Sunday, February 12, 2017

striped t-dress

  dress from TJMaxx (if I remember it right, that is...), gifted bag (from aunt), Old Navy denim vest, LC Lauren Conrad bracelet, Forever21 and aizilim necklaces and rings, Zalora (Cotton On's Rubi) boots

....debuting this dress I can't seem to stop wearing whatever way I can on the blog. I've had this since late 2015---a couple years' ago---and I still bring this out occasionally when I need to be out in a flash. Yep, this is that t-dress I've been going on and on about...yapping about how they're the easiest things to grab and wear on a trip, errand, whatever out somewhere in a flash. 

Last night, an earthquake with the magnitude of 6.7 hit this southern Philippine island. It's left its epicenter, Surigao City, in a state of chaotic devastation. For one, there's still no electricity in the more affected parts of the city and it follows, there is no water in those areas, too. Two and three respectively, the 'quake left the city with 6 dead and their airport's runways a mess so flights in and out of the city had to be cancelled until further notice (or at least until everything there gets fixed). I only felt an echo of the 'quake here at home last night but ours was more of a trickle down thing with a smaller magnitude that's somewhere between 3-4. It didn't stop from having some things at home shaking and moving however...which, for the whole duration of the 'quake, scared me a bit. I was the only one in the second floor of the house so I guess, well, you get the idea. It'll be a while before Surigao City and others close to it gets back to its regular daily living but it shouldn't be a couple weeks' long at least. The country's president had the good sense to call for people to work together so that's well and good. That aside, we rarely get earthquakes here that are that strong. We're by the pacific ring of fire but we don't really get the same amount of earthquake in a year's time as Japan does. It might be because we have other South East Asian nations surrounding us to share the agony of numerous 'quakes in a year's time with us. Still...this 'quake was pretty scary at 6.7 magnitude.

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