Monday, November 12, 2012

catch up post

Going back to this in a few days.

About the only place I visited when I was passing through Cebu City a week ago to board a flight home. I still find this place beautiful among other things in the city.

 First day Ayala Centrio opens and it's chaotic. JM and I ended up hanging out in Chowking, Gaisano Mall right across it then I decided to roam around, get lost in Lim Ketkai Mall for the nth time. I never tire of the place.

 Something I've been meaning to finish and write a report on for school. I already finished the other one so this is the only one pending at the moment. About to devour it today and tomorrow before the trip back to Dumaguete on Wednesday.

Some of the few things on the plate today. Never got around documenting daily outfits because I normally stay home and don't get to hang out much when I'm at home. Domesticated, homebody, boring person, I know. I missed out on a best friend's birthday party Sunday last week due to a couple days of trying to recover from RCT (root canal treatment) which I most positively abhor and plan to never undergo again. Health purposes in mind and all. I just don't think it's a safe dental procedure but really, not all medical and dental procedures are a hundred percent safe. Had an early start this Monday morning which is pretty rare but worthy enough to lounge around in this. Oh, how. I. Wish. I'll look for something similar locally made some time.

All photos taken by me by phone. :) That's erm...a rarity as well.

Definitely a better post than last time's. Pretty sure I'm not sorry about the most recent post. Ha.

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