Friday, December 21, 2012

tea house

(photos by JM Dumlao)

I am floor colored, apparently. Almost everything but the shoes is vintage. I'm super late in posting stuff. There're so much things on my hands and on my head at the moment. That magazine JM and I were discussing on in this new place she recently discovered around the city and brought me to, Chinkee Tea. It's a dainty little tea house near the local Ateneo I used to attend that easily got me addicted to their classic milk tea and some butter cookies. Had I saved enough for this Christmas break, I'd be going back there again and again and again. Otherwise, I'm sticking to the chai tea I concocted earlier today and got my dad into and the rest of the household. Definitely inviting friends over the next time I decide to make another of it. I always often prefer home made stuff to the ones that can easily be bought anywhere. 

Has anyone ever been to this online store What a Girl Wants just launched, shopWAGW? Currently obsessed with the men's section with their large selection of henleys and baseball shirts plus that sequinned mini bandage skirt in black that I think would make an awesome get up for the Christmas and NYE parties to come. That is, if there are any given Pablo who merely, recently passed by and damaged, wrecked havoc on a good part of Mindanao. 

waffle knit thermal, shorts, belt and bag, vintage; random rings and bracelet; wedges, Primadonna  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Can't wait for this to drop come December 12. 

Along with this
 But I'll have to wait until January to get this. =.=U


Sunday, December 2, 2012

20 things

I'm most likely not shopping for christmas gifts this year and am going to diy fun ones instead. I already have a few things in mind. I'm definitely taking a page from my favorite fashion blogger who says that accessories are the classic Christmas gifts, one size fits all. 
Hnn...let's see how many of these I can try to tick off the list since I've decided to try for a part time job. Something I've been doing for years but recently quit to focus on studies. I am going to regret this since I have literary research this sem and the next. I don't want to get overworked since I find it difficult to focus on one thing most of the time. But we'll see if this thing does burn me out after awhile like last time.