Sunday, October 21, 2012

quiet sunday

(photos by Kristel Punu)

Everybody's gone home and I and a few others are the only ones left in the dorm. Dumaguete is often really desolate on the semester's break, even Christmas and summer...but that's probably because most inhabitants of the not-so-city but in-between-that-of-a-city-and-well-developed-town are like me, university students. Though really, what I am completing is my graduate degree (masters) in Literary Studies.

Spent a fun day celebrating dorm mate Kristel's birthday today. Started out with a jog at the oval in which, I ended up recalling yoga poses learned from the yoga book gifted to my dad. I really should consider getting myself a yoga mat and attending some formal yoga classes. The latter are non-existent here and back home at the moment but I'll get to it once I find a good gym with a good yoga teacher employed in it. I've decided I am bringing the book with me so I could perform them from time to time. I don't really do anything too strenuous aside from swimming laps and the occasional jogging/brisk walking. A hearty breakfast followed and now I'm in the study room of the dorm, answering my comprehensive exam for Philippine Literature and reading Dean Francis Alfar's Salamanca for my independent reading paper. I just remembered I need to finish one for South East Asian literature as well. I already finished stuff with Latin American Literature although I might have failed the Jorge Luis Borges part of my teacher's bloody comprehensive exam.

Wore this dress I got from a nearby boutique around here. It reminds me of something Alexa Chung would wear at times and the print is not too in your face either. It's a sort of pixelated/painted flowers and leaves pattern which is reminiscent of Luella's fun flowery prints way back in their NYFW's Spring 2008 show. Let's just say its just one of the many flowery dresses in my closet. I haven't really gotten around to getting a ton of them. My thrift shopping options here are pretty limited at most. I actually can't wait to come home.

dress, some boutique nearby; boots, forever 21; sunglasses, vintage; (not pictured/not seen in the picture) shoulder bag, ninwest

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