Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meme time: 7 random things

Needing a distraction while writing a paper on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (yes, I am doing it just now when it has been due quite some time along with All Things Fall Apart by Achebe), I decided to wander around old posts from my favorite fashion blogger, fashiontoast, and decided to jump in an old meme. Memes exist since way back my LiveJournal days, I just never really got into them. Maybe I did a few but I haven't been tagged a lot even then. I'll, uhmn, try to do a few. There's not much outfit photos to post at the moment, anyway. I've been having random dinners and lunches out with old dorm mates, however---my girls, who want to hang out from time to time as they have moved into a cozier pad this time, feeling the dorm fees are quite high with every passing semester here.

Anyway, I'm putting forth 7 random facts about good 'ole me. Sorry this is one narcissistic post but, well, it's a meme for bloggers. And really, it's difficult to not be narcissistic when the blog owner has full command of a certain blog like this one. I don't really even get what meme means, someone please enlighten me?

1.  I've fancied going pure vegetarian for years now but can't seem to be so. I do have some triumphs here and there seeing as I am now occasionally just eating meat but going pure is the way to go then going vegan.  It's not just for the health benefits it gives but for ethical/environmental reasons as well. I am that kind of person, yes. People I've met everywhere say it's unhealthy but I will have to disagree.

2. Currently addicted to iced coffee, hot sweetened cocoa and Nutella cupcake. I don't drink my coffee hot anymore these days, it seems.

3. It amuses me when someone wears socks in the house or the dorm room. Never really got used to doing so. That probably goes with the fact that I have lived in a tropical country most of my life. 

4. I try to learn a language or two: since forever, it's been Japanese (on all 3 areas: reading, speaking and writing---mostly self-taught as I haven't decided on lessons yet) and French though it's mostly the former I focus on. :D And I would always fail at Kanji, always. Except maybe recognizing a few here and there.

5. I have this thing called 'momentary obsessions.' Two of them include Bao Ninh's The Sorrow of War (a Vietnam-set war novel---considering it the book that changed my life and it is a must-read even for civilians who aren't in any way connected to the government) and the Japanese drama, Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu. There's something fun about room sharing with girls so you won't have to live alone and pay much for rent and all. 

6. Chocolate keeps me going. I can never live without even the cheapest ones I can find in the supermarket these days. To quote my current roomie, 'I need my daily dose of sugar,' or something along that line.

7. I do write fanfiction, I just never get to publish them just because... It goes with being a fangirl of many things, I guess, and being a literary studies graduate student. I'm currently imagining Usagi/Mamoru (yes, my childhood-and-up-to-now obsession since rediscovering the manga and all things the fade away scenes stand for---I am a romantic at heart, very, very hopeless one at that) in various scenarios like the characters in The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh or some other film/book I've watched/read. My old LJ is something I plan to use to post my fanfics. Better to post them there than in my account since some or most of them have mature content. know what I mean. 

Not tagging anyone so feel free to do this when you want to. Sorry, this was boring. There's really not much to find here---the perfect way to say I'm pretty much a boring person.

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