Tuesday, February 14, 2017

valentines day look and a bit of the 59th Grammys

 vintage dress, mags shorts, forever21 arm cuff/bracelet and heels, jessica simpson straw fedora, aizilim bracelet/cuff and heart necklace, LC Lauren Conrad bracelet, smashbox (in Ayala Centrio) choker

Valentines day outfit. So what do y'guys plan to do on this day? I've been meaning to watch about three or four episodes of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (Casefiles of Young Kindaichi)'s valentines day case...I'll probably do this tonight. I'll try to locate it on a streaming site for animes or I'm pretty sure I have them somewhere in my local hard drive/disk storage. 

Music talk: Yesterday was the Grammy's. How really good was that Prince tribute from The Time and Bruno Mars?! One huge highlight for the show yesterday, that one was for me. Adele's tribute to George Michael was pretty disappointing---the Grammy's really should have prepared something more for this as GM is pretty iconic to me as a pop music enthusiast and sometimes critic. I really like Lukas Graham but they should've been given a different segment to Kelsea Bellarini as I haven't been a fan of country music in forever outside of maybe Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood so they could show their own shine because, seriously, 7 Years isn't the only magnificent song from this band...there are a few others I like from them on their youtube channel. Twenty One Pilots winning the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Stressed Out had me over the moon granted this one was such a surprise win. I love about 3 to 4 tracks from their record, Blurryface so I had been so pumped for them and Lukas Graham being nominated in a number of categories. Katy Perry going political was also a thing for me however subtle that one was. Hmn...what else am I missing? I guess that's pretty much it. I'm not a huge fan of either Beyonce or Adele seeing as I hardly listen to mainstream pop. Criticisms on the Grammys yesterday: they really need to fix the sound problems they have which is present on a yearly basis---it messed up Adele's GM tribute and the Metallica and Lady Gaga performance among others; and hmn...I think it's high time the governing body behind the awards show let someone of a different skin color or race win, by this I mean Beyonce. The Beyhive has been thirsting/hungering for her to win some of the most coveted Grammy's awards like Album of the Year, Song of the Year and more, anyway. I think it would also be nice if they moved more of the pre-telecast awarding to the main show so there's a decent ratio of the performances and the awards. I'm sure I have a few others in mind but these two are the most I can name for now. Will I be watching the Grammy's next year? I'm not all that sure yet if technicalities like this continue but to be honest, the Grammy's is really the only awards show I watch year in and year out as I'm not that fond of film and tv show awards for some reason...this includes the Oscars that's happening in two weeks from the Grammy's. I watch a mixture of indie films and mainstream films so I don't really see the point of keeping tabs on awards shows. I should say the same for music as I listen to a mixture too but yeah...I still probably would not let things like the Grammy's pass seeing as I don't really follow the AMAs (American Music Awards) and more.

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