Wednesday, November 7, 2012

random fandom stuff

Missed out on a ton of things due to a puffed-up left cheek from RCT (root canal treatment)---horrible, horrible experience I wouldn't like repeated again, ever. I also long to someday take off this toxic tooth if it decides to bother me with mercury poisoning. I've read enough RCT horror stories online I'm convinced this isn't a very healthy dental procedure at all. Y'know, being a health buff and all. I've been in bed two days to this week due to on-and-off fevers, too, prompting me to miss a bff's birthday. Yes, I'm devastated. But plans are underway, I guess? Alternative ones, yes? It's the first time this year I'm under antibiotics again. 

Seeing as I am unable to get outfit pictures at this time, I'm going to go the other way instead...fandom. Yes, fandom. I might've only been collecting useful clothing recently but really, silently, on twitter...I've been fangirling...a lot on...tokusatsu, yes. Toku or what's known separately as Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) and Sentai rangers (Power Rangers). At the mention of Power Rangers, I'm reminded of my childhood spent in my grandparents' home in Jasaan, 30 minutes from the city I currently reside in, with my cousin every weekend when we'd often watch that (Power Rangers), Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baywatch and even Beverly Hills 90210. Uhmn, it was tradition on weekends to spend a ton of them in the couch, being a couch potato and fantasizing what it would be like to be in high school like those in 90210 or something along that line between me and the cousin. And now I'm missing her. Ah, childhood. Exposure to Kamen Rider Black and Jetman through another local channel came much, much later. I only got intrigued but never really followed through until Kamen Rider Blade through Cartoon Network and Kamen Rider Den-O through fangirling over Sato Takeru. I know, weird. 

That was long and pointless. 

Anyway, Kamen Rider Fourze. Yes. I spent about a few days watching and re-watching Sakuta Ryusei's bits on this series just because, hello, ikemen~ Yoshizawa Ryo~ (and my Amuse-boys fangirliness. I have a bias, yes, and sadly, it isn't the overly popular Johnny's Entertainment.) Who's Yoshizawa Ryo? Who's KR Meteor/Sakuta Ryusei?

(screencap taken from shinigamigirl at tumblr...because I'm too lazy to cap stuff on my own at the moment)

/Points to picture above. Yes, him. Meet Ryusei. I already met one of his many adorkable alter-ego from the Amuse play, Black Pearl and another in Pinocchio...virtually, so let's leave it at that. It makes me want to re-watch those plays again and I think, even Mystic Topaz whose DVD I currently have but haven't watched since a few months ago when I received it in the mail. 

And yep, this is turning out to be a pointless KR fangirling post. Sorry. Antibiotics must be getting to me along with music from Chemistry and Daichi Miura.

  (again from movielosophy on tumblr because I have not re-learned how to make epic gifs until this time, probably never will. ;;)
Angry Ryusei will always be epic, he's short tempered, after all. XD Kamen Rider Fourze, despite being a 48-episode(d) tokusatsu worth watching? Answer: Yes. Some seem to have been disappointed by the end of it but I think it was rather a fine series. Tons better than Kamen Rider Decade, anyway, for fans of toku like me who've seen KR Decade and the fine mess it was from series to its movies. Ryusei is basically a rip-off of KR Accel from W, they have basically the same entry and pathway/development and differ only in their reasons for doing what they do, but pretty much bearable in the whole series. But it's probably just my Amubias speaking. 

Ah, finally blogged about fandom. I've been itching to blog about one once although, erm, this one's pointless. Pretty much pointless. I didn't even seem to dare inform readers about the premise under this series. Whatever. Fans of Toku should understand what I'm blabbering about. ha. Consider this a filler post or something. It's been awhile since I had a Jmovie to peruse and review like I normally did for a time in my old blog. If you did follow me on LJ like last time, you'd know I sporadically posted stuff on fandom. This is of many to come. Ah, there goes my

Back to Miura Daichi-listening. Will head to bed in a few minutes. Trip to the dentist again tomorrow before he goes to Camiguin island. Doubly jealous of people I've come to know, including my parents are on work-vacation mode. I just hope my mum would bring me some fresh strawberries from Baguio after her and my dad's trip there for dad's convention. ;; Heaven knows how much I want to be a beach bum somewhere nearby or in Camiguin Island.

And in the spirit of being random: I did once think about gaming then realized it wasn't for me. Yes, I am no gamer. Simply someone who likes watching Jstuff that are quite...well, intriguing.  

I'll try to come up with a better fangirly-post somehow. One that merits this pristine random-themed blog. Hmn...once I'm out of RCT and all anyway. When will I ever be? ;; 

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