Thursday, October 11, 2012

weather inappropriate but comfy outfit

I didn't get to use the wall I meant to use this time but at least there's documentation today of what seems to be an outfit for the day that's weather inappropriate. Despite being windy, the sun has been shining out this afternoon. There're hints of clouds and I'm silently praying it would rain as the forecast I read was predicting. Never the less the top is quite comfortable to wear even in the searing heat as long as the sleeves are bunched until around the elbows. 

I should have done the trademark blogger pose like usual but this was taken with just a single shot or something like it.  I certainly do come up with the most awkward expressions.

The varied size of the photos currently disturb me. Is there an easy way to resize these to make them uniform through blogger or do I have to do them on Photoshop or something?
waffle knit (lightweight) sweater, vintage; lace shorts, from sparkleshop at multiply; tights, SM Department Store; ankle boots, Forever21

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