Friday, November 30, 2012


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This week was one for walking along the boulevard, trying to capture the waves in photos as they hit the wall prompting passersby to stay away from the ledge. Moon-, star-, sky-gazing was also in the nightly agenda with the penumbral eclipse that occured not so long ago. The night before yesternight, I suppose? And of course, decking myself in blue and black and rediscovering my love for this pair of denim shorts I can apparently shorten and of course, the Primadonna pointy toe heels I fell in love with back home. Note that I rarely ware pumps and am considering getting a few for the wardrobe. Uhmn...but I'd really rather stick to ankle boots. 

Yesternight was supposed to be devotion at the dorm but it didn't come through *insert sigh of relief here*. I always am disturbed by those however wonderful spiritual (and perhaps emotional)respite might be as they offer it. I already feel like a hypocrite enough when I go to church on some Sundays. (This is me being truthful here which is a very rare occurrence.) I know Da-iCE made me happy when three of them: Yudai, Toru and Hayate had that ustream session with AAA's Urata Naoya as guest, though. Yesternight was fun. 

Today, it's listening to Miura Daichi, staying in and reading Modern Feminist Thought by Imelda Whelehan for literary research and trying to finish it so I could read the other book and figure out exactly what my research on Saiormoon and other such manga of the same vein and some classic literature form would be. I know, very pop culture. And it's a long weekend. So kudos.

(random button up shirt from a nearby boutique, thrifted shorts, primadonna pointy heel pumps)

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