Friday, November 16, 2012

minimalism at mango winter 2012

(Photos from fashiongonerogue)

Massive fan of anything that can translate to real life wear here and this lookbook with Karlie Kloss from Mango is just one treasure trove of everything wearable. I was casually browsing through fashiongonerogue yesternight and stumbled upon this then and fell in love with it right off the bat. I wander around the Mango Outlet store at the local Lim Ketkai Mall once in a while and right next to What A Girl Wants, it is my favorite source for anything...wearable and palatable to the casually, lazy, fashionable eye. Mango is also opening a branch at the pristine newly opened Ayala Centrio in my local Cagayan de Oro along with an Aldo branch I am obviously ecstatic about sometime this year or the next so might as well check them out when they do open...hmn...maybe this Christmas? A lot of the stuff they offer are out of reach of my budget as a struggling literary studies student but I'm pretty sure I acquired a favorite Mango white shirt basic a long time ago while working part time as a freelance writer that I later lost due to my ex-dorm mate's washlady's blunder. She kept mixing things up between the people she washes clothes for. I always loved Mango for having a lot of things in them that dress you up in a way that you don't look like a clown. Definitely one of my favorite labels around despite it being way above my preferred price range. I definitely love Karlie Kloss in this lookbook. One of my favorites thus far.

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