Thursday, February 14, 2013

boredom begets random posts part 1


Something about the description, "The Girl with Green Eyes", although deceptively overused that I read on fashiongonerogue on this fresh face in the modelling world is just as intriguing as the shape of her eyes and her round-ish face. I hardly linger in the fresh face section of fashiongonerogue but when I saw this post on Sara, I just had to click on it and see how this French beauty is just that...typically French.

 (somewhere around google, I'm not sure where)

Flimsy, whimsical white mini-dress: check. Black gladiators: check. Minimal accessories and a pop of red in the form of a headband: check and check. Inspiration c/o Zoe Kravitz. I love her casual style the most but her style during the big events have their moments as well.

I'm going back to reading a ton of things in a few. It's bad enough to be cooped up in the room for a day, procrastinating around the interweb just because I don't feel like doing anything yet but at least I do get to go out later tonight. The Vagina Monologues is on at the Luce Theater. It's my first time watching it even when I have had a friend and colleague at a student publication who was cast in it back in undergraduate college on a local staging of it back home. So...should I be excited about the contemporary stage play? It's not really a requirement for class given I have Drama/European Literature this semester but I'd rather watch it than do nothing other than read for research, no?

I'll try to document something like an outfit to the event tonight. I don't think I can manage anything beyond casual, something that leans towards the semi-formal side of things. It's just...not me.

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