Sunday, February 17, 2013

super heroes, lazy days and crazy, fun nights

(photos by Kristel Ann Punu)

The only thing I've succeeded today in doing is watching the whole of Super Hero Taisen and arriving at the conclusion that the whole tokusatsu movie fiasco that brought all kamen/masked riders and sentai/power rangers together is all a front to the Kaitou Daiki x Kado Tsukasa romance. I'm kidding and highly exaggerating of course. Oh and anyone who is into tokusatsu from Japan, it's a kids' show normally, would know what I am jabbering about here. But really, the ending for the movie was all friendship between super sentai and kamen rider and all that sap. I ended up watching the film after having decided it was too late for me to go out to comply with a Sunday obligation/practice and do some poking around thrift shops afterwards. I slept in until at least past 8:30 in the morning, not that I'm not that conscious of the time.

Yesternight was Japanese cuisine night courtesy of the room mate (thank you!)...with coffee jelly ice cream or something like that. Then it was followed by Watsons-raiding for a few things we needed and a long walk from the only Robinsons Mall around to the Rizal Boulevard and eventually around the school complete with me in the Mags flatforms. High heels. Considering they were flatforms, I somehow survived the walk with one or two minor mishaps along the way. And then there was a moment of stargazing by the field in front of the library and walking along unknown terrain in heels. I think I accomplished a ton of balancing feats last night I'm officially thinking I'm too cool for doing so. I'm probably not anything but crazy for doing all that walking.

 Oh and equipment for last night's insanity. The clutch held everything important in it's wee size that I didn't bring anything else but that and the digital camera. It's a gift from my grandmother as is all the other things from that part of the family I own, namely most of my jewellery stash back home. I use the clutch when I'm too tired to lug around the bigger, spacier bags I normally like on most days of the week.

And I'm off to either read or contemplate my next move this seemingly bright Apart from the planned snacking on some fruit pies from nearby fastfood joints since I'm undecided on what to feed my picky self with, the rest of the day's plans are currently non-existent.

vintage tee, What a Girl Wants shorts, sandals from Mags, gifted clutch and watch, random rings and necklace (not highly visible) 

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