Tuesday, October 9, 2012

prototypical blogger pose and new favorite wall

(photo by Kristel Punu)

Life just became easier after finding this wall by the study room of the dorm. I think there will be more outfit documentations to come yet by means of this place. It's definitely better than having to go to the boulevard on a daily basis. It doesn't help that the place is conveniently accessible, too. 

It's finals week and I haven't taken a lot of things to twitter recently. I've been reading and reading and reading and getting disturbed by my room mate who's currently on a Grey's Anatomy marathon it seems. I'll be found studying in this area on a daily basis now. I have a ton of things to read and write this week, I've barely just started on the rest of the handouts for Latin American Literature. 

This is the only pouffy skirt I own at the moment. Wore it out to complement the wolf shirt which is one of my favorites from Forever 21 then balanced the whole thing with the pointy toe mid-heels from Primadonna. It's made of light denim so it's somehow forgivable both in color and make. I think it's high time I tried acquiring a ton of other skirts from Forever21 from bodycons to the pouffy types like this. I'm still miffed there's none of these in my size anymore online unless they restock.

Currently craving impossibly high-heeled gladiators to play with but I got these online instead. Mayhaps they'll be getting a lot of wear this fall/winter season with all the celebrations coming in. And if I do get to attend them and I don't get stuck in Dumaguete until Christmas. It was really the gold heels that got me into them. Suddenly I'm imagining them with anything white and black, yes, I am that boring, apparently. Pops of color are a requirement to make my outfits livelier I think, but I'll get into that some other time. I'm already stalking a bright light blue bag and an orange one from Aly Mae. I'm not sure if they'll still be available by next week when I can decide to finally get one of them.

I find my natural hair color boring but it's been that way after my aunt experimented with it with highlights and light brown dye. I'm thinking about getting highlights again. Any other ideas as to what to do with my hair out there? I come out with none most of the time seeing as I'm not much of a hair- and nail-salon person.

Now, I'm going back out to read just because this Grey's Anatomy marathon my room mate is into is distracting. Very, very distracting. I'm not even into Grey's Anatomy.  

Forever21 shirt, Never Been Kissed (random Robinsons Department Store brand) denim skirt, Primadonna heels, random (gifted) necklace worn as bracelet

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