Thursday, February 16, 2017

i'm from l.a. part two

 vintage dress, zara shirt, zalora boots, ninewest bag, forever21 necklace, aizilim rings, vintage and souvenir shop bangles

It's been raining the whole day today...since, well, about midnight last night so surely downtown is flooded at this time. I should probably be bundled with some coat to ward off the cold but this cold temp is coming off pretty tolerable.

Random anecdote from yesterday's late afternoon twitter direct messages conversation with a good friend:

me: You'd think the rich people would know how to dress themselves on television and out but they don't. It's the effing horrendous opposite -.- (pertaining to the wardrobe characters of a local drama that airs around 3 in the afternoon that I've taken a liking to thanks to the good plot and pacing and another that airs sometime around 5:30 in the afternoon here.)
good friend: Lmao that's true. They (the staff of the production responsible for wardrobe) should know how rich people dress.

This is basically the scenario often seen in Filipino/Pinoy/Philippine drama outside of anything Jadaone makes (because, and I keep saying this often, Antoinette Jadaone is pretty brilliant, I am a stan. haha!). On the Wings of Love and Til I Met You are the two Philippine dramas that, to me, have their characters' fashion on point (hallelujah!) while for the rest...they have, like, female characters likely in their late 20s to 30s dressed like...I don't know...err...they're in their 50s to 60s, I guess?  The worst wardrobes are probably from those telenovelas that give off the feel that they're a south american production or something to that effect...people there are dressed like they live way, way back in the 20s or 30s or so...Philippines tacky, really old...ancient fashioned style (no offense to the Filipiniana costume as I have nothing against it but there should be a time and place for these things...). Well, for the latter, in their defense these dramas are often very south american-spanish in feel so I suppose I can't blame them. Plus their plots are also quite well...not so current so there's that, too. But yeah...I still just can't get things like these on local tv. To me, they often set things way, way back decades and decades ago when we should probably be more focused on the now. This might be the reason why I hardly watch anything local outside of one or two whose plots and such I like. Generally-speaking, this is pretty much how fashion is so off the radar here. Or it may be that the Philippines is off the radar of fashion...either works, I think.

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