Wednesday, June 7, 2017

a couple of white dresses

 photos 1-2: dress, from multiply (old - some korean/chinese brand i forgot...hah). choker, verano ph via zalora ph (but from seasons ago...). tights, daiso (if memory serves me right...). heels, zalora ph. bangles, vintage and souvenir shop-dumaguete city. photo 3: denim jacket, vintage levis. dress, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. bag, clutch bag, gift from aunt.

And here we have another double outfit photo, photos 1 and 2 being from yesterday and photo 3 that's from today. What they have in common are the white dresses that I can't seem to live without. Another wardrobe staple (at least for me~) aside from the cream silk cami, yes. Here, today, we had some rains but they weren't too strong, just drizzles and they were on and off, too, in the morning. In the afternoon, it became the usual almost-extremely humid. As it was a little cooler especially in the morning and late in the afternoon, the denim shirt worn as a jacket on the third photo had to come out. It's soft denim and clearly a guy's shirt so it's oversized on me. It's the most useful as a jacket, to me. It's warm too but not too warm so I find that it suits mid-cool (not too cold, not too hot) daily temperatures that we usually don't have majority of the year here (only during the wet/rainy season, I guess). The boots and white dress is one combo I don't think I'll ever get tired of. As for photos 1 and 2, this might have been the first time I've gone all floaty and girly on This isn't really my typical style---I like to mix girly with edgy or masculine most of the time---but it works here, I guess. I was looking for something to wear with the tights other than the ankle boots so the pumps were the ones I sprung for thinking it would give a pop of color to an otherwise all black and white outfit. As for he white dresses, I really like that you can do anything in them, even dance to groovy jpop and tropical house music, jump on the trampoline, climb a tree also cook or make some salad because I just had to before lunch today... That's pretty much the charm of white dresses, the mini kind, for me.

Hmn...the staples post will have to come around Friday this week or next week...I'm not sure yet but this is definitely in the works at the moment.

Monday, June 5, 2017

rain ready

silk cami, vintage ralph lauren. jeans, secondhand. hoodie (worn as belt), secondhand anne klein. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. clutch bag, gifted by aunt. bangle, vintage.

The silk cami is becoming quite the useful staple for this summer that's now slowly turning into the rainy season. Just right after shooting this, it ended up raining when I'm supposed to be picking stuff up outside for a strawberry and beet smoothie concoction. Days like this, I cannot really forgo having anything hooded when going out. I'm not a huge fan of umbrellas though I would usually have a folding automatic kind in my bag, which is often a tote bag by the way, at this time. Other times, I just get one of those transparent umbrellas that aren't at all the folding kind to use when out. They are the most convenient. In general, I'm not really fond of going out during the rainy days, I'm more of a sunny day-preferring someone, so the umbrellas and raincoats aren't as useful as they should be but they remain a necessity either way. Anyway, I'm currently thinking of a summer, dry to wet seasons staples post...something I'll get to one day this week as it seems that in this blog, a lot of things are being put on repeat enough to be considered just that, staples.

Well, I guess, at least it's cooling down in the afternoons. I like the almost-indian summer heat the most but this humid majority of the days and wetter and cooler during the late afternoons is good too.

Lately, I've been wearing my earrings like this:

Exactly, miniscule rather, microscopic and mismatched people are likely not going to find that I have mismatched ear accessories when out considering it's kind of difficult to notice as they're way too small to be noticed at first glance. I lost my favorite crescent moon studs while travelling around a couple years or so ago. Lately, I like my accessories microscopic.

In other news, since yesterday, I've been wallowing in everything SOLIDEMO on ダンゼン Live! via youtube posts from other fans. I'm beginning to love all their four main vocalists: Shunei, Akito, Takeshi, and Kazuya. I'm loving them way more than I did and still do their back-up and occasional secondary or tertiary vocalist, Nakayama Yuki. It might be because to me, they are what make the core of this boys group. The thing about SOLIDEMO is that even when they don't have either Nakayama Yuki and/or Yamaguchi Tomoya (who may be out for gigs like stage plays, tv series tapings and more...), 6-7 of them still function fine in lives. They can make their audience forget they're actually missing a member or members to other entertainment biz gigs/engagements. You can say SOLIDEMO is a complete boy group in everything as any member, especially among the core 4 I briefly named earlier, can easily step in to cover for the absent members. Their ダンゼン Live! stuff are really good fun, hilarious though, so I enjoyed trying to catch up to a lot of those of this I now frequently miss watching live. I think this show is on Nico Nico TV/Live in Japan as I don't think it is on Ustream like Da-iCE's monthly broadcasts so I can't really watch it live as I only have the app on my currently non-functional iPad Air---I'm considering having it fixed one day yet...I think I just overloaded the thing with photos and some heavy apps as the one I own only has 16GB worth of space for stuff. Yep, SOLIDEMO. Them and Da-iCE are two boy groups from Japan I really like/love as they come from the same agency or talent management: Avex. And speaking of, SOLIDEMO music should be good in this really rainy afternoon. Their discography is full of beautiful upbeat pop, mid-beat pop and really pretty ballads so it's definitely suited for such a day. The downpour outside is really strong at this time. It's only 5:15 in the afternoon here and there's hardly any sunlight, too.

Friday, June 2, 2017

sort of uniform and some music chatter

t, h&m. lace shorts, tally weijl. bag, ninewest. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. straw fedora, jessica simpson. cuff/bangle, vintage.

I'm growing to like this pair of lace shorts and normally, I'm not into lace a lot unless it's placed strategically in a certain piece of clothing, like a one-piece mini dress. Or maybe a slip dress. White t and shorts is basically my default during humid summer days. It doesn't even have to be the lace shorts type either. Denim shorts and cutoffs---since most of my jeans end up being cut short unless they were the snug-fitting ones or the skinny ones that I seem to prefer most of the time---are my eternal favorites. 

It's the start of the rainy season and it has been raining on and off in the afternoons. It's still sunny majority of the days however so I might have to prolong summer dressing until the rains become more constant. Here, in the southern part of the Philippines, we only ever really get two seasons: wet and dry; rainy and sunny/humid hot, therefore there's a need to change wardrobes twice a year. In my case, I refrain from doing so, changing wardrobes twice a year, and prefer to stick to owning versatile pieces that can be worn with everything else I own instead.

Music talk: Anyway, yaaaayyyy! Da-iCE's トニカクHey's music video is out. I LOVE IT. All caps, yes. It gives a very kpop vibe when you watch it except it's not because the lyrics is in nihonggo. The music is also very characteristic of the feel good jpop that I frequently prefer more to kpop's edgy, choppy ones---for some reason, kpop, particularly those from boybands from that camp, come off that, choppy and fragmented, to me when I listen to some of them so I tend to avoid them entirely instead.
Ah, this is only a teaser. The full length music video is uploaded on youtube. You can look it up on that site should you want to. Just note that it may be region-locked to those outside of Asia. Japanese stuff often are, apparently, granted even the DVDs I have from there are region-locked as well---for the latter, I make do with unlocking them with a software and good thing too as my dvd player reads them fine. Back to トニカクHey however, it's definitely a summer tune better than Everybody although a notch lower from my eternal favorite from them that's Paradive. So needless to say, I'm hooked. This and Flowback's Booyah! will be on repeat for me this week. I can't really explain what I like/love about this music video...I would say everything, I guess since all I can think of. Now I can't wait for the single release! It's only a few days away until then.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

two days worth of outfits

photos 1-3: button up shirt, vintage. cutoffs, gap. bag, ninewest. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. photos 4-5: tank, bench ph. shorts, mags. wedges, CLN. clutch bag, gift from aunt. blazer, vintage. 

Yesterday and today's outfits. 2 days worth of outfits for several days' worth of going missing from the blogosphere from some time last week. There's really not much to share about this week and last week either. At least not a lot of good news to share. A lot of things going on this side of the world is bad news, instead. Let's not dwell on that however. It's just...all bad and depressing. National and inside the island issues, yes. You'd think Mindanao Island in the Philippines is sunny and warm and paradise-like but at this time, it's really not...that...much a paradise.

It's around 30 degrees and up, 33-36 to be more specific, Celsius here so it's definitely hot. Very hot. It's close to the regular body temperature, even. Yet, the weathermen on the news say the rainy season is upon us. I definitely hope it cools down a little more. Otherwise, I'm happy being mostly in shorts and mini skirts until then.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

shortalls and about a couple of swede ladies in pop music

shortalls, cotton on. t, zara. boots, forever21. bag, vintage/old ninewest.

From last Saturday. The shortalls are proving to be an all-rounder...cozy something lately.

Tuesday. And it's really early in the morning. So I woke up today to checking out 19-year-old Swede, Zara Larsson's music which, surprisingly, I ended up liking. This is all thanks to my aimless wandering towards lol_avex's twitter timeline where I found a tweet saying they attended Zara's live in collaboration with H&M around Tokyo. What I found out about Zara is that So Good is a solid pop/dance pop album so far. When it comes to the Swede musicians and the ladies at that, I'm really more of a Tove Lo fan (hint: we're the same age, she's just really more brilliant music making-wise...not that I ever tried or attempted putting out some music covers, not really originals, outside of the youtube thing I did way, way back...) where pop music making---songwriting, beats creating and all---is concerned but Zara is definitely getting there and just at 19, she's quite a promising all-around pop music talent. She comes off as someone with a lot of potential at such a young age for me. She's not Tove Lo solid yet as a songwriter (Tove Lo is god-tier for me thanks to Queen of the Clouds which was utterly brilliant pop in my book although Lady Wood is just as good however...) but I can't wait to see how this girl, Zara grows up as an all-around pop musician like her predecessor, Tove Lo. I think she'll be a force to reckon with in the near future. Anyway, three of what I currently like from So Good:
Zara's So Good record is definitely bop-able. *insert heart-eyes emojis here...*

Monday, May 22, 2017


dress, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora). cuff/bracelet, forever21. 

A pretty lazy cocoon-ish dress for a rainy Monday afternoon in while working on the ebay (or attempting to, I'll be updating it today with stuff at least...). This dress is actually two-tone that goes a lighter brown on the back in reference to the darker brown in the front. Although two-tone is something I'm not so into, yet---I'll get around to it one day---this was just too cozy to let go of when I found it in a thrift store. The fabric is really smooth and soft and draped just loosely right everywhere. I like some unshapely dresses like this from time to time. It's definitely lazy wear appropriate around the house and possibly even out---will just have to wear something to keep the rain off of the inner layer like a coat, jacket or a cardigan, preferably something knitted yet still warm, should I go out in this today. Rain-proof footwear is required, too. It's still summer or should still be summer but I'm hearing that by the end of this month, the rainy season is starting. The latter seems coming in early this time of the year.'s time to get the anti-rain gear out and ready...

Friday, May 19, 2017


t, h&m. skirt, a&f. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. purse/mobile phone purse/bag, coach.

White t and printed skirt combo for a friday that I spent watching the last two episodes of the police/crime kdrama, Signal on TVN. The thing about weekends excites me even if I spend it at home and probably just catching up to the tv shows I watch almost-regularly or on movie marathons. I rarely really go out on weekends although I'm currently missing going to the eco/nature parks and beaches closest to the city. Proximity to these places is actually what makes living in this side of the world, this (still developing) city fun for me. I'm currently itching to go nature tripping. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


dress/top, vintage. belt, vintage chanel. leggings, forever21. wedges, CLN. bag, apt 9 (via Kohls). bangles/bracelets, vintage and forever21. choker, verano ph (via zalora). 

I'm weak to pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, and in the lightest colors. Most likely, one, it's because this island seems to be in the perpetual summer sunny day state 365 days a year and two, wearing dark colors just doesn't seem to fit such days around here...and in tropical places by default. And so, such is the case of this thing. It's such an easy thing to dress up and dress down---I've worn it with just shorts at some point too and as a dress although definitely a short one (I'm not a stripper so I wouldn't attempt this when going out and prefer to wear a pair of shorts with this thing when doing so...). And I guess, easy to wash or take care of as it seems to be made of silk or a mix of it and a few other kinds of fabric. Note that I tend to handwash these things delicate more than use the washing machine. At home, we actually don't own one---a washing machine. It's hardly really needed in this side of the world unless one has a load of laundry to do every week or so. I actually like to re-wear some pieces day in and day out until I think they should be thrown into the laundry---I see nothing wrong in doing so. This works two ways for me: one, it ensures the longevity of clothes I own (frequent washing is known to easily wear down clothing) and two, it keeps me from having a load of laundry to do on a weekly or once in two weeks basis.

Also, I have this fantasy of owning little else in due time, in the style I like the most, that I am also the most comfortable with, and doing all sorts of creative things with that number of clothing (in the wardrobe) for every purpose in life: travel and other just everyday things. I don't know...I'm an aspiring minimalist with a very summery wardrobe, I guess. ....and such is the theme of this blog as I actually meant it to be since starting it. I'm sort of obsessed with the less is more idea although it may seem I hardly live it or put it to practice.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

3 things: a not so 80s/90s outfit, a 90s film classic and, an 80s music playlist

top, vintage ralph lauren. lace shorts, tally weijl. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora).  necklace/choker, forever21.

Something pretty summer high heat-friendly and cozy for today. I'm not usually a fan of lace but this pair of shorts work fine when cinched higher above the waist. My main problem with this has always been the low crotch area when it's hanging lower around the waist... Nothing high-waisted-wearing can't solve, however.
Tenderness by General Public has been stuck in my head for eons now since hearing it on Clueless a couple days ago, when I caught the latter's ending on HBO. Everything about Clueless from the wardrobe to the plot and/or story to the OST is 90s classic---the film was released in the early to mid-1990s but General Public's Tenderness has been out since around 1983-1985 based on my googling around on this matter...---and I lived that decade and continue to live it so...yep...Tenderness remains stuck in my head to this day. Now I have 80s tracks from  A-Ha, Wham!, Culture Club, Duran Duran, The Police, General Public and Starship playing via the Windows Media Player Classic. The 80s music mania has been going on for about a couple days now and seems to show no sign of stopping...yet. Anyway, I did, as a little child, catch the really late 80s thanks to the aunts (mum's sisters) going gaga over everything 80s back then: the movies, Ghost and Mannequin come to mind for this time period and their impeccable OSTs so let's just say, I'm pretty familiar with 80s rock and roll, classic rock and pop somehow. I'm currently just taking it unto myself now to reacquaint myself with the music of that era now that I'm older and while doing so, I find a lot of the music released then are pretty I'm more of a 90s person on the whole but 80s music, especially the pop kind, has a special place in my heart thanks to my digging around for good stuff from that said decade. Oh and how cute is the music video for Tenderness, exactly? Yep.

I'll work around building a good 80s pop, pop-rock playlist somehow...until then, this music/songlist will have to suffice. By the by, I'm currently enjoying Kate Bush after looking her music up on Youtube. This is so beautiful pop for me!
I just realized I spent a good chunk of this post to discuss music...I guess it's how much I love it? I don't know anything either, really...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

back to the white

tank, bench ph. skirt, vintage suede. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora ph). bag, gifted by aunt. arm bangles/bracelets, vintage and souvenir shop.

I suppose it's time to break out this tunic skirt...thing and I think...I have quite the thing for button-front skirts as of late. Little details make what is a boring army-green-ish bottom look all the more better in photos. I actually like little details. The belt is inseparable to the skirt so it's a fully equipped little thing I'll probably be obsessed with for a while right after the vintage light brown skirt I also keep wearing when in a hurry to go out for stuff. Anyway, I think I'm going back to the skirts+shorts and tops formula. It's a tried and tested one that guarantees me minimal melting in the summer heat whether it's late afternoons or mid-afternoons or really sunny mid-mornings.

Sort of a new skin care/beauty obsession now that I've run out of the Coast to Coast serum is this arbutin thing. It's my second day using it and though I'm not really seeing any effects yet, I might as well keep using it with the lady housemate until it runs out. I do like me some Japanese skin care products right next to French, some American and the local organic ones from my favorite, HumanHeartNature. I'm the kind who's usually more into skincare than make-up though I do have my go-tos for the latter from time to time.

South Korean beauty products are the ones easily accessible from here/in this side of the world considering we have Etude House and the Face Shop among others but something about this just doesn't seem to sit right with me so I stick to the ones I'm more familiar and am more at ease with (American, French, local (Philippines-made), Japanese). I think the fact that a lot of them use some extract from snails scare me away and put me off them quite indefinitely. Plant-based things are just more my thing, I guess---however much a struggling vegetarian (currently succeeding as a pescetarian at the moment) I am. This doesn't mean I'm writing off South Korean skin care+beauty products however. I think SKII for one is good and worth it using or trying. Consider me out of the loop on beauty/skin care trends but I'll stay away from these skin care products for now, thank you. But outside of this, I kind of do want to try the precise liquid eye liner from Etude house...and, day I will. Well, you can say I don't really frequent those shops in the city's malls and online a lot. And in relation to South Korean beauty and skin-care matters...I think Get It Beauty in TVN is getting too tiring for me to follow as of late, I've been skipping it lots when on a TV binge. I'm crossing it off of my regular watch list on local cable tv subscription list...
On the music fandom front...I've been listening non-stop to Tove Lo today. Lady Wood is such a good, good album but Queen of the Clouds will always have a special place in my heart for me, after all. I am this insane slash mad for everything Tove Lo's songwriting and music/beats making. From Lady Wood, Cool Girl and Imaginary Friend are the two tracks that speak the most to me. Meanwhile, Queen of the Clouds is just love all around from The Sex (Intro) to Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix). Love Ballad, from there is especially the most special to me. line with that, here's the track I love so much:

Monday, May 15, 2017

cozy for a rainy summer's day

dress/tunic, h&m. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora). purse, coach. arm bangles, vintage and souvenir shop. 

Monday, today, started pretty weird for me. I'm not entirely sure what's with this day but things just came But anyway, something pretty comfortable in something close to gray and icy, dusty blue today. I think this H&M number is more of a tunic than a dress as it's too short on the front but I like wearing it as a dress somehow. Especially when it's just so, so humid sans this late-ish afternoon's rain.  I've worn this out to an anniversary dinner of some family friend, I think. I can't really recall anymore but this was something dad brought over from Taiwan or Hongkong. Even that, I cannot really remember anymore. He doesn't really shop for women's clothing...I think that's more me and my mum's department but he tends to have others get these things for him when he's out on business trips and he's out in one now so I kind of hope I get something from Paris? (Their plan is to go Prague then Paris then Germany so...) I wish...haha.

Last week, I felt pretty off so there was no blog entry at all. I was attempting a few I guess but nothing came up nicely as this one. My brain was in a sort of stump that all I accomplished was hardsubbing the english subs on the kdrama, Tomorrow with You and rewatching season 3 of 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village (Deukryang...? I don't really know much about South Korea and the islands there...much). I'm not usually a fan of anything South Korean but these two...I liked so far. I'm avoiding Goblin and am not too invested on Legend of the Blue Sea that are both currently airing in the local/national channel dubbed in the national language so it's just Tomorrow with You for me on the South Korean drama side and the remake of Kimi wa Petto (Shison Jun~ Yes~) and Code Name Mirage (Kiriyama Renn *insert all the hearts here for this guy, because I just really love him*) for the Japanese dorama side. I'm slowly getting back into the jdorama swing although I'm still being really, really picky where that's concerned. I never really cared for kpop music-wise (I still can't bring myself to care...haha) so I'm back to the lol, SOLIDEMO, Da-iCE, Vimclip, AAA, and FlowBack listening train. SOLIDEMO's Further mini-album is pretty solid and outside, of like, two tracks on there, I'm pretty attached to Happiness and Sail Away...but mostly, Happiness, I guess. I don't think I'll ever get out of the jpop music loving rut I've stuck myself on since I was in...around early college. It's been years after that and I'm still forever into Jpop. lol.

Anyway, today's music (recc)? Because I miss Vimclip (in my deepest depths of the heart, they haven't disbanded and I still love Eiki so much so...)  and I just love this track so much, too. It's giving me so much life sans the rain outside and the gloomy feel this late afternoon is exuding...haha.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

shortalls and a couple of books for the summer reading list

shortalls, cotton on. tank, diy from a random white t. heels, zalora. arrow necklace, forever21 (not visible in these photos much...). cuffs/arm bangles, vintage and dumaguete city souvenir shop finds.

What I cheered around in while watching the men's volleyball finals game 2 between the Ateneo de Manila University men's volleyball team and that of National University's. AMVT won, of course~ And I'm happy, content and all because of it. It's a good feeling to get at least decently dressed even when just watching a game being televised live on national TV.

How cool is it that this is AMVT's third championship in a row? And they managed to completely sweep this season's matches too! 16-0! There wasn't even any need to go on to a decider game three~ So basically, AMVT gave NUMVT a thrashing in about 4 games, two during the double round of eliminations and two in the finals. I hope they can continue this streak next year but without Rex Intal and Josh Villanueva who are graduating these year or already have graduated at least...I'm not so sure. Well, there are still the others like Marck Espejo and Ish Polvorosa. Also, the new players and less played people off the bench are pretty interesting. We have yet to see them play full games. It would be fun if season 80 is also AMVT's. The last two games of the men's volleyball event this noon/lunchtime and back in May 2 are games one would commit to memory for how good they were (5 really thrilling sets a piece/per game and almost the same outcomes). Definitely, AMVT is a highlight for me this year. I love the boys equally so I don't have a favorite player among them, in case anyone's going to ask.

....and yes, this is the slouchy shortalls I received from the aunts abroad, in America (specifically California). I can sort of see now many other tops to style this with. I'll get into that in the next few days, weeks or so.

I usually post more about music but this time around, it's the reading list. I've been meaning to actually finish White Oleander. It's a pretty sunny, still poetic light to mid-heavy read. I've seen its movie, too, but the book seems better (books always tend to be better than the movie adaptations anyway). I don't have all of Gossip Girl's yet but I imagine I have half of the series in my bookshelf already. I've been meaning to catch-up on reading all these before I even think of purchasing the next in the series through ebay or some other (the local book bargains store, Booksale). I'd carried these two books on the backpack along with some change of clothes when I attended the beach fun day with some short course classmates last Monday. With that said, they made my bag heavier... They make up for being good and pretty light beach readings though. 


Thursday, May 4, 2017

mint green

slipdress, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. purse (mobile phone case), coach. choker, verano ph via zalora.

This is what's up on a sunny, humid, very very humid Thursday mid-afternoon. Body contorting and floor sitting are among my  many (?) talents, apparently. The slipdress is mint green which I feel, makes it appropriate for the humid summer days and it's thin enough one can sleep with or just, well, hang around at home in it. Finally, yay~ Some other color other than white, cream and navy, black.

....and I'll be catching up on episodes of the police procedural kdrama, Signal now. I missed a bunch of it due to life stuff but I might have reconciled with Kissasian english subs, which I wasn't so happy with on some kdrama of the same genre, so I figured I might as well go ahead with it this time, for Signal. I can't really follow the series on TVN week in and week out anyway for certain reasons. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

the comfiest top and dress

top, secondhand/vintage. dress, target (xhilaration). heels, zalora. cross necklace, forever21. 

Luckily, it was a little bit cold today. Breezy. Just a really tiny bit breezy. Then came the short but voluminous downpour around 3 in the afternoon. It is one of those rainy summer days here in the southern part of the Philippines. Basically one of those days I'd probably be too afraid to go out in a pair of non-rain proof ankle boots or heels in lest I want them ruined by the rain and puddles of water on the streets. Knee-high -ish rain boots might be in order...I'll get to a pair soon-ish.

This is one of the coziest I can cull, rather, come up with, from the now pretty limited wardrobe that's perfect for not-so-hot (just mildly humid) summer days like today. It's also one of those that I can stand although the dress is floor-length. I'm not really into everything floor length (although I own another number, a skirt that's also in black from Topshop in Cebu City, that's also floor-length...), hence why I had to tie the top and dress on one side together to lift the dress's skirt higher. I wouldn't mind going out in this...I'll just need to swap the heels with a pair of rain-proof ankle boots or a pair of rain boots. The dress looks fine on its own considering it's a henley, racerback type. It's a great one-piece for a really, really easy casual wear anytime anywhere. The top is my favorite henley-like ribbed tank---one of the more draped, almost man/boyish that I own, and I don't own a lot although I'd likely want more of this variety---so I figured it would go well with the dress.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

a lacey number

dress, what a girl wants (shopwagw). boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. clutch bag, gifted by aunt.

So I'm not really into lace---especially one with a collar unless maybe it is topped with a decent thin sweater/thermal in, say, coffee color or some other close to the white/cream shade---much but I'd go for it once in a while anyway. Such is the case of this dress from What a Girl Wants (back when the label still existed but now..../sighs...may it RIP...) worn the whole of today doing whatever. I actually bought this a couple or so years ago. It was a  last minute purchase for a wedding to attend in the metro (National Capital Region/NCR there, up north). I never got around to bringing it with me on the flight to the metro, city up north however as it arrived the day following that of when I departed via plane for the said vast and pretty chaotic (/shudder...that traffic, that noise and mess everywhere...) city up north. Thankfully, my mother packed a couple dresses I could choose from, from the wardrobe here in Cagayan de Oro City so I had something to wear to said wedding.

Today's activities consisted of watching a really thrilling and fun (it actually zapped all energy I had midway to the end...only to be replenished at the end, if that makes any sense at all...) 5-set finals volleyball game between the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) men's volleyball team and the National University men's volleyball team. It was the first game of the finals between teams 1 and 2 in the collegiate games' league. Best of three so the next game is on Saturday, still around lunch time, 12 noon. Of course, my (read: alma mater though technically, it's more of a sibling school as I finished college and high school in the Ateneo here in CdeO, not really the main one in Manila...) won. One big fight, boys! Let's do a threepeat! I hardly can't wait for Saturday as it's just, what? Three days away or so? There's also cooking a lunch of vegetarian tapa and making freshly squeezed orange, with honey in lieu of sugar as sweetener. I'm going to have to catch the rest of episode 11 of Signal and all of its 12th episode on Friday. Apparently, the second half of Signal 11th episode and all of its 12th episode conflicted with AMVT and NUVT's game 1 for the UAAP season 79 finals... Oh and just this afternoon, I had to climb a tree...I'm kidding. More like, climb a stool to try and get some moringa (malunggay/kalamunggay) leaves that still are pretty potent. Our tree of it outside is drying out thanks to the hot weather. The climb and the stretching to get some stems of the tree told me the dress is quite delicate. A stretch or something akin to a soft ripping sound was heard from the dress, which of course terrified me, when I reached out a limb to a cut a hanging stem from the tree.  I thought the dress would rip somewhere around the really short, almost non-existent sleeves it has. Thankfully, it did not or if it did, I have yet to see which part of it did. I suppose this dress is not suitable for semi hyperactive me---who danced the late afternoon away at the beach house/cottage while imitated by a fascinated 2-year old daughter of a short course classmate---when out and about. The theory that this dress is suited for such semi-vigorous activities such as dancing is yet to be tested.

There wasn't much to document of yesterday's beach trip. I didn't go swimming, just hung around, ate stuff (mostly fruits) and drank (water). It was fun hanging out with the classmates on a short course in school, however. Some chitchat about life here and there and intermittent reading of a Gossip Girl book series installment was done. Not much worth documenting because I ended up staining my white t and skirt combo all the while stayed mobile with a pair of really comfy but not too attractive? pink and gray World Balance flats (rubber shoes slip-ons). Not exactly the most exciting of outfits I've donned this start of the month. Anyway, I feel pretty short of beach trips, still. I kind of want more... Next time, swimming will be involved, of course. I'd like to slither into a pool again day soon this summer season. Rather, one weekend soon.    

If I'd be shopping right, I'd be getting myself a couple pairs of shoes, rather ankle boots. This one pair I have is quite tired and tried simpler terms, this has been seen many times on this blog. A few more packages arrived and from them, I just received a couple more H&M tops, one of which I'm ready to wear and shoot just as soon as it comes to me, fresh from the laundry. The other has lace around the sleeves/shoulder but is in the amount I can take (minimal lace?) and the color just fits my current color palette. So yeah...I'd avoid shopping as much as I can this year... Maybe including the next year. But I'd likely shop for shoes...heels and ankle boots are my weakness. As for clothes...let's just say that lately, I hardly really buy any. I've been receiving and owning way too much already from the aunts and grandmum in California.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Style Crush: Geraldine Saglio

(collages by me)

If I had more jeans/denims, the first collage is likely how I'd style them. It's one of the reasons why I have such a style crush on Vogue Paris' Geraldine Saglio. Second is of course how she wears everything mini and midi. I always did like someone so put together in terms of clothing/styling clothes she wears apart from the slightly disheveled that I often prefer. Also, I love the color palette on here. A lot of dark colors (mostly black! Yay~) but white, lighter shades done right. *insert heart googly eyed emoji here...* 

And what not-so-surprise on my end, she does exude a tad bit of Emmanuelle Alt on the way she dresses...thanks to her being Alt's stylist according to this 2011 fashionista article here...hmn...k.

Friday, April 28, 2017

breaking out from the monotony of black and white and denim

dress, mixed berry in dumaguete city. denim vest, old navy. boots, vintage.

These were taken minutes before it rained and while there was no power/electricity in the area. I was in the middle of watching some episodes I missed of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid when the power died...yep. Anyway, back to this outfit, I think a lighter wash of the denim vest fits this dress more but I don't have any and it works fine with the dark wash variety so...well...whatever works, works. And yep, I wore these white gathering kamote tops (green leafy vegetable) for the green smoothie I was concocting today that I'd be drinking tomorrow...lunch time or dinner. I'm pretty much back to the green smoothie drinking spree these days which is a good thing. I've been meaning to get back into it since before.

Did I really forget to update on the World Team Trophy in Japan this year? The outcome? Team Japan got the gold!!! Yay! My favorite male figure skater, Uno Shoma, of course retains his number status as a splendid figure skater in Japan and worldwide. Now I'm looking forward to the new grand prix season. Kind of sad that Murakami Kanako has announced her retirement at the World Team Trophy gala as well. A lot of the older, really good skaters seem to be retiring one by one. Last time, it was Takahashi Daisuke then recently, and before Kanako, Asada Mao and now, Kanako. Team Japan still seems as strong as ever, nevertheless so I'm at peace with everything going on in Japan's and the world's figure skating scene, I think. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

skirt on repeat

tank, bench ph. skirt, ebayed laundry by shelli segal. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. clutch, gifted by aunt.

It's long been established I'm a repeat offender. A chronic repeat offender to be exact. At least when it comes to pieces of clothing I get obsessed with or too attached to at some point. This skirt has been on rotation since what...? Last week? I'll retire it sometime this week somehow. Went with this for something simple today while working on the previous post and some other things...

There's not much up today but the final game between Far Eastern University and National University on tv for the UAAP Men's volleyball event. The team that wins this now-5-set game faces off my favorite team of the event. Ateneo de Manila University blue spikers (or eagles? ....whichever works, I guess...) on Saturday for the first game of the finals. And I am highly thrilled for this one. I'm definitely clearing my saturday schedule for this game, gotta cheer for my boys somehow. Their 14-0 sweep of the two elimination rounds of this season shouldn't be all for all, after all.