Monday, November 19, 2012

personal style influences

Rumi Neely, Photos from: Fashiontoast, collage by me

 Elin Kling, photos from: Style By Kling, collage by me

This post was due yesterday but because people kidnapped me to dinner dates and walks along the infamous, already over-blogged Rizal Boulevard, I am only able to update with this today. Hmn...bloggers certainly aren't absolved of the sin of late blogging on some days.
Anyway, these two giants in the fashion blogging industry among other things are heavy inspiration for me in terms of casual dressing and other things. My heart goes soft for anything minimally chic and my mouth goes into a grimace when I see people dress in a very-non-minimal, color-filled way and this is a frequency in the local personal style scene so much so that I get bored by what I see in the local streets and out of it. I don't go to other local fashion bloggers' blogs either because of the prevalent trend I am not amused of most of the time which is just my opinion. So go flame or whatever.
 Oh and because I want to turn the local fashion scene around about a hundred eighty degrees from where it is now, there's a bit of something my friend and I are working on. This has sparked interest to some of the people I've shared my thoughts and plans to and this might be a good reference for many random people I meet in reality that ask me where I get stuff I wear on a daily basis. Need a hint? Here's one: Magazine. Drop a comment if you're just as excited as I am about the project or if you are appalled by the idea or whatever.

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