Thursday, October 11, 2012

contemplating ugly shoes

 (photo from here)

Forever21 site says they're in grey but I think they're close to the olive color in the photo. They're actually on sale and still available in my size. But seeing as I might have to put purchase on hold on these things among a few others until at least the start of the second semester of the school year, I might as well just stalk it now and again. Stalking ugly shoes has become quite a habit these days. A pair of these might actually end my craving for ugly high heeled shoes or something. The last pair of misunderstood gladiators I had was from What a Girl Wants, my favorite local shop and they didn't last about a year. Three wears placed them in the graveyard which still saddens me to this day. If I don't get these then I might as well look into a pair from Aldo. I think these things would be good for walking. Yep, project heel whore transformation has commenced. Bye for quite awhile, flats.

It's the first time I've posted twice so yay to me. :)

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