Tuesday, August 20, 2013

you've seen this all before

1. and 2.  that tired levi's DIY cutoff shorts and white shirt with a favorite vintage belt.
3. today's lot of paraphernalia. And the sticker on my iPad's cover does say: "We're so fairytale it makes people sick."

Most of my belts are thrifted and vintage and I couldn't be happier because I find it difficult to look for proper, vintage-tinged ones in the stores. I'm only mildly disappinted the brown one does not circle my waist properly and to think I'm already small enough, waist-wise. And the dogs, they were just there.

So while Manila is being flooded like crazy by typhoon Maring (take care out there, guys!), Mindanao is basically cloudless and has not had rain today. I love it. 

hanes t, old levis DIY cutoffs, vintage belt and boots, random sunglasses, f21 stacked bangles, gifted bracelet and others

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