Friday, February 10, 2017

less than a dollar outfit

 vintage/secondhand thermal, jeans and bag; zalora heels; forever21 and aizilim necklaces and rings; smashbox choker; dad's sunglasses

Neutral everything and I do wear jeans...sometimes. Even if it's the ripped variety. Also, this might be the cheapest get-up I have to date. The top is one of two purchased at only 15 Php and the jeans is 10 Php...the total to those two would equal to even less than an American dollar when converted from the Philippine peso/currency. Only the shoes are, like, around almost a thousand Philippine pesos but that's another thing altogether.

It's been so cold and cloudy the whole day today I just had to go with anything long-sleeved but still cozy enough should there still be some humidity---and well, Philippine climate here in the southern part of it doesn't did get humid. And here I was thinking it'd be a bit more summery but it's still not... I miss the sun now. Like, the scorching heat type of sun I can live or survive on that most people I know here and everywhere else hate.  

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