Friday, February 3, 2017

friday weekend

(photos by Candice Calonia, collages by me)

Me thinks you'll have to click on the photos to enlarge. Outfit details are already on the first collage.

Today was afternoon chai tea latte with the best girl friend; frolicking around SM...well, outside of it, anyway, and tonight is for just chilling to music.

Music talk here (this corner might've been missed...lots...well, I miss it anyway): Has anyone listened to the new record from Jpop boygroup/boyband/dance and vocal group, Da-iCE? Next Phase is a really solid album, by the by...I could say it was even better than their previous two. Paradive, Bond and Two as One have become my favorites off of it and news is (as told to me just now by a good friend on twitter), the full music videos for the latter two are out on their Universal Music Japan channel. Inner me just went 'yay!' I'll check those two out in a bit. I've been bopping to those three, especially the former two (and Fantasy) for the past few days now. Here's Bond's full version to bop to, tonight:

....and I am probably off to watch an anime or two tonight. I have yet to finish a Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo movie/episode special based on a light novel (Opera house murder case 3, if I'm not mistaken). It's that or I'll binge watch any anime of the horror genre I can find on a streaming site tonight. It is Friday. I've been...uh...reconnecting with my inner aniota (anime otaku) recently that I've kept at bay for eons now. I'm still really picky on animes to watch lately and often times, I just keep away from it because, like in the case of Kindaichi, it doesn't really follow the manga to the t anyway. I usually only watch classics though, except Sailor Moon's because I can't stand its 90s anime---I am of the opinion that Sailor Moon Crystal trumps the 90s anime because it follows the manga closer than the 90s anime ever did and I'm a known humongous fangirl of the manga...effectively owning a copy of its first volume bought from Barnes & Noble around late 2015 to early 2016. As for the newer manga serializations and hmn...animes...I'm only interested in Twin Star Exorcists...but more the manga than the anime. I'll get to reading this shounen series when it gets closer to its end. I don't think the manga artist and writer has started with its climax/last arc anyway. It seems to already be midway however. But for the record, I don't really consider myself an aniota. I just watch these things casually: just when something interesting of this sort comes into my radar. I don't cosplay---halloween costuming-up, I'd do, however---nor attend anime expos either.

If all else fails and nothing of the anime variety ends up piquing my interest tonight other than the Kindaichi special/film...I'm going to get into one or two indie or indie-ish movies I've been keeping on storage for a while now. This is to rectify the failure of the bff and my plans to watch a movie in the cinemas this weekend. We wanted to watch Asa Butterfield's The Space Between Us but only one cinema is airing this and what's even more disappointing is, it's sharing the same theater with Jackie Chan's Kung Fu Yoga which I have no interest in watching. ....not really a huge Jackie Chan fan here. Also, The Space Between Us, only airs twice, from 5 p.m. until almost 8 in the evening and around 9 until 12 midnight. We really can't be bothered to stay so late to catch this one. Maybe next time...

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