking of getting soon since the ones on drugstores here cost 20 Php more. The latter also doesn't come off pure or authentic, seems they add other things to the coconut oil they stock at Watsons and/or Mercury Drug. When it comes to these things, it's always best to buy the most local and the most limited in stocks. At least you're sure the oil is made from young coconuts and is purely virgin coconut oil this way. The only drawback we experienced in the cafe is that the ordered food took some time to be done and served. But this is not such a pressing matter as it assures you that the food is prepared fresh and clean in the cafe's kitchen since they make them the moment you give the server your orders. ....and next time I'm going back there, I am trying their all day breakfast just out of sheer curiosity of the corned vegetarian meat meal... Yep.

The Emmy's was last Sunday night, US time and Monday morning here. There were no channels, however, that aired it from what I've gathered channel surfing the contents of our basic cable package. I was able to watch the red carpet when it re-aired on E!News Asia yesterday (Tuesday), though. I kept tabs of the main awarding event on Twitter since I was too lazy to attempt getting hold of a live stream. I'm a huge television buff---well, I mean, I lessened my television watching lately but I'm still one regardless---and I watch a few things from American television like Brooklyn Nine Nine (season 5 is coming out! Yes! And Diva channel is airing it here, and I think, so is Jack TV!), HBO's Big Little Lies and Westworld so I was euphoric to find Big Little Lies nominated 16 times and winning most of their nominations at the Emmy's. Westworld did not get wins where they're nominated but as long as Big Little Lies made it there and gained recognition as good television content, I'm good. I don't watch the other big titles so I'm not so affected by the other results the same way others were. The Emmy's and the Grammy's seem to be the only American awards shows I'm into lately. There're so many things wrong with the Oscars and even the Golden Globes for me to keep tabs on both constantly. At least from the Emmy's I'd found new (to me) television series to check out like American Crime, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale (it won best drama), and British series, Black Mirror. I'm curious about those. The Crown and FX's The Americans seem to have a lot of fans on Oh No They Didn't too. Anyway, moving on, I didn't mind Stranger Things not winning any of the nominations they had, I'm not a fan of the show nor have I seen an episode of it. I'm also glad HBO let Game of Thrones sit this one out. Actually, the thing is that the magic of Game of Thrones has gone, for me, after season 2 so I've abandoned that already since. My honest opinion is that Big Little Lies deserved all that they got out of the Emmy's. What I'm disappointed about, however, is Brooklyn Nine Nine not getting any nominations. This was more disappointing to me than Westworld not winning anything that awards night. 

In other rather everyday news, rain has been a constant as of late in the afternoons. There seems to be a low pressure area hovering around the islands. It's not really as major a concern as the hurricanes devastating the Caribbean Islands as of this moment so we're pretty much alright, still. It's the rainy season, however, so here's to everyone taking care not to get too flooded, wet and such.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

an ivory shapeless not-so-mess

love lace insert balloon sleeves dress, zalora (in blush). heels, zalora (old). leaf necklace, forever21. bag, gianni bernini.

This zalora dress came with the two-piece swimwear set from Something Borrowed from last week's orders. It's as magical as I dreamt it would be in real life. Confession: I've actually been eyeing this one for so long from the site but only bit when the price went down to about 700 Php. It's currently perfect lounge piece for me now. The sleeves' wrist opening can be tightened but I somehow prefer it undone. It keeps the dress magical that way, giving it the illusion of being, well, shapeless. The inside is fully lined so nothing shows. I have a feeling that apart from being a lounge piece, this will be sort of party or get together dress for me this last quarter of the year, too. Well, we shall see with that...

Lately, the days are getting shorter. It's technically fall in other areas, I suppose but here, to us here in the tropical belt, this signals the long countdown to the Christmas season. I guess I got this dress at the right time to wear for the colder, not really that chilly days.

Is it time to start looking for dresses for parties here and there now then? I suppose so. I'm not sure if I'll be doing that, however, as after acquiring this and the two-piece swimwear, I'm most likely abstaining from buying until next year. I'll make do with what I have in the wardrobe like I always do again. Maximizing the use of everything in a pretty limited wardrobe is creatively, resourcefully fun and at the same time, quite thrifty. Nothing new to me as it's what I'd been doing for awhile now.

Moving onto fandom everything I miss updating about: my pop music mood today is Cream's Change album released last year. The title track is really pretty cute...err...very fun everything. I'm a huge fan of Cream's singing half, Minami, as she spent a part of her childhood in Hongkong and is fluent in English and Japanese at the same time. Needless to say, I have the album on constant repeat slash loop on the itunes as of this's a snippet of said really fun title track (the remix here is alright but I like the regular album version more for some reason...hmn...):