Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Siquijor Island Diary


For three nights and four days, I was lost in this island, Siquijor, with a dorm mate. Days were used to explore the island in motorcycles with a driver---typical island transport called the habal-habal---and nights were for sleeping. Something horrible such as being robbed happened on the second day we were there, just bumming by the beautiful Kagusuan beach however that didn't stop anyone of us from wanting to come back. Lesson learned: one has to be careful about a ton of things, especially money, in any place in that island, and in every other foreign place. Oh and I didn't last long in wedges upon entrance to Camp Bandilaan. So much for trying to be like Rachel Zoe everywhere, huh?

Of course, people up north and probably even from other countries will always think of Siquijor as the land of witches but that, it is far from so although there are 'love potions' sold even in places like the souvenir shop by the Siquijor pier. It's just one magical place to get lost in. Next time I come back, a dip in the Cambugahay falls is in the agenda but I'm quite not the fan of cold springs and cold water in particular so perhaps I'll just stick to hanging out by the many beaches that line its shores. There are yet a ton of beaches we weren't able to cover.

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