Wednesday, November 14, 2012

devoid of accessories

Things can get really bland when I decide to tone down on accessories. And when I say tone down, I mean not wear anything at all aside from the watch which is a constant and the thrifted belt I've abused so much since acquiring it years ago. If there's anything I'd like to be good at when it comes to styling, it should be completing the looks with random accessories. Too bad my stash hasn't been updated since forever ago.

There has got to be a rule about wearing everything vintage or everything designer or new but it's one I'm bound to break that every now and again. My reason being most of the things I own are vintage somehow.

I'm alone in walking around Centrio today it seems. Sad, I know. I should see it before I go back to Dumaguete tonight. I'm also going to look for somewhere to sit in and read as well. Malls aren't normally my thing unless I'm there to just hang out with pals or check on What a Girl Wants and a few other shops I'm pretty much fond of.

Vintage/secondhand everything; bag, Ninewest

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