Friday, February 15, 2013

of caving in

After a month or so of debating things...a month or so of no shopping whatsoever except for that shirt from Ateneo de Manila University I had my room mate get for me when she was in Manila late last month, I had to cave in. I'd been eying these for weeks now and needless to say, I caved in. I just had to. I justified getting this by reasoning with yours truly that the two bodycon skirts in black I direly needed from the same store needed company somehow. (I have a shortage of skirts of this kind, don't even ask. The ebay-ed one is getting lonely.) This would be perfect for walks out to beaches and stuff, I suppose sans the not-so-high heels. I needed a pair of thong sandals too but I decided to put off buying it for later. I'll probably just look around here for a substitute. The last gladiator flats I had for beaches was something I procured from the local SM department store brand, Parisian that later fell apart after a year of productive over-usage. I used it running around the university back home a lot. It's destruction was sad and yet inevitable.

Oh and because the following day---today, a pair of ankle cowboy-like boots I lusted over which was on sale (yes, on sale---I'm still moping over losing it) disappeared really quickly. 

There are a few other trivial things I have plans of obtaining from Forever21 in mind, namely a suede-like moto jacket or faux leather jacket (contemplating white and red/burgundy but I'll settle with black first), but I'll probably reserve that for another day. At least not until I get my daily uniform in of white shirts, denim shorts, really basic formfitting (bodycon)- and mini-skirts and everything boring and basic. This basically sums up my existence in this world.

In other news, I have no class today because teachers are in a meeting until around 5 or 8 p.m. tonight. I shall be working in on academic papers (research) as per usual. Yesterday's date with myself to the local staging of the Vagina Monologues and the launch of One Billion Rising was anything but eventful, I ended up dancing (even when I really am timid around that act and can only dance sparingly, not at all like someone so lose and limb-y and all) with the cast along with others in the Luce Auditorium towards the night's conclusion. Yep, fun~

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